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  1. As far as I can tell, bullshit is free in most forums...
  2. I'm reminded of the time a good friend of mine bought a CD player soon after they appeared in the shops. He was so impressed by the SQ he got from the CD that he taped his one CD onto a cassette tape and gave it to me so I could hear how good it was... ...and he was an electronic engineer, so definitely should have known better!
  3. What Rabski said There are aspects of the dodgy marketing used to sell this kind of high end stuff that make my piss boil, but as the saying goes, caveat emptor.
  4. I see you are trying to pull the wool over our eyes...
  5. Back in the 70s I went on a works trip to a skid pan - very educational and taught you how to control a RWD skid. Also great fun. The instructor was very anti FWD and 4WD, reckoned that while they gave the illusion of better control, but when things went bad there was nowhere to go other than off the road. Of course that was a good while before modern suspension and traction control tech existed in mainstream cars, so things are very different now. My current (electric) car is the first RWD I have driven for some while (4x4 for the last 20 years) but as you say most of the time there is little practical difference.
  6. Good point, I imagine if you measure the response at a null point it will think there's no problem whereas if you measure at the peak it will maximise the eq. Indeed. Which is one reason that Dirac uses multiple measurements over a volume rather than a single measurement at the sweet spot.
  7. No bids so withdrawn from sale. As you say, if the seller can't property describe, it's a bit of a red flag.
  8. Short answer: no. Long answer: over the years I have used various network solutions, wired and wireless, including extenders and power line adapters where direct connection was difficult. Never been able to detect any audible differences between network equipment used or between WiFi and ethernet connections. My current setup uses EE 4G broadband, beamed about 20 miles across the sea from Colonsay to a MicroTik directional antenna, then to a Mimosa G2 router which feeds an Ethernet backbone based on TP Link POE switches that connect to and power 4 TP lInk Omada WiFi access points. All of it is normal consumer-grade stuff at consumer-grade prices - the complexity is only to give good and even WiFi coverage across all rooms of the house. I'm streaming all my music - some from local hard drives, some from Quobuz, using R-Pi based streamers, mostly WiFi connected but my test rig in the study has 2 streamers, one is directly connected by Ethernet and the other by WiFi. A/B comparison on that rig doesn't show any audible differences to me.
  9. Tony_J

    USB Cables

    I think I got away with it...
  10. Tony_J

    USB Cables

    Do you hear dead people...?
  11. Longer than "more than 40 years"...? Gosh, that must be...er...more than 40 years
  12. Er, no. They've been around longer than I have been interested in hifi, so more than 40 years. So not modern at all.
  13. Anyone used one of the outdoor wood fired pizza ovens that is supposed to cook a pizza in 60 seconds? Any good?
  14. That's the elephant in the room...
  15. You are a new Wammer and have only posted twice so far. The forum won't allow you to post classifieds until you have more postings under your belt - 10 I believe.
  16. You should ask the mods to move it. Oh wait...
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