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  1. WTD Good quality heavy duty rack Stormy Daniels??
  2. Ooooooooh 11 is that your new Mactone that I dribbled over but could not afford> How does that sound??
  3. DOOOOOH !!! Its right at the top innit
  4. Can't see a price or do I need nooo glasses as well?
  5. The EAR 509 pair are still quite desirable and from the look of them they are probably a Mk 1. EAR themselves are able to service and repair anything they have ever built and their costs are very reasonable. As to price it depends on working properly or not and physical condition and a far better set of pictures would be necessary including removing the cages. Pity about lockdown as any prospective buyer should examine and listen. Your location would help........I am sure other Wammers will give opinions to help
  6. I seem to recall that the Source and the Voyd Valdi looked a little alike So here is my newly fettled and terrific sounding TT together with th Audio Note Arm 1 V2 in black Rather elegant don't you think? ]#
  7. My daughter is working from home............................... ..................................so is Reggie
  8. AN Arm 1 or 2 but the V2 version are the ones to go for I may? have a 1 available soon if negotiations proceed
  9. I have the DAC 1 and found it to be a great performer and bettered the older AN that i had and far more flexible. Very responsive to tube rolling Highly recommended so avabumponme and GLWYS
  10. Oh Thank God for that . Could not stop gazing at it.
  11. Don't Google it..............BUY IT rega geometry easy fit. I have the AN Arm 1 V2 and a friend has the arm 2 V2 on his 401 Highly reccomended
  12. I have got to say that the best sound I heard at the WAM show the year before last was a Source TT with an Audionote Arm V2. Absolutely Delightful
  14. I too had an 8L6 for many years and had it serviced by EAR. The costs are VERY REASONABLE. Valve replacement can add a few shekels though. I recommend you contact EAR and ask them to collect and return as their rates are very good