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  1. I suppose they have added a couple of zeros on the price to make it an authentic audiophile product...?
  2. They are truly free range - they aren't confined to a run, so they can just disappear into the undergrowth and make a nest wherever they feel like.
  3. Tony_J

    Room measuring

    That's a great price.
  4. I've reached the point where all of the components in my system, with the exception of the miniDSP unit, are DIY items - the amps were built up from IcePower boards, the streamer is now a Raspberry Pi-based unit, and the speakers were homebuilt. So if anything dies, I can fix it, or of course use it as an excuse to build something different.
  5. You're just jealous because your volume control only goes up to 11...
  6. Interesting coincidence! Mind you, even back then there were relatively few "serious" hifi shops to choose from and RA was the nearest to where I was at the time (Hitchin). Pretty sure they also sold me the only pair of speakers that I ever bought new - Celef Domestic 2. And they sounded very nice at the time. I'd agree - I don't really get attached to particular bits of equipment; there's a bit of pride associated with stuff that I have built and which sounds good, but it is all a means to the end of listening to music, so if I find/build something better, that's just fine. There's an element of packrat mentality though - very difficult to get rid of anything in case it might come in useful someday...hence the current excess of amps!
  7. Nothing so interesting - just a very nasty piece of hotel furniture I'm afraid!
  8. See photos - this is issue 5 of their plans CD and contains some 3rd party plans as well as the Lowther ones. Free to anyone that fancies their chances with a table saw.
  9. I still have my Audiolab 8000A that I bought from Radlett Audio back in the early '80s. It was my first decent amp and has done sterling service, including the show room Ed & I shared at the one and only Harrogate Wam show. I still have the Audio Innovations Alto amp and CD player too - actually, two versions of the amp, both in chrome, the original (and sonically better) one and the later AM-1 shown in this photo. I still have the Lowther Bicor 200 cabs shown in the pic too - now without drivers and gathering dust. I built a pair of Bicors from the plans back in the '80s which were never properly finished; I attempted to veneer them a few years back but the veneer job was hopeless so I picked up these ones on the 'Bay for not very much. I have fond memories of building Lowther cabs (there was a pair of corner acoustas before the Bicors, and a homebrew pair with up-firing drivers loosely based on the standard Acousta more recently) but the Lowther thing has somewhat fallen by the wayside since I discovered what can be done with active technology.
  10. This thread is becoming expensive
  11. Worth noting that the study quoted was of 105 Labrador retrievers, which aren't the most long-lived of dogs by any means - bigger breeds generally don't live as long as smaller breeds (which is the reverse of what you generally find in the rest of the animal kingdom).
  12. Of course not, and I don't hear anyone being daft enough to suggest any different. However, and I would suggest more relevantly, the concert hall will probably have been measured quite extensively, and it's design and acoustic behaviour modified accordingly, so that the musical performance will be as enjoyable as possible for the audience.