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  1. Emotiva A700 power amp review in HFC! Great performance, silly money! http://www.karma-av.co.uk/assets/_managed/product/files/EmotivaA-700HCC1117low.PDF … https://www.audiologica.co.uk/emotiva/basx-a700.html …
  2. Absolutely stonking review in HiFi Choice! High-End on a silly budget..... http://www.karma-av.co.uk/assets/_managed/product/files/HFC_429_Emotiva_Reprint-LOW.pdf https://www.audiologica.co.uk/emotiva/ Start new topic
  3. The new open-back version of the fantastic MrSpeakers Aeon debut at the Indulgence Show in London I had the pleasure of a quick blast at the show and wow! The new heaadphones can be pre-ordered now - will be with us in a couple of weeks. https://www.audiologica.co.uk/mrspeakers/aeon-open.html 01403 336 339
  4. The new Metrum Amethyst NOS DAC and headphone amp is now available to order in the UK Who needs DSD anyway! http://www.metrum-acoustics.com/Amethyst.html http://www.audiologica.co.uk/metrum/amethyst.html 01403 336 339
  5. Another excellent review of the rather brilliant Nova 300 from Peachtree Audio http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/peachtree-audio-nova-300-integrated-amplifier/ http://www.audiologica.co.uk/peachtree/peachtree-audio-nova-300.html 01403 336 339
  6. The Hegel Rost has won this years prestigious 2017-2018 EISA Award in Best Amplifier category. Now available to order in black finish! http://www.audiologica.co.uk/hegel/hegel-rost.html
  7. The brilliant new Hegel H90 is launched! In the Hegel H90 we included network streaming, Apple Airplay®, and a variety of digital and analogue connections. All (except streaming) of which are configurable to be fixed level inputs, allowing you to easily integrate the H90 in a Home theatre system. Or perhaps you just want to connect the digital output of your Sonos streamer and use the Sonos volume attenuator rather than the Hegel remote? There is also a high quality headphone output and a sleek, informative, white OLED display. http://www.audiologica.co.uk/hegel/hegel-h90.html
  8. The upgraded Mk2 version of the NAD BluOS board is now shipping! https://nadelectronics.com/en_GB/product/mdc-bluos-2/ http://www.audiologica.co.uk/nad/nad-mdc-bluos.html 01403 336 339
  9. Even H2 and Even H1 headphones are now available in the UK H2 is Even's flagship Bluetooth model and the first wireless headphone to feature Even's EarPrint technology. A short, built-in hearing test accurately customises each headphone channel to any users ears and saves a hearing profile or 'EarPrint.' Each profile can now be stored, examined and managed via the H2 app for iOS - available from the iTunes Store. The H2s feature an impressive 20 hour battery life ensures which can also be monitored via the H2 app. http://www.audiologica.co.uk/even/even-h2.html http://www.audiologica.co.uk/even/index.html
  10. Fresh stock of Nova 150 and Nova 300 coming late this week....
  11. Harbeth M30.2 Anniversary - stunning silver eucalyptus veneer with a shimmering iridescent lustre! The next generation of Harbeth's M30.1 model; the M30.2, is now available in a limited edition silver eucalyptus veneer. The M30.2 anniversary model features; the latest WBT-nextgen binding posts, a new-look tweeter with silver hex grill, British-made audio grade poly capacitors, and Harbeth's 40th anniversary ultra-pure OFC internal cable. http://www.audiologica.co.uk/harbeth/m30-2-anniversary.html
  12. Great review of the rather lovely Masters M32 here: http://hometheaterhifi.com/reviews/amplifier/integrated-amplifiers/nad-m32-direct-digital-amplifier-review/ On demo now at Audiologica: http://www.audiologica.co.uk/nad/nad-masters-m32.html 01403 336 339
  13. These little amps have been selling in big numbers over the past couple of weeks, in nearly every case they are being used 100% as a headphone amp - ridiculously good for the money! http://www.audiologica.co.uk/emotiva/emotiva-basx-a100.html
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