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  1. Works well with USB from a PC or laptop if you have one spare.
  2. Bit of a follow up to this thread. I did a LOT of investigation and ended up with a Chord Qutest!!! Quite a bit more than I was planning to pay, but I figured I would probably end up with one anyway, so I might as well save myself the agro' of all the buying and selling in between. I have to say I am one happy bunny. No regrets. Thanks for all the suggestions
  3. Be careful not to use Jif or anything with an abrasive in it, it might end up worse than when you started!
  4. I should have added that I have tried a variety of Unipivots over the years and none sounded as good as the Rega with the Decca (Super Gold) to my ears. I have now "converted" it to a 12" arm and it sounds even better (it was on show at last years Kegworth in the Lenco room). You might want to add a little weight to the headshell to help with balance and absorb some of that energy. As always with the line contact and eliptical Decca's, I have found that keeping the stylus clean and using max tracking force is critical. Of course you may find otherwise
  5. Works absolutely fine in a RB300 on a Lenco.
  6. Just sitting back, chilling and enjoying the show. Let's face it, it's not exactly a challenging drum part!
  7. To the best of my knowledge they were developed using Quad 405's. I use them together and they are a nice combo.
  8. The love child of Davros and a Focal Sopra.
  9. I'm sure I am teaching you to suck eggs, but have you tried playing with the filters on the Hugo?
  10. AudionNEC Diva XL - heard them a couple of years ago at Leamington Woodland Grange. Close your eyes and you were there, just pure music - no colouration, uncanny, they completely disappeared. Unfortunately when you opened them again, they definitely hadn't disappeared. A snip at £160,000
  11. Thanks again for all suggestions and info, the Soncoz looks very interesting but very new and untested. I can see this is going to take some time to come to a decision. Just for info, I have checked and the rDAC goes up to 24/96khz on USB and 24/192khz on Co-ax. Shame I am using USB
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, unfortunately patience is a virtue I don’t possess! I thought the rDac maxed out at 24/96k, but maybe I’m wrong, I’ll have to check the spec’s. I’ll check out some of the recommendations too. As you say, a bake off is out of the question at the moment and for the foreseeable. Thanks again.
  13. As little as possible Don’t really want to go much above £600 but used is fine.
  14. Having spent the last 10 years almost exclusively listening to vinyl, I have recently found myself drawn to the dark side. I am currently listening to Qobuz using the Audirvana app on a laptop feeding my venerable rDac. Obviously a DAC of this age does not have much support for the higher bitrates used in HiRes formats etc, and has certainly been bettered in other aspects too. Any recommendations for replacements? I don’t want to spend mega bucks at this stage. I think a second hand Chord 2qute is probably going to give me the best bang for buck, but would welcome any recommendations from those in the know. Thanks in advance
  15. Funkpig

    5G foo

    Bearing in mind the number of people that thought that 5G was spreading Covid-19, I'm sure the perpetrators saw some easy money to be had.