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  1. I would like one of his kits at some point. After the giant horns.
  2. http://vinylsavor.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/300B
  3. Ill emphasise, not audible to me, on my current setup. It seems to me with the tools to set time of flight available, it just makes sense to do it. Its only something I have messed with on my big speakers, but the mid/horn is pretty close anyway (I struggled to measure it) and at a 1.2khz crossover where the wavelength is about a foot so perhaps that's why its not so vital. Its something I will mess with on a more "normal" speaker once I CNC some Corian and plywood
  4. Space is on, though I don't see time of flight as a concern and never found it audible, it's nice that it does it so simply of course. It was more where it was placing the eq notches I need to mess around a bit more with it. While I agree dsp/active is better I just like to mess about. Imaging is pretty far down on my list of prioities to be honest, I mostly consider it an artifact. I spend most of my time listening to poorly recorded 70s rock, which doesn't have any phase information left
  5. No updates really, I got it pretty much where I want it to be after frustration of finding one of the tweeters was misbehaving. I should have the little bookshelf speakers I'm building built in the next few weeks, which I intend to build a passive crossover as well so it should make and interesting comparison. I do like exakt design a lot, I'm also rather impressed with the hardware, I'm not used to a two box system Subjective impressions are difficult, while a slightly different approach my system was already linear phase. However I do feel the tools in exakt design allowed me to get the horn sounding better. I also used DRC all the time which skews things. I need to play with space a little more, I'm not sure it likes my room/setup very much.
  6. The drop down boxes are for normal EQ, for selecting minimum or linear phase, you don't need that for just adjusting the phase.
  7. Its the paragraphic phase eq tab.
  8. Rephase can adjust the phase only. It's in the eq part.
  9. Bit confused here, the phase should run along the 0 line. -180 is a speaker connected out of phase. Has it gotten confused with the impulse centre perhaps?
  10. Ah a bit lost now, I thought you meant from 3 ohms in parallel to 12 ohms in series. 4 way sounds like the best solution.
  11. It would sound bass shy as you will lose 6db in volume, you would need to turn up the gain to compensate.
  12. I was just going by the voltage mentioned earlier, 29v rails is pretty much 100w into 8 ohms, obviously its not all that simple, the outputs can rarely swing the full voltage, and it depends what THD the rating is at and how many channels are being driven etc. The current limit mentioned was 12 amps, That seems plenty even for 3 ohm loads but that's really a question for Linn, as I don't know how many channels that limit is for. (20v into 3 ohms, is 130w and 6.6 amps for example) Any 8 ohm driver will have a dc resistance of around 5-6ohms, which usually correlates to the lowest impedance the amp will see. Typically a 16 ohm driver will halve the power seen as few amps usually are not current limited at 8 ohms, unlike most of them at 4 or below. So if its 50w into 8, its very likely to be 25 into 16. I'd just try them in series first, if its not loud enough, try parallel assuming the amps are happy with 3 ohms. Not sure why you are worried about back emf, in fact the damping factor would be better wired for 12 ohms than 3, though once its above about 10 it doesn't matter much anyway, and id imagine the output impedance of the amps is nothing to worry about. What I'm really getting at here is watts don't really matter, its not all that useful. Amps function as a voltage source trying to maintain a voltage with a fixed gain of the input voltage, the power and current required then depends on the impedance of the driver at a given frequency. Knowing what voltage is available and max current is more useful.
  13. Quick non scientific test typical compressed music, 60 on the dial is about 80db A weighted, I have 6db boost on the bass so using the above about 71 on the dial is safe and that was reading 90-95db. C weighting reads about 8db higher, but is rather skewed by bass response. Id estimate that allows peak volume at about 105db, which is what I usually aim for. The mid is being ran some 6db Lower, and its 16 ohms, so about 12w peak ish, and the horn some where around another ten db lower so maybe 1w ish. Of course music isn't flat, it rolls off more like pink noise so chances are the horn is seeing even less.
  14. Crossover is 200hz and 1200hz. Crossover to the horn is based on where the 10" mids dispersion narrows to 90 degrees where the fixed 90 degree dispersion of the horn kicks in for smooth off axis. It was a $30 driver, no loss, I can get replacement diaphragms too.
  15. Probably just the mic placement, 660hz is about 0.5m and I was measuring at about 1m. I keep changing things so its hard to say if more taps sounds different, other than it allows me to manipulate the bass more but I'm really just looking at mostly flat with as little manual correction as possible. The above has a manual baffle step filter and a notch on the tweeter. Once I get to that point I listen and decide if I need to change anything. At the moment one of my compression drivers is misbehaving, I think it might have been for a while and DRC was masking the issue I'd estimate about 90-100db average without clipping depending on the source material, but it depends on how much boost I settle with, and the louder you play the less bass you actually need, but anyway, loud. Ill measure it when I buy a battery for my spl meter. I usually only use 100w on the bass, I did have the 240w crown, but that's only 3db or so louder.
  16. Still getting to grips with exakt design, but a few tweaks to the roll off behaviour of the mid and the roll on of the horn later and: I also discovered the exaktbox-I can do high processing, MOAR TAPS!
  17. No harm erring on the side of caution I'm not worried about damaging anything, I Just like to know what's going on in terms of the gain structure (An all too commonly misunderstood topic).
  18. Made me laugh graph based humour is always welcome.
  19. I deny everything. To be fair the drivers you sell are about the best I've heard, I'm thinking they will make a terrific mid in a nice big 3-way.
  20. Thanks, obviously my system is a bit out there in terms of the amount of dsp use but that was the point when I built it Looking at the above the amps will be at full voltage swing with 1v or so, about 8db less than 2.5. Since pretty much every cd hits digital peak these days it seems about 77 minus any boosts is the volume limit. 50-60 is the setting for most material, so nothing to worry about. But I will look a little more later. Some form of digital peak meter or clip counter might be handy to have access to through konfig or even the logs, even if only to ease paranoia.
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