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  1. LIve music direct from the artist. No specs on the speakers.... Interesting concept...
  2. My point is - which maybe Im not getting across - is - maybe I didnt read the small print - but when I signed up to tidal it was on the promise of digital quality, including MQA adoption - the MASTERS series etc - I never for one moment thought theyd be ripping vinyl, or taking vinyl rips as source material. Thats my point.
  3. yeah, fair point. Except I have a huge CD collection which I dont/didnt want to have to rip - so saw it as a kind of replacement. No biggie - just wasnt expecting to hear rips, is all.
  4. Hi All Happy with Tidal generally - but discovered an album this week that has clicks and pops all over it, like a vinyl rip. it isnt a new soul album thats had them added for "effect". This is a 70's classic. Weldon Irvine - Time Capsule. Anyone else encountered this? I thought all Tidal tracks were digital - from the source. This has surprised me.
  5. Correct!! I did indeed - and you bought the amps If I recall correctly..
  6. As per the title. Surrey based - so local would be good. Let me know if you have a pair you'd like to sell. Cheers Adam
  7. This is now sold thanks all. Mods pls remove.
  8. I have for sale my Hana SL MC Cart. Its a terrific cartridge. Im only selling as Ive upgraded. 400 gbp to fellow wammers.
  9. HI All, Been a while since I posted here - but getting back into hifi after a house reno. Question - which I don''t seem to be able to answer via Google. On my Devialet - in the phono stage - I can alter the pf setting for the cartridge. What will this do and how should I expect the sound to change as I alter the value. It was by default at 0pf, but seems to have a broad range. For those that jump in and say "try it and see" it seems to flesh out the midrange a touch, as I increase the value from 0 to 100, 200 then 300. It goes to 900 I think. I have the ""normal" capacitance at "high"which is above 470 - which sounds right to my ears - and is recommended for my cart - the Hana SL. Its just this pf thing that I dont know what to do. Can I cause damage by changing the settings? And as I said - what change can be expected as I increase the value from 0 upwards? Cheers for any insight. Adam
  10. Went today.. really mixed bag. Firstly, its not the easiest to navigate - but the promoters have put plenty of signs and you can get around in one piece! Its expensive - I think, at £20. To me, far too many rooms were poorly treated for acoustic issues.. so you have fantastic equipment, sounding dreadful in poorly prepared rooms.. Biggest issue for me, in most of the rooms was overblown bass - active room nodes kicking in.. There were some really interesting things for me..There's a couple of great headphone stations - where you can try anything from Sen 800s to LCD 3 Audezes and the new Abyss... all good - and very different - my vote is abyss bass with senn mid and highs!.. Poland featured well - the best room for me was the sikora tt with the hORNS.. it was a live band in front of me.. Heard the hORNS on another great room too - so they are a speaker worth checking out.. The Vivid Giya G4 sounded mighty fine in a room with some Dutch electronics. It was a room that had been treated properly - so had tight fast bass - not overblown. In all the rooms - the music choice was soo hifi show - i.e. shit. fem vox, acoustic guitar. stuff that an alba midi system would sound OK with. B+W were arrogant arses -turn up a minute late - and you're out! lol Worst room...... no prizes for guessing.... the focal room - jeez - empty and like razor wire -it'll take your head off.. The Kef Moon (greatest speaker in the world (ha)) room was consistently empty too - (but I imagine that's cos it was attached to chord electronics) I'd like to hear it on some tasty stuff.. What will I buy next - probably the avant-garde zero 1 - that will seriously work in my home office and please the missus who's requested fewer boxes and wires..! Ken Kessler was entertaining.. hifi is overpriced... that is all.
  11. how cool does that look!