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  1. Selling my beautiful one off plinth for Garrard 301 motor unit. It was made to take 12 inch arms. I was using it with AO PU7 (Rega mount). Blank arm board will be included too. Please note that acrylic cover is made properly in the factory and not glued in some garage. Included is plinth, matching platform and acrylic cover. Metal feet is not included, but could be discussed with the buyer. There are 5 M6 inserts underneath allowing to use 3 or 4 feet setup. Plinth is made from plywood layers with oak lamella surround. It is finished using Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique and looks simply stunning. Want £275 for the package and that's a total bargain. Collection from Woolwich Arsenal or wam taxi can be arranged. Will not pack and ship, sorry. More pictures can be emailed.
  2. Thursday morning bump for this great piece of hifi.
  3. My one is with remote control option. However previous owner lost original remote so I had to adapt aftermarket handset which works exactly the same: Volume up/down and Mute. No phono stage. No original pacakging.
  4. Many thanks, Jack. I ended up having 4 preamps in the house and would like at least 2 of them to find new homes. Wouldn't mind if K1 stayed in my system if other preamps sold first.
  5. Selling my fantastic Ayre K-1XE Stereo preamp. 2 box design. Very good used condition with only few light marks/scratches on the case work. RS232 psu cable connector has piece of plastic cracked (does not affect anything). Comes with aftermarket remote. Best sounding solid state preamp I have ever heard. £1825 collected in SE London.
  6. My fantastic Puresound L300 valve preamp is back for sale. Has new Gold Lion 300b fitted. All other valves were replaced recently. £2500 collected from SE London or can be posted.
  7. In last 4 years had various Tannoy speakers from HPD Cheviots to new Canterbury GRs. Loved them all! Then one day bought JBL K2 and now can't think of going back to tannoys. Can't think of going to any other speakers tbh. I understand that OP wants opinion on tannoy vs jbl up to £2000. For me JBLs here too.
  8. I'm selling my Ayre K-1XE and Puresound L300 (valve) both with XLR outputs.
  9. Still available. Comes with SME and Rega armboards. Latest DC motor version. Amazing looking and sounding deck.
  10. Still available. Boxed up and ready to be collected or posted. As good as new.
  11. Can't believe that few years ago I struggled to sell my mint A-S3000. Eventually somebody bought it for £1800.
  12. Location is in my profile, but will edit ad too.
  13. Finished setting up my latest toy today. Heavily modified Gyrodec with Orbe platter upgrade. Rebuilt motor unit with new industrial grade dc motor and controller, DIY psu, 2 belts. SME V with Lyra Delos making some beautiful music. SME IV with Nag mp500 for backup. Downsizing project turned into sideways move...
  14. My Michell Gyro SE turntable with armboards for SME and Rega tonearms for sale. Unicover, clamp and PSU included. Latest DC motor. No tonearm. Good used condition with only minor marks and scratches. Selling as upgraded to heavily modified Orbe few days ago. Gyro SE is fantastic looking and sounding deck. Chose it against my newly restored Garrard 301 with 12 inch Pu7 arm. £SOLD collected from SE London or can be posted at buyer's risk. Have original packaging.
  15. Denafrips Athena preamp for sale. Silver. Latest flagship preamp from Denafrips. 2 months old in mint condition with all accessories and packaging. £1350 collected or can be posted if buyer arranges shipping. Cash or BT only please. Amazing piece of kit, please find reviews online.
  16. I got really fed up with time wasters on here so decided to withdraw the ad for that reason, but then connected it to my system and understood that would be a big mistake to sell it because it sounds absolutely fantastic. At the moment have 4 preamps in the house and some of them will have to go instead.
  17. Plugged it back into my system and decided that it is not going anywhere. Please archive the thread.
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