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  1. Thanks for kind remarks.I would keep it but wife said to sell it so it has to go
  2. Krell KSA100 in good condition (see photos). A lovely sounding amp I’ve owned since 1990. Serviced 4 years ago, including new rubber isolators on the transformers. Located in Aylesbury, you’re welcome to demo. Now seeking £1350
  3. john steer


    Thanks again for advice, i don't know why his number does not work as i only spoke to him a few weeks ago.I can't go Absolute sounds too expensive amp not worth it might as well buy a new one
  4. john steer


    Thanks for the advice of where to go if i can't get hold of Richard
  5. john steer


    I wonder if someone can help me,i used to have a phone number for Richard Barnard the guy who services Krell amps but the number of 01883331381 does not work.Does anyone know if he has changed his number. Regards John
  6. Many thanks Chris for the advice think i will go for r100
  7. Thanks for the reply do you think the r100 is a much better cart than the bloom.
  8. john steer


    What are peoples views on these cartridges please a zyx r100 or zyx bloom or a audio technica art 9.At the moment i use a zyx rs30 and i am going to change and would like opinions on these Many Thanks John
  9. john steer


    Thanks for your replies very helpful,but forgot to say although 5 years have not used turntable much so i will have the cartridge checked out.I am looking at the audiomods v 5 and as for cartridges the zyx100 or bloom or art 9
  10. john steer


    Can someone please tell me what they think a rega rb300 arm origami rewired with cardas and rca plugs and a low slung brass weight,with a zyx rs30 cartridge would be worth. The arm was rewired approx 5 years ago along with the cartridge Many thanks john