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  1. A good tip, Chris. Tuning over to 6 at 3! Briefly had a bit of Liz Kershaw on but just can't bear her reading out blather by listeners so it had to go off. I don't want that in my radio - all a bit '80s - as I can come here for that! If you get Sky Arts then SA2 just after midnight has something on Mingus that you might like, as I've just posted in 'music docs' thread.
  2. 'Charles Mingus: Live in 64' on Sky Arts 2 at 12.35am tonight/early-hours of tomorrow. Mostly concert footage but "includes wry interjections from the short-tempered bassist", according to The Guardian Guide, which is good enough to tempt me.
  3. Good call. You really can't argue with that! I think I go to extremes - yep, still talking music here - with either the softer stuff or like the Issa Bagayogo I mentioned. If anyone wants to sample the latter then try a little number called 'Kalan Nege' off his Tassoumakan/Voice of Fire album. A great bit of start-stop system testing of a track.
  4. This so needed rep-ing, but I'm disallowed. Definitely my favourite image of the day. All I'll say is: I wish. A better turntable, or anything connected to it, really, always costs more in the long run, as I'm sure we've all found... I might have a poster made of that pic! Here's something a little more 'modest'
  5. Edged off the podium by the first Led Zep, by any chance? I mean, Dazed and Confused!
  6. Thanks for that Handsome Family-like tip-off!
  7. This is a real treat, bought only a few weeks ago, but regularly played as such - my treat. Wonderful. And that is my Brazilian contribution.
  8. Don't tell Lemmy! After my Motorhead-banging, Suzanne Vega's 'Marlene on the Wall' before some of my new-fave Stan Getz. No disrespect meant to Vega, or anyone else featured here. If I thought 'middle of the road' music (I'm not giving examples - that's another thread topic, that is, and I ain't normally known for bravery!) would do it then I would. This music isn't that. There's just something about these tracks that calms everything down and really does 'refresh the palate', enabling a break onto something else.
  9. Iron Fist and then Ace of Spades from Got a Black Sabbath box set lined up for unwrapping for Father's Day (IE for me) tomorrow!
  10. Another day, another box-set. The first couple of discs from Alfred Brendel's Complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas & Concertos on Decca (12 CDs, 2010), taking in Sonatas 1 - 6 so far this morning. Marvellous. I too often make the mistake of only playing this sort of thing late on a Sunday evening, at very low levels. Better fairly loud!
  11. Royal Blood 'Out of the Black' EP. I wish.
  12. I've just been using a You Tube clip of 9Bach's 'Hanner Cant' (Welsh, so I really hope that's not indecent), following a recent Wammer tip. Definitely different to my before (Rodriguez) and my afters (new Jack White). In fact, good and soothing, really, for me to line the damned record up properly.
  13. Following my recently seeing the Looking for Sugar Man doc film, after which Really beautiful, what I've heard so far. A new firm favourite.
  14. I wonder if this might have been done before. (I had a quick look, but apologies if so.) I've seen a couple of crackers lately, so thought perhaps this would be a useful way to flag things up that are spotted in the TV listings. I particularly enjoyed the Rodriguez 'Looking for Sugar Man'. Many might've seen it at t' pictures, but my only cinema visits these days are to see the latest Pixar 'U' release - so when such films come up ont' telly, I'm in! This led me to buy his two albums, which I'm now having first listen to this arvo. One of those where you can only wonder: how did I not co
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