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  1. Indeed... unfortunately it became no-pies-gate Happily, I was able to sneak some in past the guards
  2. And pies. Pies are a crucial requirement. And more pies. Did I mention pies?
  3. There seem to be 2 "contributors" to this thread that have failed to take note of Rabski's reminder of the need to abide by the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). I would suggest turning down the personal abuse to zero before one of the mods decides to turn it down for you.
  4. We have recently changed to electric cars and joined the Chargeplace Scotland network. They are in the middle of a transition to commercial operation and things are a bit chaotic - some charging points are activated only by their RFID card, some via their app, and some will take credit cards. At one point it was so chaotic that they made it possible to start a charge using any card with an RFID chip - e.g., a Tesco Clubcard - which was highly amusing
  5. One with the optional direction indicators...?
  6. Just watched Dame Judi Dench on WDYTYA - she's related to royalty too. Fascinating programme.
  7. ...and of course, Billy Cobham has to be in there somewhere:
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