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  1. Zero still FS.... Would be a great match with the mono phono on sale here... This doesn't work with my current arm so Im keen to move on...Feel free to make me an offer?
  2. I would suggest considering a STST Motus DQ. They aren't flashy but IMO are a great balance of silent backgrounds, speed stability and overall sound quality. The bass and 3D-ness of the sound in particular is impressive. Guy (Puresound) is the importer and they use a innovative suspended design combined with a low Torque DD Motor... There is an old thread on here I believe from when he started to import them.
  3. Just wondered if Great Plains Audio would sell you the multi-cell section, it may be worth an ask?
  4. I thought I had priced fairly before so hopefully a bargain for someone now!
  5. Still available…a chance to hear some of those classic early jazz albums as intended…
  6. You really should at some point Phil, and this has widely been regarded as the best in its class.... The SUT is pretty essential to get the most out of it, and the ETR Mono was/is better than Hashimoto HM7s (and everything else Ive tried)
  7. Yep it is sold. Thanks for all the interest! (Sorry for the delay in replying Steve; IT at my end)
  8. Purchased from Hugo 15 January 2020 for a Garrard 401 project which unfortunately was never realised. I now I have had a change of direction and so it is for sale. I put it into use this year but it has had very little use I would guess around 250 hours, and is still under warranty (around 5m left) Im looking for offers around SOLD
  9. As part of my change of direction I am reluctantly going to have to sell what I think is the best cartridge I have had the pleasure of owning. If you have never heard a true mono cartridge and heard the front to back layering/rich and natural sound a Miyajima Zero can produce here is a chance to try one at less than half the current costs... Purchase around 6 years ago its had limited use and is still in great condition. Mine is the 0.7mm version which is perfect for the new mono releases recently released. (and fine on the older material too) I also purchased the matching SUT from Hugo around 2 years ago, after hearing one in my system, better than the Miyajima KSW or HM7s that I also owned. Im looking for £900 for the Zero SOLD for the SUT https://flic.kr/p/2mrPwSD
  10. Also for sale my second arm a Thomas Schick 12" in Brass and Chrome. It has some marks from the weight on the arm (pictured) but functionally is perfect. I find this much more flexible than most 12" removable headshell type arms and for me it replaced a FR64S. Ive used it with Transfiguration Asia/SPU/Miyajima various and AN IO cartridges all to good affect. I am looking for SOLD (they are a 4m wait and over £1700 I believe now...) I will also be selling the pod that Steve made for it complete with Ebony top (and FR64S armboard)
  11. Lenco/Bogen B51 complete with upgraded bearing/Idler/tuned motor in a slate plinth. Build details from LH https://www.lencoheaven.net/forum/index.php?topic=6606.0 The arm board is reversible and would allow most 9/12" arms to fit. I am also looking to sell the Ebony Schroeder DIY arm. This was made for MIDAS 103/103r and Ive used with a variant of MC Transfiguration/Miyajima/AN etc... I am looking for SOLD for the TT, and offers around SOLD for the arm. I would sell compete if anyone is interested in the package. I have a number of spares/parts including Motor, idlers, Nigel Speed Controller which I could part with again as part of the package. I also have a number of accessories Tenuto mat, ebony weight etc that I will look to sell once the TT has sold.
  12. I've heard Darren's Tribute SUT with a Hana in his (very nice) system...It is a great match and the Tribute transformers are really good.... I doubt you would get better without spending mega bucks.....
  13. That one was a great deal given the value of the valves! I am running a BP P20 which Simon has reworked with a one off SJS Pre which is a model 2-without the copper lid, and with 6H30pi valves...I can confirm it’s a nice combo....
  14. I would strongly suggest that this is a good deal regardless if it is a 1.0 or 1.5... Simon is a total gent to deal with and will no doubt upgrade as far as you want to go... James is totally trustworthy-deal with confidence...
  15. As per Myles, if he has it in stock you will get it, if not you will wait....and wait....and wait.... You may be able to hassle to get a refund but I bet a lot just give up...
  16. Ive tried a few different valves in the V1, personally like Mullards (M8137)-warmer more 3D or Telefunkens-cooler more detail though a pain to source either of these now as NOS is often not... If you have Hovlands (yellow caps) in it then you've done well as they are impossible to source now and make a very worthwhile improvement. Unless very different from mine/normal I don't think they are big-just normal case sized?
  17. Some lovely photos of Simon's stuff here. Ive one of two Model 2 pre amps that Simon made around 2013 with 6H30Pi valves. It basically is a model 2 but without the stunning copper case...(the internal mounts are copper though). Ive though of changing the casing but since it would be inaudible it does seem hard to justify. Simon also rebuilt my Border Patrol P20 a few years ago, pretty much a full rebuild of the signal side of things. Whilst I was there I had the chance to compare my model 2 with a later model 1 (6111wa valves) and also a rare one off tx coupled (model 1) version. Simon is a great guy and I have to say since then Ive not been very interested in changing amps!
  18. If its of any use I have a Lenco B51 in a slate plinth which I put for sale a little time ago. Its a DIY effort (from an engineer) and has a fair few mods including filling all the voids of the top plate, new massive brass bearing etc etc... I asked for interest at £575 and had a few bites but no sale...
  19. Item already sold I am afraid, great transformers-highly recommended.
  20. FYI these have the same transformers as the EMIA units at a considerable saving... http://myemia.com/SUT.html
  21. Despite sounded great with Darren's Ikeda (which isn't really a great match) this is still for sale... Would be a great present for Christmas for the discerning IO user!
  22. Sorry Dom I didn't see this....It was designed for use with an IO cartridge. There are a set of RCA plugs which load the primaries of the transformers so you can load it with resistors to make it useable with other cartridges, but it sounds best without these (and with an IO)...
  23. Had the pleasure of trying this with an Ikeda 9TT the other day and it sounded stunning...
  24. Still available.... Ive tried with my Axia and it is very nice with a slightly different tonal balance to the HM7s... If you haven't heard of Dave check out his HiFi Heroin site...These transformers are as good as you get!
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