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  1. These are now sold - thank you for looking and your interest.
  2. Read this fabulous article in NY Times today. A great break from the endless misery of Trump, GOP and the covid shizzle. Wonderful to read of someone taking such care and pride in their art, regardless of cost or at expense of profit margin. Would love to know if anyone has one of the Electric Recording Co issues. How does it sound - is it nirvana??
  3. Sorry myself. I got my own wires crossed! I was confusing your auditorium 23 for audience AU24s. My bad.
  4. Not got the 23s, but I’ve got a 1m pair of the Audience Maestro if those would be of use?
  5. Bump = this is perfect for office and headphone systems too.
  6. Bump - still all for sale. Will split items and sell each item individually if any one interested.
  7. The Furutech's FI-15 is a high end IEC connector that is made from nylon and fiberglass housing, using a pure copper conductor. This one is used and came off my other Coherent Systems mains cable which was upgraded to a Furutech gold connector. The Silverplated IEC 15A. This is also used. It came off a pure solid silver ribbon power cable I have which I upgraded to a solid silver IEC. £23 plus postage for them both.
  8. Great hand-made power cable with Furutech FI-15 IEC and a silver-plated uk plug. I believe this is floating shield design with each set of cores encased in metal braid and then plaited. Tony from Coherent will be able to explain better. I had this cable supplying my F3 mains block for my entire system so it can take a lot of juice and without doubt will be beautifully burnt in as I actually bought it from Sodders. £195 plus postage Now sold thanks for looking.
  9. I need to have a clear out of more stuff so here is first one. Together the below will give you a blinding connection from your PC/MAC to your DAC. I had this as a second set for connecting my MAC silently to my main system. But with current changes there it is no longer required. IFI Audio Micro iUSB Power USB Audio Power Supply plus an iFI iPower silent mains 9V/1.5A dc supply for it. I also put soft compound ‘Acoustifeet’ under it which I can remove if not required or wanted IFI Gemini Dual Headed USB cable – 1.5m IFI iPurifier2 (plus will throw in a short Lindy Chroma USB 3 lead) Everything is in perfect working condition – but I do not have any boxes. It will be packed carefully and sent insured signed for etc. Do get in contact if you have any questions. I am offering all of this for £395 the lot plus postage.
  10. Gorgeous. Would love this. Need to sell my own first though. GLWTS
  11. This is now Sold. Thanks for looking.
  12. Lol. What a hustler! First enquiry was from ‘Alicia’ who wanted to buy it as a present for her uncle. However she only wanted to correspond via WhatsApp. She wanted my paypal email - fair enough. Although I didn’t send it as her WhatsApp tel. No was lusted as a non active code - from a database of numbers available for use in TV etc. So it was being used as a spoof line. The idea was - she would pay me via PayPal and then send courier ( or hauler as she kept referring to it) to collect it and transport it to her beloved and obviously very lucky uncle in Perth Scotland. Anyhow apparently the scam goes 2 ways. You get sent a fake email from PayPal telly g you funds are in your account or being held until courier collects. Or the other way is item is lost in transit and buyer uses PayPal protection to reclaim their payment for goods not delivered. Had another 3 identical enquires along those lines already. Anyhow it’s nice to get a dialogue going with someone criminal or otherwise. God bless em eh.
  13. Bump for the weekend - now on Gumtree (another world in the terms of dodgy enquiries!)and going on ebay too.