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  1. I should of course add that the unique SF grilles and cloth protective covers are included Naturally Sensible Offers will be considered
  2. For Sale my pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor Speakers and Dedicated Stands The Cremona range needs very little introduction and is one of SF most beautiful ranges.My pair are in first class condition with no marks on the cabinets. The finish is maple. They produce a surprisingly big sound for such a relatively small enclosure doubtless helped by the beautiful curved lute shape. Bass goes surprisingly deep for a small cabinet and is articulate. There is a box for the speakers with the proper inserts but no box for the stands which have a faint scuff. So these items are for collection only. £1500.00 Sensible close offers I will be happy to demonstrate these and live very close to M42 /M40 /M5 /M6 and will be happy to discuss details. Please PM me for phone etc
  3. I wish I wish I wish Have a bump on me
  4. Hi ...I have a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors that you might be interested in. They are in fabulous condition, complete with their stands and protective covers. Thet have their box but the stands do not. If interested PM your email and I will organise pics
  5. Fabulous amp and rare as hens teeth......always been beyond my budget Never mind still have my sturdy 8L6
  6. Posting some hi-res pictures would really help your sale
  7. Fabulous speakers......still prefer the Violon Rosso finish Didn't you have a pair of those awhile back? GLWYS..........SWMBO would would not be pleased if I came home with these !!!!
  8. Always lusted after one of these after listening to one and it's previous incarnation. Sadly funds and SWMBO do not permit GLWYS
  9. For Sale A 1 metre digital cable with RCA phonos from the renowned CHORD Co. This SIGNATURE digital cable is in very good condition and utilises 2 sepate and insulated cables, one for the signal and a separate return. £70.00 inc postage within the UK
  10. ovlov854

    Mimetism amp

    Some time ago Ken Kessler was very taken by the CDP Mimitism made/make. I sure you could find some reviews. I love the minimalist styling
  11. I find the presentation far more difficult to read than the old.......... Its too palid unless the screen is magnified. I think you have tried to do too much, And I have not even tried to post an ad with pictures yet..........!!
  12. Was this CDP supplied by the official UK distributor? If not who supplied it?
  13. I have a pair of almost new Svetlana Winged C 12AX7 £10 + postage
  14. Benz cartridges usually come in 3 variants Low, Med and High output........... Which one is this and can you give any more data from the spec sheet