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  1. My older K2 s9800 SE looks like total bargain in comparison.
  2. It is sold. I think Mike forgot to remove his ad.
  3. Thanks for all suggestions. I just sold 2 box valve Icon Audio PS3 and currently have pretty serious phono card in Mytek Manhattan dac. New phono stage needs to be better than both Icon and Mytek.
  4. Looking to buy good phono stage or phono stage/ SUT combination for SPU and Lyra cartridges. Ideally with 2 or more inputs. Valve or SS. XLR outputs would be good to have, but not must. Please let me know.
  5. Rega armboard for Michell Gyro/Orbe decks. Never been fitted, as new. Comes with 3 bolts, no other accessories included. £44 posted.
  6. Selling True Point Audio Pete's Pylons suspension for all Michell Gyro turntables. Bought new and after fitting them played less than 10 records. They are very worthwhile upgrade imho. Selling because bought new turntable. Comes with ceramic ball bearings and spare O rings. Paid £190 and there was 3 weeks wait time. Want £150 and that includes postage.
  7. Sunday bump. PX to other hifi equipment possible (speaker cables, phono stage, r2r related stuff etc.)
  8. It can be used with one arm. Absolutely no need to use 2 arms. Have to attach factory weight underneath chassis and remove one arm board. In fact I set it up to be used with one arm now.
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