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  1. Yes George 47, i will be returning it because the problem -- is not only would the resale value be non existant -- i can't say weather i am hearing the SJS ARCADIA -- the way it is supposed to be -- because i have no point of reference -- having never heard another one -- so very sound advice greatly appreciated -- and too all -- others with very good advice also - - :) greatly appreciated -- John
  2. Update -- so had a good listen to the SJS ARCADIA -- today -- and it sounds great except --and maybe someone on here can answer-- it reminds me of similar virtues -- to the LAMM LL2 DELUXE -- that i owned -- what i mean by that -- great soundstage -- depth -- everything sounding real -- but with my HOVLAND HP 100 preamp -- the sonic presentation projects forward of the speaker plane -- and the SJS ARCADIA -- // LAMM LL2 DELUXE seems to project from speaker plane backwards -- and unfortunatley what i would like if possible is both -- does anyone on here know if maybe valve power amp is the way to go - i own a solid state power amp -- CLASSE CA200 -- so was wondering if it might be valve power amp -- would give me the -- proverbial -- forward -- and depth of the sound combined (speaker plane ) -- wise -- (VALVE PRE & POWER) sorry for picking brains -- but if you don't ask you don't know -- and i can imagine maybe many people on here may have gone from the VALVE -- preamp and solid state power amp -- to both VALVE -- PRE/POWER -- i don't know anything about electronics so not even sure if what i am ideally after is possible -- have only ever owned -- SOLID STATE POWER AMP all the best -- John
  3. hello -- greatly appreciated -- everybody getting back in touch :) -- i have sent (Simon -- SJS) -- a reply -- so will have to wait to see what he says -- also what i was worried about the wire -- just above-- the two -- valves - - also when i took the lid off --- the tube sockets -- are loose i was just trying to see what valves it had -- and the ceramic -- holders -- are loose -- not a problem -- but i thought it has to be put right or sent back -- i don't think anyone in their right mind -- would buy it off of me otherwise in the future -- if a problem can just imagine the add -- for sale-- the balance is the volume -- the volume is just for show -- and the input selecter -- is a lucky dip -- just keep rotating the selector -- until you hear some sound -- :) so hopefully will get a reply from simon and find out what is what -- :) cheers guys -- John
  4. Hello fellow wammers -- i would really appreciate -- some help from you if possible -- i have just bought -- an SJS ARCADIA PREAMP - off of EBAY -- (from respected hifi seller) looking at various pictures -- both on this site -- and internet in general -- it has had modifications done to it --i understand that there are various models (1.5 -- 1.7) as example -- got it -- couldn't understand -- why no volume -- rang up (hifi seller) -- and was told VOLUME no longer works - - and the BALANCE -- is now the volume ??? -- and also the input -- i have it on PHONO -- but that is actually the CD INPUT ??? -- none of this is a problem if it is Simon Shilton -- who did the modifications -- but if it is someon else ---- big worry -- sorry for rambling -- i just know a few of you guys have these --- cheerrs -- pictures -- attached -- thank you -- all -- John john
  5. hello didn't know if CLASSE 6 PRE AMP - still available - have left message in your - pm - greatly appreciated John