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  1. I have a pair of these and would heartily recommend them . They are a very easy load so good with valves They also have good WAF
  2. Oracle Delphi VI with Graham Phantom and Koetsu Red
  3. Personal favourites are the GE JAN 5751 triple mica which I reserve for my phono section Also Brimar military versions are good
  4. The Megastore was rubbish from the start. Its now full of sold and outdated items. Seemed to be too difficult to update or delete or else advertisers were too lazy to do it. Location also missing. PFM and AOS style more user friendly
  5. Had one of these for years. A very good cleaner. Take care that you only use the smallest drop of fluid as it can work its way up into the cartridge body and rust it Previous suggestion of using a can of compressed air to dry it after is sound
  6. Hi All I have an AUDIOMECA KREATURA transport which uses (I believe) a SANYO transport mech I have a non standard TEAC remote which does most things I need but not all including open/close as there is no button for that on the RC which is a bit of a pain. PLAY obviously closes the open drawer Any ideas where I could get another RC? Not too sure if Audiomeca still exists
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    New Arm?

    And don't forget the Michel Tecnoarm with Tecnoweight
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    New Arm?

    Hierarchy............turntable then arm and then cartrige . Always a good rule of thumb to follow
  9. I have just acquired a sKale for my Aro but no notes Googled it and found a set-up clip on U-tube, All seems straightforward until the guy says to add .2 gm to the manufacturers'' rec tracking weight??? There is no mention of this in my Aro owners manual so is this peculiar to the sKale or what > Any advice welcomed
  10. WOW have a bump on me
  11. Fabulous amps Even more fabulous Amati s
  12. They are are they not? do you have a lift device for the Aro? I am contemplating the Elevator but not sure about compatability
  13. Peter is a true gent and helped me out when I broke a cartridge tag. I too have the sonic marvel that is the LP12/ Aro but don't forget there are quite a few sub-chassis besides the eye-watering Keel...........mine is Tangerine
  14. The Wigwam Show is on the 19 March at Scalford Get yourself over there for a great day out and you can listen to more members systems than you can shake a stick at. If that doesn't give you ideas nothing will!!
  15. For Sale my Audio Note Dac One 1X This is housed in a substantial extruded aluminium case weighing in at approx 5 kg and measures 22cms W X 30cms D X 10cms H so making it half-width for most stands. I was originally intending to keep this but a better one has now come my way and so this is surplus to my needs. Audio Note's reputation with Dacs is well earned and so are quite sought after. The original substantial packaging is to hand and so this will be able to be shipped. A Note (LOL) of caution.... AN Dacs had a comparatively healthy output and so you may need to use attenuators especially if you have a sensitive pre-amp. (I needed -10db for mine) £450.00 inc postage
  16. I bought my Benz Wood from Expert who do a lot of work for Benz in switzerland. They won't come anymore expert than Expert !!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Now Sold ...............I am surely gonna miss these
  18. This is what most people forget and I too found out the hard way............ You have to pay VAT on the value, P+P and Insurace and then Customs Duty. Then to add insult to injury RM or the Parcels co will charge you a fee of anything ( £16 is what I had to pay) to collect the tax for our robbing Govt.!!! What a way to encourage international trade. Speak nicely to the seller nudge nudge wink wink!