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  1. interstellar ! really...really boring
  2. just recently watched this with my daughter...really wanted to like it but we both thought it as one of the most boring films I've seen in quite a while. zzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. for fans of breaking bad the spin off 'better call saul' is now 'about' ...think its on uk Netflix. watched the first episode...enjoyed it ....think it's going to be a grower
  4. yeah I've got that saved on my sat box the presenter still had some of the old moves
  5. just watched it last night really enjoyed it...had some great tracks ....I've only 2 of them always felt a bit too intimidated to buy any at all nighters in the 80's I had no idea what most of them were called. film is really worth a watch even if you're not into the music.
  6. hope this going to be good good to see 'mike' back in action again:^
  7. looks like ET fell off the bike regarding the pacific....yeah I enjoyed it a lot more on a second viewing
  8. just watched this recently....I'm sure I've caught a bit of it as a kid.. being meaning to watch it for ages ........... .......what a waste of a sunday afternoon that was cinematic masterpiece or overlong....over shot boring pile of pants ....ummm
  9. bought the live at Camden koto dvd a while ago.....was meant to be his last concert.....great live dvd with some excellent extras including interviews. so glad his going to around for a while yet. reckon it will case of good luck getting tickets for his next gigs
  10. got this recorded watched the first one.....very interesting.