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  1. No worries, I might have bought a new one by then! Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  2. I'm interested in this if still for sale? Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  3. Are these still available? Been looking for a pair of subs for a while. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  4. I'd be interested in it if not vouched for!
  5. taff

    SOLD NAD D3020

    Have got one of these, very impressive little amp. Has won 5 stars in many reviews. Well worth a listen!
  6. Ahh well done, hopefully youve seen my build thread, feel free to PM me any questions youve got, if I can help I will.
  7. Ha, yes, just a little! Hope you're still getting on well with the amp!
  8. Great build! Loving all the open baffles about at the moment! The only other person Ive heard talking about back EMF is Kevin Scott at Definitive.
  9. I'd give jerry at falcon a ring. I'm using their vifa h26tg35-06 with the back caps removed with my mandalas. (did you buy the other pair from Ebay?) I'm not sure falcon have any more stock of the vifas, but Jerry is a very knowledgeable bloke and will definitely know the best tweeter for you.
  10. Room a bit tidier, and another couple of coats of oil! Best of all, Wife has granted permission for a pair of subs in the alcoves!!
  11. Thanks, yes I've moved them closer to 7K now I've measured them a little. Ive changed the crossover to second order - with the 12ohm resistor across the terminals of the bastanis I think the tweeter needs a coil across it as well to keep the phase. My tweeter goes pretty low as well, so a 6db slope works much better. Thanks, Yes they were too cheap to resist! (not a lot more than a pair of 12LTA)
  12. Thanks guys, are the pics working now BrumJam? Serge - give it a go!! Crucial is getting a good wideband driver. The bastanis are run direct to the amp ( a little NAD D 3020) with the recommended 12 ohm resistor across the terminals to flatten the impedance. Tweeters are very simple first order crossed over at ~5000Khz the crossover needs to be set a little higher to my ear. Tweeters are the vifa h26tg35-06 remake by falcon acoustics (I had them around and they are not far off the bastani sensitivity). The sub has controls for gain and crossover, and is set to around 120hz. Blends in well. Will try some sort of correction at some point and may get into the measurement of them, but for now I'm very happy. Wife and dad reckon they are a match for the LV's and a whole lot better looking so winner!!
  13. Having had a little play with open baffles I had some time over xmas to do a better build, especially as my dad is down and is a far better woodworker than I am. SItting here listening to them and very happy, so thought I'd do a writeup on the build. I found the Bastani main drivers on EBay, was going to use some EMinence beta 12LTA but then these came up at such a good price I thought I'd give them a shot! Having had them running in a temporary OSB baffle to let the wife think about design and me think about crossovers, it was off to a sawmill to choose wood - wife was adamant tthat it should be one piece of wood and wasnt fond of the beech block look. Found a lovely piece of cherry: And the nice man at the mill planed it to size for me... We then carefully looked at the grain and chose the sizes, and then cut the baffles to length.. Then cut them to width,, Main holes Main driver holes then cut with a Router, and tweeters the old drill holes way.. Top corners radiussed.. and into the living room to check how they are looking.. All sides, driver holes & corners rounded off with the router then lots of sanding.. then first coat of Teak Oil... Drivers fitted... Finished speakers up for first listen (please ignore livingroom looking like a bomb site!!) More finished shots.. And now after a couple of days and after a couple more coats of oil..
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