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  1. These are now sold - thank you for looking and your interest.
  2. Read this fabulous article in NY Times today. A great break from the endless misery of Trump, GOP and the covid shizzle. Wonderful to read of someone taking such care and pride in their art, regardless of cost or at expense of profit margin. Would love to know if anyone has one of the Electric Recording Co issues. How does it sound - is it nirvana??
  3. Sorry myself. I got my own wires crossed! I was confusing your auditorium 23 for audience AU24s. My bad.
  4. Not got the 23s, but I’ve got a 1m pair of the Audience Maestro if those would be of use?
  5. Bump = this is perfect for office and headphone systems too.
  6. Bump - still all for sale. Will split items and sell each item individually if any one interested.
  7. The Furutech's FI-15 is a high end IEC connector that is made from nylon and fiberglass housing, using a pure copper conductor. This one is used and came off my other Coherent Systems mains cable which was upgraded to a Furutech gold connector. The Silverplated IEC 15A. This is also used. It came off a pure solid silver ribbon power cable I have which I upgraded to a solid silver IEC. £23 plus postage for them both.
  8. Great hand-made power cable with Furutech FI-15 IEC and a silver-plated uk plug. I believe this is floating shield design with each set of cores encased in metal braid and then plaited. Tony from Coherent will be able to explain better. I had this cable supplying my F3 mains block for my entire system so it can take a lot of juice and without doubt will be beautifully burnt in as I actually bought it from Sodders. £195 plus postage Now sold thanks for looking.
  9. I need to have a clear out of more stuff so here is first one. Together the below will give you a blinding connection from your PC/MAC to your DAC. I had this as a second set for connecting my MAC silently to my main system. But with current changes there it is no longer required. IFI Audio Micro iUSB Power USB Audio Power Supply plus an iFI iPower silent mains 9V/1.5A dc supply for it. I also put soft compound ‘Acoustifeet’ under it which I can remove if not required or wanted IFI Gemini Dual Headed USB cable – 1.5m IFI iPurifier2 (plus will throw in a short Lindy Chroma USB 3 lead) Everything is in perfect working condition – but I do not have any boxes. It will be packed carefully and sent insured signed for etc. Do get in contact if you have any questions. I am offering all of this for £395 the lot plus postage.
  10. Gorgeous. Would love this. Need to sell my own first though. GLWTS
  11. This is now Sold. Thanks for looking.
  12. Lol. What a hustler! First enquiry was from ‘Alicia’ who wanted to buy it as a present for her uncle. However she only wanted to correspond via WhatsApp. She wanted my paypal email - fair enough. Although I didn’t send it as her WhatsApp tel. No was lusted as a non active code - from a database of numbers available for use in TV etc. So it was being used as a spoof line. The idea was - she would pay me via PayPal and then send courier ( or hauler as she kept referring to it) to collect it and transport it to her beloved and obviously very lucky uncle in Perth Scotland. Anyhow apparently the scam goes 2 ways. You get sent a fake email from PayPal telly g you funds are in your account or being held until courier collects. Or the other way is item is lost in transit and buyer uses PayPal protection to reclaim their payment for goods not delivered. Had another 3 identical enquires along those lines already. Anyhow it’s nice to get a dialogue going with someone criminal or otherwise. God bless em eh.
