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  1. Capacity - Big Thief FLAC. Lovely warm bass.
  2. I bought this for novelty value - it was the very first commercial cd single in the UK. I had never heard 'May You Never' before. I haven't bothered playing the cheesy 'Angeline' since..
  3. Late Night Tales - Jon Hopkins on cd Now my late night wind down of choice
  4. Hello Jack Let me know via PM if you want to host in Brighton. I may be able to come up with a quiet, cheap and easy to get to space. Do you want to do a house to start or a more neutral conventional space?
  5. The backing band for 'Jim and Charlie's' Simple Minds were shockingly good. I was surprised by the lack of crowd muntedness for Underworld. They were all drinking pints instead of having it, with er, the exception of 'Lager, Lager'..
  6. Van The Man - Astral Weeks On Spotify First time I have listened to this as an album. Hard to believe really. Perhaps we should have a thread along the lines of 'still never seen Star Wars', but for, er, records...
  7. Orbital - round the corner! KempTown Racecourse, Brighton 29th June 18 (if a pal subs me the 40 till pay day....)
  8. The Bug vs Earth - Concrete Desert on cd mmm, h e a v y . .
  9. Leftfield - Alternative Light Source vinyl
  10. Four Tet - New Energy cd Bedouine - Bedouine cd
  11. Odd look. But, I like it. I am a fan of retro American logos. I doubt any of the new products will be anywhere near 'budget' - unless they want to go bust quick..
  12. ... chopping between the cd versions and the original vinyl. These albums are the only ones I have where I have duplicates. I'm always thinking that the next second hand/ex-public Library copy will sound better - they don't. I think I need them cleaned...
  13. Antibalas on Spotify Just came across them on YouTube live first. Afrobeat groove.
  14. War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding on FLAC skipping straight to all the slow ones...
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