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  1. Still looking. Would like to find ARC ref3 or ref5. 2 box version Modwright ls36.5 also on the wanted list.
  2. Paid and collected. Please archive.
  3. Do you have one for sale?
  4. Hi, Looking to buy good preamp. Solid state or valve, ideally with remote and balanced ins/outs. Will pair with Vitus Audio mono blocks.
  5. At the moment I'm trying some different amps in my system and there is a chance that I might remove the ad and keep Emitter.
  6. I think I'm making a big mistake selling it tbh. Somebody asked what colour circuit board is on my amp. It is gold.
  7. Fantastic amp with large Tannoy speakers.
  8. My top of the range ASR Emitter ii Exclusive Battery amp is for sale due to downsizing. This is 4 box version with 2 separate power supplies and 1 battery power supply. Gold circuit board. Very good used condition with only minor age related marks/scratches. Fully working, had new batteries installed couple months ago. This amp was shipped new from ASR Systems in September 2011. In 2016 it had factory upgrade kit installed by UK importer. Here are the details of configuration and optional extras: Version Blue with black heatsinks Extra long cable from main unit to 2x psu, 1x batt., add.charge WBT Nextgen package: 4 pole plug 705AG and 4 pcs. RCA 210AG for CD 1 and Direct inputs. Fantastic sounding amplifier with lots of very possitive reviews on line and in print. TOTAL BARGAIN AT MY ASKING PRICE! All 4 cases weights 160 kg hence local collection from Woolwich Arsenal only (BT or cash payment). Please note that I only have packaging for the main unit. More pictures can be emailed. Comes with all manuals and remote control. SALE PENDING
  9. Stopped looking at European hifi classifieds ages ago, but still find annoying when I try to sell something in UK and buyers use all these fake ads as price reference trying to negotiate price down.