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  1. Don't think interest checks are allowed here.
  2. Thanks. This is very fine solid state preamp. Audio classic already imho. Not sure why there are no takers.
  3. Both units are from 2007 as far as I remember. No optional phono or dac.
  4. Looking to buy 2 pairs of RCA interconnects. Something decent, but not for crazy money. Ideally both sets of the same. 1m or longer. Will use with valve equipment (pre and power). Please let me know if you're planning to sell some.
  5. Bryston BP-26 with MPS-2 in silver for sale. Very good used condition with only few minor marks/scratches. Comes in original pacakging (boxes are quite tattty) with genuine metal remote and PSU cable. It came back from Bryston UK yesterday where it had performance check and service. MPS-2 had voltage changed from 220V to 240V. £1895 collected from Woolwich Arsenal or buyer can arrange postage. Selling as have 5 preamps in the house. Would consider swap to interesting power amp (solid state or valve) also could take some decent rca interconnects as PX.
  6. Selling my beautiful one off plinth for Garrard 301 motor unit. It was made to take 12 inch arms. I was using it with AO PU7 (Rega mount). Blank arm board will be included too. Please note that acrylic cover is made properly in the factory and not glued in some garage. Included is plinth, matching platform and acrylic cover. Metal feet is not included, but could be discussed with the buyer. There are 5 M6 inserts underneath allowing to use 3 or 4 feet setup. Plinth is made from plywood layers with oak lamella surround. It is finished using Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique and looks
  7. Thursday morning bump for this great piece of hifi.
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