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  1. You can select either Toslink Optical or 3.5mm stereo via x2 inputs.
  2. BT / The Lost Art of Longing 2020 Tidal
  3. Hi Lee You are already familiar with BluOs app so the sources are just below your Library, Bluetooth. I don't use HDMI ARC but changed one of the digital input sources to analogue input instead so i can connect my Mac mini via a ifi dac to allow Audirvana to allow DSD playback, plus i can stream movies, YouTube etc this way. If your going to use the Powernode for Tv then use use the HDMI ARC from your tv if it supports it? I use an old Yamaha sub connected to my Powernode which works great, for surround sound you can connect x2 Bluesound Flex 2i speakers to the Powernode and control them from the BluOs app. Hope this helps?
  4. Robert Plant / Alison Krauss - Raise The Roof (Deluxe Edition) 2022 Tidal
  5. Yusuf (Cat Stevens) - An Other Cup 2006 Cd ripped to flac
  6. marillion and the positive light - tales from the engine room 1998 Cd ripped to flac
  7. ALO.Animal Liberation Orchestra - Fly Between Falls 2006 Cd ripped to flac
  8. London Grammar - Truth Is A Beautiful Thing 2017 Cd
  9. Soundscapism inc - Afterglow of Ashes 2021 Tidal
  10. Unusual Cosmic Process - Outlines 2021 Tidal
  11. Robert Reed (Magenta) epic prog opus with a stunning line up. Kompendium - Beneath the Waves 2012 vinyl
  12. Lady Blackbird - Black Acid Soul 2021 flac
  13. Michał Łapaj (Riverside) - Are You There 2021
  14. Dirty Vegas 2002 Cd Ripped to flac Thanks for reminding me Karl how good this album is
  15. Track "Simple Things Part 2" with a hint of "Another Brick In wall" fantastic
  16. Digital release only. Riverside 20 "Best of" compilations to be released November 19th 2021
  17. I also brought the vinyl Deluxe boxset. Isn’t Colin involved with the new album and tour next year?
  18. Richard Ashcroft - Acoustic Hymns Vol.1 2021 Tidal
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