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  1. Probably a different flux.
  2. Yup. Burning flux isn't great for your health. Neither is lead, of course, if you still use it.
  3. Tony_J

    Ooh, no

    Just. Don't. OK...?
  4. Tony_J

    Ooh, no

    Any more of that and we'll make you a moderator and then you'll be sorry
  5. Tony_J

    Ooh, no

    Not out of context, as you made that statement in response to me accusing you of using a double standard. And yes, you DID say that expensive switch will make difference - the words are right there for all to see.
  6. Tony_J

    Ooh, no

    Actually I have read your posts, and in one of them (somewhere on page #5) you said, and I quote this directly from your post: "That switch can actually work and contribute to better sound...". Pretty clear that you were, indeed, stating without any evidence whatever that "the switch in question is making an audible difference".
  7. Tony_J

    Ooh, no

    An excellent plan.
  8. Tony_J

    Ooh, no

    However, you just contradicted that first statement in your previous post - I quote: "That switch can actually work and contribute to better sound...". So somehow, your unsubstantiated statement is OK, but my statement based on engineering knowledge isn't.
  9. Due to advances in modern transplant surgery, a man has had part of his left ear replaced with tissue from an ear of a pig. He reports that the surgery has gone well, and his ear is now fully repaired, but that he does hear some crackling from time to time...
  10. Tony_J

    Ooh, no

    On the contrary, you've made no less of a value judgement than mine, and both have been made without a demo - we've both concluded that it isn't worth what is being charged for it. For all you (or I) know, it might actually produce a "night and day" difference that would change our perceptions about its value compared to the average TPLink equivalent (although in my case, I would say the probability of that happening is negligibly small). However, you seem to be implying that somehow, because I have added some engineering knowledge to my judgement, that it is wrong, whereas yours, based only on cost, is somehow OK. Colour me utterly bemused.
  11. Tony_J

    Ooh, no

  12. @Tune what species of otter is it? Native UK otter or something more exotic? I ask because I'd understood our native otters to be essentially solitary animals, so am surprised that it displays such a level of affinity/affection.
  13. Tony_J

    Ooh, no

    Errrm...but according to you, you can't have an opinion on that if you haven't listened to them... there's a double standard going on here