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  1. Jeeeeeeeeeez thats bright:cool:
  2. Some pictures would greatly help your sale:^
  3. Surprised this is still here..........beautiful sublime sound
  4. Now Now Boys and Girls!! I only wanted to get some thoughts and reccomendations not start WW3! Non-the- less I'm grateful to all you Guys for your thoughts ....it does make interesting reading. Just goes to show our ears are all different Thanks
  5. I have a special pair of Wilmslow Home Studio Monitors.I would like to upgrade the crossovers and the internal cabling. I plan on having the Caps replaced with Mundorf Supreme but am somewhat stumped as to what cable to use. The drivers are a Volt B/M and a Scanspeak D2903/5 Any thoughts and suggestions gratefully received
  6. Back to the original question................The HP socket on amps is usually, alhtough there are exceptions, rather poor quality and even fairly modest HPA e.g. X-cans can dramatically increase the SQ even with modest 'phones. There is even an upgrade path (see Rock- Grotto) If SWMBO decrees no loud music after midnight a decent HP system keeps the peace !!
  7. ovlov854

    Hovland hp100

    I have a HP100 with the MC phono/SUT and love it....not the last word in absolute detail but what it does do is magical. Stock valves are nothing to write home about, so worth a little rolling, and it will ruthlessly reveal poor recordings.
  8. Thanks for that. See what you mean..........more confusing
  9. Hi All...........I have now decided to dip my toe into the world of the SUT I am having aproblem in trying to find out details and spec of the Troika. The Linn site gives the output as 0.1mV whereas I have always understood it to be 0.2mV ?? It also does not appear to give the output impedance of the Troika which is I understand to be important to match with the SUT I also hope to be able to use my new Benz Wood SL( 0.4mV and 12 ohms) with the same SUT but realise that I might have to crank the volume up for the Troika Can anybody advise?
  10. Hi All, Can anyone suggest an engineer to look at my Magnum Dynalab FT11. It works but the stereo beacon does not always come on. Sorry should have said........West Midlands/Warwickshire. Festive Greetings to All:testy1:
  11. Hi All, Can anyone suggest an engineer to look at my Magnum Dynalab FT11. It works but the stereo beacon does not always come on Festive Greetings to All:testy1:
  12. Mmmmm .....great speakers I am a fan of Ruark having sold a pair of Crusaders recently. Probably solid state. I had great success using Naim amps..........save some more pennies.
  13. Hi There, I have a pair of HSM with uprated treble units in a custom cabinet and stands and they have been with me for many years and have been used with solid state and now valves. The combination of the Volt and Scanspeak is brilliant. These speakers still delight and beguile me.
  14. OMG ! I did mean " testing"
  15. I must record my thanks to Traviata for his hospitality and teating my valves. A top man.
  16. Thanks to all who have replied and offered advice. I appreciate your input. Best Regards Martin
  17. Hi All. Can anyone suggest somewhere where I can have valves tested? They are mainly ECC83 and 88 or their groups I have acquired a few during tube rolling and would like to pass my surplus on but in fairness to any buyers would like to be able to show test results. Any advice gratefully received.
  18. Hi There......I built up over the years an all singing Naim bi-amped system. the number of black boxes was astounding! One day ,on impulse I borrowed an EAR/Yoshino 8L6 integrated and became hooked on to the Dark Side. Sold all of the Naim gear. What more can I say?
  19. Hi All. Just thought I would let the people know who took the time to reply to my question that I have today renewed the tubes in my 864 with JAN Sylvania 12AX7 x 3 as they were made in the Phillips facility and JAN Phillips 12Au7 6189W X 2. From the USA all rated NOS, very helpful Suppliers. Time will tell.......Thanks for the advice Guys