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  1. I would only sell SME IV at this price to a buyer of my Gyrodec. I'm aware of current SME tonearm prices.
  2. Bump and price drop to £1700. That's insane price. Can also offer SME IV tonearm for £1500 to go with it.
  3. Bump with price reduction to £1800. A lot of turntable for the money!
  4. Curious which AN-E version are you considering? GLWTS.
  5. Comes in original packaging with manual. Fully working in good used condition. Volume pot is a little scratchy. Newer MK2 version costs almost £3k. This is version for both MM and MC cartridges (with step up transformers). Collection from Woolwich Arsenal or can be posted at buyer's risk and cost. Price is £800.
  6. Due to my hifi system downsizing I'm offering this one of a kind Michell Gyrodeck with Orbe upgrade and many other improvements: Converted to 2 arm version - chassis can accommodate 2 tonearms now. Acrylic plinth was laser cut so motor pod could be moved to the front of the deck when 2 arms are used. 2 armboards will be included (buyer can choose to have either 2 SME or 1 sme and 1 Rega arboard). Major upgrade to the motor unit: industrial grade heavy duty swiss made Maxon brushless DC motor fitted inside modified pod with matching control unit, custom brass pulley made to take 2 belts. Overbuilt external PSU supplies juice to the motor. Original Michell DC motor will be included too in case new owner would like to convert deck back to standard version. Software and USB cable to connect computer for fine tuning of the motor is included. Comes with 2 belts. ORBE Plater with clamp upgrade. Suspension has Pete's Pylons fitted (£200 and 3 weeks wait). Original springs are included too. Cosmetically the deck is in excellent condition with only few tiny marks on acrylic plinth where record clamp was kept. There are few cracks on the left corner of the lid too. Comes in original box with all accessories and a lot of extras. Price is £1900. Collection from Woolwich Arsenal or can be posted at buyer's cost and risk. Cash or BT on collection please. No tonearms and no cartridge included. Large pictures can be emailed. Please PM with questions.
  7. Selling my Nitty Gritty Model 1.0 record cleaning machine. Made in USA. Comes in original packaging with velvet record brush. Bottle with cleaning fluid is not included. No other accessories. Machine is in good working condition. Record turner doesn't have much grip so I was turning records holding their edge. Some material with more grip could be glued on underside of turner wheel, but it never bothered me. Bargain price of £160 posted. Current retail price is £500. More pictures can be emailed.
  8. Would like to buy a set of Stillpoints Ultra SS or Ultra Mini. Please PM with offers.
  9. Price reduced to £3300 for the package. I could also split if there were separate buyers for the deck and arm. SME IV - £1600 Gyrodec with Orbe - £1800
  10. Removed SME V option from the ad. Sorry for confusion.
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