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  1. Which were the cheap drivers that you used? (and do you still have the EX3's?)
  2. Yes, the Bicor 2000 is potentially interesting, although I suspect that having the driver firing more nearly vertically (like with the Academy) would provide a better balance. Right now I am musing on the possibility of a modified Bicor 200 or Fidelio design adjusted for an upward firing driver...might just have to try a lash-up with the existing Bicors to see if it shows any promise. Of course, the great thing with DIY cabs is that you can knock them together in a couple of weekends and try them out. My biggest issue right now is that my listening room really doesn't have enough space for sensible comparisons between different designs. I think that a lot of the bass issues with Lowthers are due to the rising mid/high performance of the Lowther drivers; subjectively, my upward firing cabs seem to have a better balance, probably due to the upward firing driver/reflector combination acting to attenuate the mids/highs. Net result, you turn the wick up a bit higher to get the right sound level, and more of what you are hearing is at the low end. Maybe the cheap drivers mentioned by PaulF didn't have as much mid/high as the Lowthers, hence giving better bass performance. I haven't heard any Fostex drivers, but I have seen similar comments, that they don't really stand up to the comparison with Lowthers.
  3. I have a pair of Bicors that I built myself, and have been experimenting with a pair of upward-firing cabinets based on 1/2 of an Acousta 124 - about the same width and height as the Fidelio - see: http://www.hifiwigwam.com/showthread.php?86783-Upward-firing-Lowther-cabinets There's a way to go with the experimental cabinets but the results so far are promising - I plan to play with the configuration of the reflector to see what effect that has on the sound, and will probably build another pair that are somewhat nearer to the Bicors in height. I like the Bicors, but the sound is noticeably more "in your face" than with the upward firing cabs. Lowther said to me that the Fidelio cabinets sound more "natural" than the Bicors, but I haven't heard any (or the Academy for that matter) so I can't offer an opinion on how they sound. It is certainly the case that Lowther speakers tend to be light on bass - especially if what you are used to is a more conventional speaker design. However, the bass they produce is musical, i.e., the lower registers on a piano actually sound like piano notes rather than just a bass boom.
  4. Curiously, I seem to have bought a 10cc album that I don't recall...and one or two others that were not familiar. Also, some seem to be remastered or US versions rather than the vanilla versions I actually bought, which is a definite bonus.
  5. From this pic, it looks as if the braided cable is fed through a bare hole in the case, with no strain relief or protection of the cable from fraying due to rubbing against the relatively sharp edges of the metal case. If that is how you have left it, and your electrician OK'd it, then I would find a different electrician There should be a proper cable gland there that would grip the cable & prevent it fraying and potentially shorting through to the case.
  6. I think they would sound a bit ruff...
  7. Thanks - Manchester unfortunately, but appreciate the offer.
  8. There seem to be lots of these around at prices ranging from near enough F-all to a lot. Any experiences to share? Any that are worth a listen? Any worth avoiding? Any that are REALLY worth a listen?
  9. From the look of them, I think these were home-built...a pair with the pukka Wharfedale badges was sold on Ebay a couple of months ago & the construction/detailing/finish looks significantly different (more professional).
  10. Definitely there - in fact the same phrase is repeated at around 1:55 and it is noticeable there too. Sounds to me like clipping - in both cases, the pitch & volume of her voice are at their highest.
  11. Yes, I'd leica Leica too...
  12. No problem. Its a no brainer if (like me) you already have a bag of Nikon glass.
  13. AF works if you use AF-S lenses. VR works on VR lenses. Metering works also. See: http://www.europe-nikon.com/en_GB/product/accessories/1-nikkor-lenses/others/mount-adapter-ft1
  14. True, but still useful.
  15. A factor not mentioned so far...if wildlife/macro photography (or paparazzi-style candids) is your thing, then a crop sensor gets you more reach for the same FL of tele lens, which can be an advantage. I have a Nikon SLR with a cropped sensor (DX), and am tempted to go for one of their new CSC offerings (J1 or V1) - with the standard CSC lenses it makes for a really compact & portable system, but you can get an adapter to use the standard Nikon SLR lenses & get a significant hike in the effective FL. Yes, there are arguments against smaller sensors, particularly for low light and high dynamic range, but like everything else, you choose the compromise that fits your needs and budget. High DR can be achieved by multiple exposure bracketing & clever software anyway.
  16. I'm delighted to say that I survived this year's The Voice without watching a single episode. The first season was such a load of unmitigated horse-manure that I decided to save myself the pain of watching a second season. From the comments in this thread it seems that was a good move
  17. Yep. Seems to be not infrequent with female vocals. For another example, there is some nasty distortion on the loud top notes on Fairport/Sandy Denny's "Who Knows Where The Time Goes". I was worried that it was my speakers not handling the HF, but it is definitely on the recording.
  18. But is it a happy medium? If so, better strike it (you should always strike a happy medium)
  19. First "proper" camera was an Exakta - the first of the Exakta range to attempt an "integrated" metering system. First one that I really enjoyed using was a Rollieflex SL35E: [ATTACH=CONFIG]9306[/ATTACH] Really nice piece of design, and one of the first SLRs to use a "2 pressure" shutter button - the first activates and locks the exposure reading and the second takes the shot, so you could meter on one area, re-compose, and take the shot. Outstanding lenses, but (like the Exakta range) suffered from a lack of 3rd party lens options. Unfortunately the Rollei suffered from fatal water damage after I got caught in a fast incoming tide one New Years Day. The insurance payout was enough to buy a Nikon FE2: [ATTACH=CONFIG]9308[/ATTACH] Not as neat a design as the Rollei but just as capable, and with many more options for adding to the system, both from Nikon & 3rd parties. I have stuck with Nikon SLRs ever since, but digital only these days. I sometimes look up the Ebay prices of the Rollei and my finger hovers over the "buy" button, but at the end of the day, why go back to 35mm film? No point whatsoever...
  20. Not clear that it was still alive in any meaningful sense, given that it had been chopped into handy bite-size pieces...still moving, but not the same thing! In Japan, it is common to be served sashimi that is so fresh that it is still moving...a colleague of mine was served lobster sashimi - literally a raw lobster that had been split longitudinally - that managed to walk off his plate. Most disconcerting.
  21. If you want some REALLY interesting fare, the far east is the only choice. I am in Seoul right now on a short business trip; dinner last night was probably the most interesting seafood I have had in some while, although if the menu translation had been rather less cryptic I think we would have ordered something else... Menu: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mpxslzbxa3rrq22/2013-06-18%2019.25.03.jpg The fresh ingredients: https://www.dropbox.com/s/76243rpe9pokrm8/2013-06-18%2021.10.45.mp4 The dish (a Octuops miner) as it arrived on our table: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y6wklzgvqklkytg/2013-06-18%2019.35.10.mp4 With the chili sauce dip provided, it was absolutely delicious, albeit the suckers did have a tendency to attach to your teeth and the roof of the mouth...
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