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  1. I've always found that my system sounds best when I am alive and my house hasn't burned down, hence normal fuses are best.
  2. This is Linn that still produce new hybrid SACDs despite calling it a dead format in the link?
  3. No. If you were an idiot it would be noted, but the only people calling bullying were a known trouble maker and a sock puppet. There was also the awful behaviour of lending out equipment, inviting people into their houses and in one case from an identified bully holding a bakeoff specifically for new people.
  4. An output transformer would hide any difference in sound if it wasn't attached to a completed 300B amp...
  5. It's a Kontrapunkt, so it is at least a few years old and it is second hand. I smell the slight whiff of bovine byproduct in the description of how much use it has had, having had a previously much used B go off centre after many sides.
  6. A mid 90s Sony tuner I have shows about an 8dB difference in reported signal strength going from first switch pn to steady state (c. 10 mins).
  7. First listen to Given the St Luke's Passion, not what I was expecting.
  8. When you are using a toroidal transformer with captive leads?
  9. On the basis that my system sounds best when I am alive and my house hasn't burned down, I would like to know that it won't fail in a dangerous manner before going near it.
  10. I'm starting making a gainclone with an offboard power supply (outputting +/-35V). The amp circuits, all input sockets, output sockets and power supply input at the moment aren't going to be electrically connected to the amp section case. I was obviously going to earth the power supply casing and reference the power supply 0V to earth. Should I also earth the amplifier section casing?
  11. The lack of insulation at the plug entrance should be an immediate warning there.