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  1. Surprisingly I found the original box, so all good for posting now
  2. Thanks it truly is, really surprised it’s not had any interest?
  3. Price reduction £450
  4. Fuji XT4, I’ve been using the XT2 for the last couple of years and absolutely love it the only reason I upgraded was the Ibis as I’ve not got the study stuff hands. So if any is interested I’ve got a XT2 for sale 😁
  5. Fuji xt2 body in excellent condition some very very tiny marks due to normal everyday use. the camera come with its original box and contents inc 3 batteries and orginal charger, strap, front cap. £500 delivered
  6. Selling my beloved primare i32 amp, These amps do have a great reputation and sound fabulous. Here what one reviewer had to say about it: "Our first impression is of exceptionally assured sound, with heaps of detail, beautifully neutral tonal balance and really gorgeous, tactile solidity. Close your eyes and you're convinced that with just a couple of steps towards the speakers you'll be in danger of impaling yourself on the end of a cello spike or copping a drumstick on the nose. Images are simply superb, immaculately spread out in all directions and utterly stable, fully vindicating the 80-year-old confidence trick that is stereo. It's a finding we repeated over and over as we trawled through the widest selection of recordings, old and new, from jazz to rock to classical to unclassifiable. Cue up some operatic monster and the panoply of 200 players and singers is there before you: play the simplest voice and guitar ballad and the intimacy is immediate." Another review. https://hifipig.com/primare-i32-integrated-amplifier-dac-media-board/ it comes with its remote control and power lead. Unfortunately I no longer have the original box however if needed to be posted it will be wrapped and packaged exceptionally well. There is a small scratch on the very top rear back corner, not sure how it got there but this cannot be seen once on your shelf or hi-fi rack, it does look a little worse in the picture than it does to the naked eye. £950
  7. it doesn’t get much better Muddy Waters & the Rolling Stones live 1981
  8. Found one 👍🏻
  9. Looking for a Rel s2 in black to go with my other one in a stereo setup.
  10. Look for a rel s2 to go with my other one in a stereo setup
  11. Now sold
  12. Exactly as Lurch said.