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  1. I must be box swapper of the month:) Mytek Manhattan ii with optional network and phono cards replaced both ARC CD8 and Lumin D2. Swiss army knife of audio. I'm not great fan of Sabre dac chips, but I like how this one sounds. Very analog and grain fee. Better than expected tbh. Built in network card does good job streaming Tidal MQA. TV cover is best £16 spent lately LOL.
  2. If somebody is looking to sell Technics SP10 tt please get in touch. Ideally would like to find turnkey, ready to use option (with plinth and tonearm).
  3. Surprised there are no takers. Reducing price to £11k. These are like new, current model. Best large Tannoy speakers out of all imho. People should hear a pair before paying crazy amounts for certain vintage tannoys.
  4. Bluesound Node 2i out, Lumin D2 in. I only use it for Tidal streaming and I'm glad it betters Node in my system. 4x the price, but definitely an improvement.
  5. My Bluesound Node 2i streamer for sale. Black, with original packaging. Good used condition. Will upload better pics tomorrow. Selling as bought more expensive streamer. £360 posted
  6. It is a keeper for me (don't know for how long though). As I also stream a lot, thinking to get dedicated streamer and live without a separate dac.
  7. It was unexpected purchase, but I'm loving it. My both cd transports will be looking for new owners. Cd8 runs super hot, but sounds sublime in my system. Very "special" component I would say.
  8. Was looking to buy a new dac, but found and bought valved cd player instead and tbh couldn't be happier with the sound. Shame it doesn't have digital input.
  9. Yes I did, and yes, they were not impressed. Ads are taken down now.
  10. Noticed Mcintosh mc601 ad on hifi for sale site which was too good to be true (same seller had Ypsilon mono blocks advertised too). Phone number had one digit short (for a reason) so out of curiosity I emailed and got response straight away:) Hope people are careful and don't transfer money to these fraudsters!