  13. Bump for the weekend - now on Gumtree (another world in the terms of dodgy enquiries!)and going on ebay too.
  14. Bump for the weekend - now on Gumtree (another world in the terms of dodgy enquiries!)and going on ebay too.
  15. Hey Steve, Bit late on the reply. Sorry just noticed. Ive never tried using it as a preamp. However it does have a number of inputs offering access to its DAC on board. According to this bit of info attached below - Primmer seem to have built in their own audio handling devices throughout making it such a great music player. Uses multiple independent power supplies and upgraded caps etc. Audiophile Topology: Audio: The Primare audio circuit is capable of decoding all native audio formats including DSD, Dolby True HD and DTS Master audio. It has a fully-balanced stereo (XLR) output, an unbalanced stereo RCA output, and an 8-channel unbalanced RCA (7.1 multi-channel) output. The stereo output circuitry uses the flagship Crystal DSD DAC CS4398 in conjunction with Primare’s signature fully-balanced analogue output stage comprising Burr-Brown OPA2134 OP-Amps, WIMA and EPCOS polypropylene filter capacitors and large MELF resistors; and a single-ended output stage comprising a single MOSFET transistor fed by an active current source rather than passive resistors. As in the BD32, the SACD (DSD) circuit has its own dedicated relay-controlled-filter signal path. The multi-channel output stage is a scaled-down version of the stereo output stage, driven by a Crystal CS4382A multi-channel DSD DAC in conjunction with an analogue stage comprising Burr Brown OPA2134 OP-Amps, WIMA and NPO SMD capacitors and large MELF resistors. Extremely low inductance Sanyo OS-con capacitors and locally placed voltage regulators are used where required on the DAC board. The mute circuits are entirely relay-controlled, which is an audiophile approach, unlike the bipolar transistors and MOSFET switches commonly used for muting. Together these engineering choices result in a very high quality audio stage. Noise and THD are extremely low according to the objectives of Primare design. Audiophile topology – Video: The BD32 MkII adds 4K (3840 x 2160) up-scaling capabilities to all video sources, transforming picture definition with four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p. HDMI 1 is the primary output, run by the Marvell Qdeo Kyoto-G2 video processor for up-scaling and video adjustment functions, as well as aspect ratio conversion (stretch zoom) to 2.35:1 (with anamorphic lens). If the A/V processor in the main zone is 3D (HDMI 1.4a) compatible then audio and video may be sent via HDMI 1. If the A/V processor is not 3D compatible then HDMI 1 video output can be sent to the display while HDMI 2 carries the HD audio (including DSD, Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio) simultaneously to the processor. Audiophile topology – Power Supply: In the BD32 MkII Primare has further isolated the power supplies for transport, video board and display from the sensitive audio section by using individual power supplies for each of these sections. We use a separate master switch mode power supply for the mech/video/display section and a very quiet C-core transformer for the audio section, similar to that deployed by our reference PRE60 preamplifier. The BD32 MkII’s analogue power supply utilises an expanded 82000uF capacitor bank (larger than its predecessor), split between many smaller 2200 and 4700uF capacitors for lower ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance). Power is first pre-regulated by LM317/337 regulators and then fed to a super-fast, entirely discrete regulation circuit placed as close as possible to the analogue side of the DAC board.
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    Interested in swapping for a meridian explorer 2 DAC?
  17. Hi Steve, Would rather sell both together. However I might think about it. Could be open to a part exchange deal combined with cash if any one is maybe wanting to upgrade has something interesting? Thanks for the interest.
  18. Here for sale are my immaculate, hand built in Sweden, state of the art PRIMARE PRE POWER FLAGSHIP COMBO. The reviews on-line will tell you everything you need to know about how insanely good sounding this balanced pair perform. Not just built like battleships – they look gorgeous with their 15mm thick machined billet aluminium front panels. The PRE60 is an incredible bit of kit to have in your system – As well as your usual pre expectations – it is a DAC and a Network Player. It is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LAN connectable. I access stored music on my NAS, can stream the likes of Tidal, Deezer and radio using Primare’s own smartphone app to control both the streaming and network files but also the volume, sources etc on the pre too. It has a myriad of DAC inputs including USB. A really nice feature is the ability to use its intuitive menu system on its OLED display to label your inputs exactly as you like if you prefer rather than the generic aux1 etc. For instance, I have connected my BD32 to it via 2 inputs. Once by balanced XLR for SACD playback (SACD only decoded in BD32) and then also through the digital coax input so the PRE can use its own DAC to decode the CD stream. As such I was easily able to label the inputs as CD-XLR and CD- DIG making everything so easy. You can also hide unused inputs (I think there is 13 in all including 2 pairs of balanced XLR as well as output). This means you can scroll through your inputs and only show what you actually have connected. I have attached frontal shots of the actual units but have used stock images to show the rears as I really don't want to be disconnecting everything just to remove the boxes from the rack to get the rear shot. However, if you are serious about buying I will happily take them out and send extensive photos if you wish. Demo also welcome to potential buyers. A60 POWER Delivers 250W into 8ohms or 500W into 4ohms. It has incredible speed and grip and delivers the most transparent detailed sound I have yet hear. I have always sought the most realistic true sound I can – and with this set up I had finally managed it. Both come with all boxes, remote, manuals, wifi aerial, 12V trigger cable and power cables. They have only really had light use and deserve to be played endlessly by a new owner. Please do get in contact if you have any questions. These cost £13,000 new in 2016 – Yours for £5,500 collected or plus delivery
  19. Erm whoops - sorry I misread the number - Ive got a TC7520 which is a DAC - you want the switch unit right? Apologies my bad.
  20. Hi Phil, Ive got a very tidy one here in its original box and with original Beresford 'floor wart'. PM me if you are interested with any reasonable offer. Cheers David