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  1. Due to changes in circumstances I have to sell my beloved JBL K2 9800 SE speakers. Zebrano wood and piano lacquer finish. Very good condition for the age with only few light blemishes on the cabinets. No packaging. These are Special Edition with improved crossovers and cabinet finish. Collection from Woolwich Arsenal only. Price is £9250.
  2. Would like to buy a pair of premium matched 300b valves. New or used. Western Electric, KR, EML or similar.
  3. My JBLs now look like La Scalas.
  4. My new peakers don't represent "downsizing", "downgrading" would be better word I guess. Want to downsize electronics both size and quantity wise though.
  5. Had a lot of changes lately as was trying to downsize/downgrade. A lot of gear will have to go unfortunately. Turntable is waiting to be setup next.
  6. Julian sent a text with terrible news yesterday. Absolutely shocking. He was meant to visit me for a little bake off couple weeks ago, but then canceled as wasn't feeling good. We kept in touch all this time, then he went quiet on Monday... super sad.
  7. Tried 6 or 7 different preamps (£2-4k used) in my system over last 2 years and this one came out on top. Superb machine, has two pairs of valves, but I wouldn't worry much about that.
  8. Due to downgrade I will be selling my 2 box Audio Music RT-2 preamp. Weights 40kg, and sounds absolutely fantastic.
  9. 2 sets (8) of Isoacoustics GAIA 1 feet for sale. Very good condition, with original packaging. Super effective and great looking isolation solution. These are suitable for speakers weighing up to 100kg. Price is £750 collected. Buyer pays postage.
  10. I will be selling my JBL K2 S9800 SE soon. A bit more money than £6k though.
  11. Very often sellers don't even know that eBay Best Offer option is added to their listings.
  12. My older K2 s9800 SE looks like total bargain in comparison.
  13. It is sold. I think Mike forgot to remove his ad.
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