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  1. I have put a pair of NOS CV4004 Brimars in my line stage (12AX7/ECC83) equivilent with good results...........these have date etching The giveaway with rebranded Brimars is the very brightly coloured boxes and lack of date markings. Try a pair of 5751 valves but look for triple micas but read this first http://www.audioasylum.com/scripts/d.pl?audio/faq/joes-tubes.html
  2. You an' me both Brother
  3. I had some email correspondence with SW1X and he invited me to go listen or try before I buy against a deposit of course.
  4. Check out SW1X DAC 1 and DAC 1 Sig lot of info on Art of Sound
  5. The original spec quotes 92db so in theory pretty efficient.......................!! However afew of the original performance reviews measured less than that some even 89/90db The reviews also say they need a big room as well as plenty of space............ I read that as plenty of wellie !! If I had the brass I'd have 'em in a heartbeat and take the chance Get thee behind me Satan:rockin:
  6. Oh Boy bet you're sick as a parrott If you have the time phone EAR and take it there and they may be able to do it whilst you wait. Repairs are very reasonable but you may have to suffer a little banter from Uncle Tim! LOL
  7. Just to confirm...........this is NOT the standard IEC that most equipment uses??
  8. I have A Mark Grant Digital Cable as per this link https://markgrant.co.uk/digital-cables/45-oyaide-ftvs-510-pure-silver-digital-coax-fitted-with-wbt-0110-ag.html#/22-length-0_75_metre The only difference is that it has a Furitech BNC at one end I would like £80 plus PP PM me if you are interested
  9. Forgive my ignorance but how would one configure for 8ohms and would it need to be done by an engineer?
  10. A pair of NA 326/1 input boards to convert a phono input to line level so utilising the BNC or RCA inputs for CD use. Suitable for NAC 22 ? NAC 32, NAC 32.5, 42, 42.5, 62, and NAC 72 Naim often included a dedicated CD board which was very filtered and these boards allowed the use of non-Naim CDP and RCA terminated cables £15.00 +postage ono