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    Some crazy home made
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    Michell iso hr
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    Meridian 200
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    Micromega t drive 2
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    Micromega t DAC
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    8 Watt SET modded
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    Homemade lii audio
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    Audeze lcd2
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. I have one of these (someone selling one on here), best headphone amp I have owned I use it with the audeze lcd2s
  2. Stunning piece of kit this, have one myself, seriously good.
  3. Pm me your address I will check out post cost Happy with the post caveat, had one delivered to me recently, damaged, so a little wary, but if you are okay.
  4. Will post at buyers risk, found suitable box
  5. Sorry, don't want to post. Thanks for the interest tho.
  6. Now £100, needs a new home for Christmas.
  7. Meridian 200 series cd transport In fantastic condition, with usual decal wear, and display has suffered the usual to, but the machine works perfectly, with the lovely 'clunk' to the drawer closing. I have non genuine remote for it. £100 Will post at buyers risk Thanks.
  8. £325.00 Absolute pristine condition astell Kern Kann, with genuine original charge cable and pristine case. Even the blanks to cover the ports are included. Screen saver always on. All boxed in original box, also in top condition. Never left my house. Thanks. Ps. Tiny dot on rh corner of bottom of screen is a bubble in the screen saver..perfectionist, but didn't have any spares, so reluctantly dealt with it!
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