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  1. Cannot recommend vitus enuf , a less edge of your seat sound compared to tead , but I went from from many valve boxes to a two man lift integrated and not regretted once. The r100 is a flexible musical bargain that will drive anything, there is I hear a signature version with dac and phono module due out, but will be pricey!
  2. Frizzy brizzy


    I have generally stuck to complete looms, supports etc. Have had living voice, kondo, cardas, dnm, high fidelity cables, chord. Mix and match leads to neuroses and constant swapping. I feel if system good, a coherent loom enhances sound as the designers vision is pursued more fully. Sometimes bits if hardware use the same cables internally, ie cardas and Merlin loudspeakers are a mandatory match, vitus / andromeda and focal, dnm and dnm! . And old naim kit I suppose. I don't change cables often, two or three times in 18 years, used kondo for 15!
  3. Owned a set, wow, in particular the phono stage is worth the cost of pre alone. The headphone stage is linked directly to valves and sounds extraordinairily alive sounding. Casing is lightweight but beautifully made, and ability to lift without a friends help s a godsend. Looks cool in flesh too. I envy your step up to the monos .
  4. If you can source reliably I would second the recomend for RCA cleartops, I've used cryo versions in place of nos euro brands as such good value. Tube depot worth lookin at amongst others.
  5. If you contact definitive they supply a specailly modded power supply made for the kuzma pipe bomb (Kevin likes it fitted with a kondo wired sme v) which has 33/45 and the pitch adjustment toggle switch. Big improvement over wave mechanic.
  6. I'm about to sell mine if you are looking for this amp, mines eighteen months old, so cheaper .mail if suits.
  7. Have one of these, used with Townsend tvc pre, very nice,likes paper drivers.
  8. Been away in hospital agn, what's happened , site seems dead. Why?
  9. Damn just bought new pair, have had both versions , if suits speakers it's a superb add on, at this price more so.
  10. I used a Michi pre for two years, long time for me. Not a detail or dynamics fiend, but musical and smooth, rich sounding. No experience of power amp, both have a fair following online. Cheap for quality offered, prob due to lack of flash name.
  11. I heard a tweaked Sony PlayStation used as transport, fragile I gather but sounded very good, gen 1 is best I hear.
  12. Don't let blaggers wind you up, it's close to Xmas an market is dead,
  13. I use my audiosmiles pointing at the ceiling, it adds a little treble definition and a lot of ambience. The bass in particular benefits fron a better defined leading edge. The little ideas now sound completely wrong without them to my ears, (they can have a slightly dark hooded treble) very lucky there a good sonic match, no there not cheap, but they seem to add a little musical magic I cannot reproduce in any other way. Worth reading Simon s opinions on supertweeters at the audiosmile site, not the norm! Got a superb review on the mono stereo site, even tho the writer got designers aims and design wrong, doh! Just a fan , never met the man, but admire his products and ethic. Absolutely love the kensai with st , musical gem.
  14. I feel headphones will save the industry, as the next generation realise there's better quality out there via the likes of chord mojo they will want the same in the outside speaker world. And some of the little actives out there with a half decent head fi amp are very good. i think the most saddening aspect of hi fi is the over use of pro tools and compression killing the music at source.!
  15. I've found SS (not sure about hypex type) amps take longer to get to optimum sound than tubes, most valve amps seem to be on song after a few mins. The vitus, and my old sugden take around 40mins to sound at their best.(in class a ) I cannot understand why the maker, distributor, and asst customers would all attest to the same if it weren't so?