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  2. CARDAS GOLDEN REFERENCE I/C RCA 0.5 Metre For many years this was Cardas' top cable and my cable of choice together with a Neutral Reference as they shared similar characteristics and complemented one another. Golden Ref is not directional but IMHO gets so in use. Hence the rubber bands denoting the source end £175.00 + post
  3. CARDAS NEUTRAL REFERENCE INTERCONNECT 1 metre Cardas Neutral Reference needs little introduction. This was part of my interconnect system together with a Golden Reference as they are part of the same family and share many of the same properties Neutral Reference are not directional but I believe that they do become so in use. I have therefore marked the source end with elastic bands so that always go back the same way. The original packing and certificate are included £215.00 +post
  4. LINN LP12 LINGO ON/OFF SWITCH This fits both Mk1 and Mk2 Lingos. Bought by me in error so now no longer needed. Used but as new. £39.00
  5. I too have this Arm 1. It really is a cracker!!
  6. Does this mean that only the 401 and plinth is still for sale and has the Jelco definitely been sold?