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  1. Ebay item has to be sold first, then messaging system allows exchange of phone numbers or addresses to arrange collection. If listing is still active, then you're not allowed to do so.
  2. Thanks for all suggestions, still looking.
  3. Would be ideal for my Reimyo Dac. Too much money unfortunately.
  4. I have bel canto cd3t at the moment. Want to get something higher end. Don't think Heed transport would be better than my current bel canto tbh. Also cd2 is a player, not dedicated transport. I'm getting a dac which is very dependant on transport quality hence my quest.
  5. Thanks for the offer, but I'm only interested in dedicated transports this time. Something from Audio Note, Esoteric, Jay's Audio or even old Mark Levinson etc.
  6. Looking to upgrade my Bel Canto cd3t cd transport. If you thinking of selling something decent, please let me know. Prefer top loaders.
  7. I have ASR Emitter II Exclusive with large Tannoys and really like the combo. Not sure how Emitter would sound with Harbeth speakers, but maybe worth considering?
  8. There was eBay listing with Tannoy Canterbury speakers few days ago. Picture was stolen from my old listing and seller wanted to be contacted via email only. Emailed seller asking for more pictures and promptly received 12 pics all nicked from my old listing. Very annoying. Took a while for ebay to remove listing.
  9. My new amp arrived 2 days ago. Absolutely gobsmacked how well it drives large Tannoys. Preamp became redundant too.
  10. tnorvaisas

    JBL K2 9800

    As I always wanted to try 15 inch Tannoys it was a good chance to do so I guess. Still in process finding optimal position in the room and amplification to drive them. First impression is that they sound bigger, more effortless and slightly darker than Kensingtons. So far so good, eventhough I have a feeling that bigger room would allow to get even better sound from them.
  11. tnorvaisas

    JBL K2 9800

    I went to see and hear these in early September when they were just listed. Julian, you had almost 5 months to do audition! When eventually decided to get K2s, found David's Canterburys listed so I bought them instead. Turns out David bought K2s day before. Win win situation.
  12. Nice quality and adjustable:
  13. I bought vintage Tannoy Cheviots modified by RFC Components (external crossovers, modified cabinets etc) recently and tried them with my Krell KSA-80 and Mcintosh MC275 power amps. MC275 is very likeable combination with Cheviots, but big vintage Krell is even better I think. Low end is fantastic, no valve amp can match it. I had Kensington GR speakers for 2 years and now I'm not sure if sound wise they were any better than RFC Cheviots. Can't believe how refined 12 inch HPD drivers are.