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  1. 4 hours ago, scallon said:

    Just what I was advised. I currently have AEDSM with HDMI 2.0 and an OPPO which can decode to 7.1 channel PCM, so no urgent need for the surround sound module. I told my dealer I would only purchase surround sound upgrade for AEDSM if I could transfer it to my next DSM. At the time that was expected to be KSH but will now probably be NGKSH ( further in the future now of course due to extra money involved). I guess most people don't bother asking when they order?

    I use an NVidia Shield box for streaming and this will generally give Stereo PCM output and sometimes 5.1 PCM Surround so the DSM module upgrade would only give me an improvement to 7.1 surround bitstream on a few services. I've never considered it really worth the cost in my system.

    I had a similar thought but now some of the TV apps perform better than my AppleTV so decoding would be more useful as they don’t do it for themselves. That’s especially  true for Now with Boost which always wins the “app designed by fuvkwits award”. On a separate point I find it bizarre that the new DSM family include models described as AV but with no surround board unless you pay extra - bloody bonkers.

  2. 4 hours ago, Nestor Turton said:

    I use a 2012 Mac mini in preference to a NAS with JRiver Media Centre to manage my music collection. I have also used MinimServer, as an alternative. I use XLD to rip CDs and Metadatics for editing metadata in music files (though JRiver also supports ripping and editing so you could use it as a one stop shop). 

    I prefer XLD to Apple Music or iTunes for ripping because it uses Secure Accurate Ripping and reports on the quality of the rip. So you know if you have a perfect rip, which is the case most of the time. You could use this with KazooServer, but I’m not familiar with KS configuration. 

    I can use the Linn app, Kazoo, Kinsky or Lumin app to play music, but prefer the JRiver interface, which I have customised to match the filing system I have used for years with my CDs. 

    How do you access the Mac desktop? Mine is plugged into the telly via HDMI but sometimes the two stop talking to each other so I have to reboot to see the desktop. The mac is set to not go to sleep.

    I’m wondering if a MacBook would be better.

  3. I have a mini plugged into HDMI3 on a KDSM/2. It runs Kazoo server and Big Sur. If I let it sleep or lock then it refuses to wake up from the wireless trackpad or keyboard. It is still running though so Kazoo works fine on the iPad. The DSM & mini are plugged into the same time capsule.

    To state the obvious - the above uses Ethernet from the mini to the DSM to stream my rips so the mini’s HDMI output is only used for surround rips such as BD or DVD-A. The latter sometimes requires some dicking about with the MIDI settings to match the source file.

  4. How would you know if part of an exakt speaker, such as an Akubarik, had failed? In theory it would sound odd but I wondered if there was any on-board diagnostics that you could use? It’s more likely to be a power supply or amp which may not be immediately obvious or point to what exactly (sic) has failed.

  5. I have an atv4k into a current spec KDSM as well as an Oppo 203. More times than I like the KDSM loses contact with the TV and I either have to switch sources or reboot it. All the kit is < 1 year old but my money is on the Linn HDMI board not being entirely bomb proof or indeed up to date.

    I’ve not noticed any vision issues with the atv4k but then I have it set to match source/display on the advice of the TV calibrator. It still defaults to DV on Netflix and I did switch to DV light because Dark was just that.

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