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  1. I have x2 sets of Cs absolutely as new. Boxed. Instructions. Everything. Paid £400 for the x8 and would quite like my money back as haven’t used them. PM me if interested. Happy to take a small loss to ease. Say £350 posted.
  2. I’ve tried to persuade Rob not to sell the Minimus Infinities because he’ll regret it. These are the best value-performance boxes in the Entreq range and you have to spend a lot more to gain decent advantage. They are significantly better than the non-Infinity Silver. Moreover, Entreq are the masters of passive grounding, having been at it for a couple of decades. Strongly recommended and Infinities are rarely available used. (Written as an impartial Wammer who has sworn by Entreq for a decade. I have x10 boxes in my system and I wouldn’t be without any of them)
  3. Very strongly recommended. An end-game and outstanding USB cable. Comparible with CAD etc. Got one myself. Bear in mind that the prices on the Phasure website are without shipping and VAT. And their shipping ain't cheap... So this is a damn good buy.
  4. Everything Magna Audio is marvellous. I have one of their ebony arm plates and it is a gamechanger.
  5. Yours are are the last of the line. I call them the MkVs. The stands' are a budget version, as the wonderful Mk1, 2 and 3 stands (the square section numbers) were frighteningly expensive to make and Roksan made a loss on them a lot of the time. The Mk4s had the rubbish wobbly budget tubular stands which are best avoided. And the MkVs had the central spines that you have. Quite interesting to see inside the X-overs... Which were finally right by then, apparently. Although still mounted in an aluminium case which plays havoc with the coil values, but then again they are probably measured to take
  6. I have a one-off Avondale NAIM CD3 with a brand new factory transport fitted. Essentially an ACD3 but without the external power supply. It was built by Les for demoing his latest tech at shows before he launched the ACD3. Les serviced it and fitted analogue RCA outputs in addition to the NAIM output and then I had the new transport assembly fitted and haven’t used it since. It owes me well over £800 but would accept a sensible offer. I would ask that all the money be paid straight to my late sister’s charity fund raiser for the Westminster Memorial Hospital in Shaftesbury,
  7. The Arcam is a ludicrously good buy. An Aired Audio DAC with Rob’s incredibly clever upgrades (no one understands the sonic characteristics of components like he does) for the price or a modest Waitrose shop. Manufacturers should hire Rob as a consultant because what he consistently achieves is amazing. The buyer can’t go wrong.
  8. I don’t know the 4D but it has a great reputation. I bought x2 Ziros new when they first came out and they are wonderful. 100pc silver and made by hand to the highest standards. Tremendously good for detail retrieval on good kit. Strongly recommended. At the price offered here a total steal.
  9. John, May I ask what valves it comes with. Brand etc. Did you go the PSVane route in the end?
  10. I’ve heard this amp and it’s a gorgeous thing. Really quite small and elegant too. Lovely thing.
  11. How come these aren't sold yet...? Unrepeatable opportunity from top seller who knows his stuff. Snip.
  12. SOLD Thank you gents for all your supportive remarks
  13. I have owned this superb DAC for several years and during that time if has evolved at the hands of the excellent Robert Airey of Aired Audio (Open Door): Jolida UK importer and the acknowledged expert at modifying the FX (among myriad other components, especially Jolida and Black Ice Audio). Initially, Rob upgraded the output and power supply caps to Clarity, which remains the most common basic upgrade for this unit. My unit then went back to Rob a year later for his first ever VeeCap upgrade - a costly but significant improvement. Then a year of so ago it went back again for the ul
  14. Another vote for using twin subs. I use a pair of 400XXL BKs with my Revel Ultima Gems and one on its own has never remotely cut it. At least in my room with my rig. It maybe more complex to get right with two but only because you have more control. That said, I’ve heard Snoop Dog’s REL G2 and it made me realise why so much can be so wisely spent. It’s a super thing. Probably don’t need x2 of those!
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