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  1. Not sure of your budget but if you can find a good secondhand Primare BD32 mkII you will go to silver disc spinner heaven.Plenty of digital out and analogue typo for SACD. I used the xlr balanced for the sacd. In fact the DAC inside is amazing - I think you can put digital inputs through it as well. I didnt try as my Pre60 could handle all that. PS. I currently have a spare Sony BDP something or other which plays SACD. However SACD playback is barely acceptable. So cheap isn't even cheerful in this area. I tend to choose Hi Res streams now - beats SACD easily in this situation.
  2. Hi, I have an Audioquest Forest 0.5m cable to fulfill your requirements if interested?
  3. Good stuff mate. Got mine sorted today. Very satisfying to get it playing now from all my end points. So far after a few hours -seems more stable than running core on a Mac Pro. Well pleased. After reading that there was no point putting SSD and m2 in the Nuc, I removed the SSD . So I'm sure your covered, but if not I have got available a spare 120gb WD green 2.5 SSD( apparently Nuc doesn't care whether you boot is from m2 or SSD. Also got one stick of compatible 8gb ram (crucial). Good luck with yours. Next stop fan less case.
  4. Roon rock is supported on the following NUCs NUC5i3xxx NUC5i5xxx NUC6i3SYx NUC6i5SYx NUC7i3BNx NUC7i5BNx NUC7i7BNx NUC7i3DNx NUC7i5DNx NUC7i7DNx NUC8i3BEx NUC8i5BEx NUC8i5BEx NUC8i7BEx NUC10i3FNx NUC10i5FNx NUC10i7FNx Minimum req is i3 processor, 4gb ram and 128 m2 stick. However from my reading if you have over 10000 track library (including your liked streams as well as HD’s copies) it seems to be advisable to go to i7, 8/16gb Ram and 128 m2. People argue that even when running Roon to multiple endpoints they have never seen 8gb used even after months of play. You don’t need more than minimum 128gb storage as that is only to hold the ROCK operating system. It holds no music. Actually building one myself this weekend. Got a 7i5 NUC on eBay, sticking in spare 16gb ram and a spare 256 stick. Never done it before so should be fun if I get it working. And it’s about a grand cheaper than a Roon Nucleus which is loaded this:- The Roon Nucleus features an i3 processor, 4GB RAM, and a 64GB OS SSD. Housed in an elegant case, it runs Roon's bespoke operating system. User have the capability to point it at a NAS, hook in a USB hard drive, or install an SSD or HDD in an internal hard drive mount.
  5. Hi looking to get one of these to match with my new supernait and streamer. Specifically want this model so I can try the digital out as well as analogue. Plus ability to try power supply upgrades etc. Let me know if you may have one for sale. Thanks.
  6. Not sure if I have a high or low post count but just thought I’d put this link up to my eBay sale of the above. I know a lot of guys on here like to Tenno turntables and to run multiple arms on their decks so thought it could be of interest. Please remove if it does not comply with site regs. Some of the sale goes to Great Ormond Street so it’s not entirely for me. Although I am trying to raise enough for a Naim disc spinner. (Cd5xs if anyone has one spare???)
  7. Sorry. My 2 cents worth, I have a Robin day leather, walnut and steel sofa in my room. Doesn’t seem to pick up any resonance. Oh and it’s quite easy to clean as well.
  8. Vibrating sofa - I’d say wipe clean surface must be the priority feature[emoji1787]
  9. I too am thinking of experimenting with SUT. May even diy one. Look at this site. It’s got an excellent little calculator to tell you what sort of amount of gain you should be looking for on your carts. That will at least have you looking for the correct step up ratio for gain. Just need to look up your output from your cart and the input listed for your mm phono input.
  10. Ifi Purifier is now sold to 29mile. Remainder of rig (I power and Gemini twin cable) now £300.
  11. So any offer north of £2k considered. Or Also would be happy to look at a px deal with any of the following :- Chord Qutest DAC Bluesound Node 2. (Any colour as long as it’s black) Naim CD5si, CD 5XS or CDX 2 Naim Hi Cap DR.