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  1. This is such a fabulous CDP. You need to consult Marrantz or a very competent engineer. Bite the bullet with Marrantz if needs be.
  2. Yes indeed......a lovely job. I have a pair of W.B. Actors in cherry and they too have some fade. but I keep the grilles in place. GLWYS
  3. A favour to keep you within our forum rules
  4. No......and yes. I heard it in comparison to my Khozmo. Damn close
  5. You could do a lot worse than this............................great guy to deal with https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/153963-fs-the-truth-preamp-the-most-perfect-electronic-audio-device-of-any-type-that-i-have-ever-heard-arthur-salvatore/?tab=comments#comment-2789953
  6. I too, had a bad experience with a well known Swiss watch co. First the agent lost it, then the factory sent it back with a severe mark on the bezel. When it was returned for them to rectify they said the damage was too great and they would have to replace the bezel......at my cost!!!!! It took 18 months to sort and in the meantime the agent was so embarrassed he offered to lend me a Rolex! The service from the agent was fist rate BTW The service cost £400+ 80 for a new glass Moral Take very good close up pics before sending it anywhere even to the most prestigious firms
  7. The Picture Police will be after you
  8. Yes but it would make my wallet and SWMBO scream
  9. And so awfully close to me............
  10. How do I load pics onto my ad from my IMgur hosting site?
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294284257778?hash=item4484b569f2:g:zH0AAOSwhC9fykTL What a brilliant idea and there's a fixed one too. I am getting one if it will hold my Valdi
  12. Price Reduction https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184951230163?ViewItem=&item=184951230163
  13. I've got a pair but sorry, only RCA.............
  14. Rare stands at a bargain price https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184930972721?hash=item2b0ebeb431:g:E8QAAOSwtQlg51Uu
  15. I have just found out the hard way, that to make my Valdi really sing one has to set it up PROPERLY and take the AN crappy protractor and shove it Grateful thanks to Dr Feickart and nooo batteries in the digtal skales
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