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  1. “Where sky and Lincolnshire and water meet” Philip Larkin The Whitsun Weddings
  2. Love that shot Richard, a proper camera and lens too
  3. Bolts

    Twitchers Thread

    Thanks Keith it was night and day really - I even had time to follow, crouch and take the shot! Nuts. Long may it last, now where’s that Kingfisher...
  4. Bolts

    Twitchers Thread

    Thanks 🙏🏻 Shot a rather unconcerned woodpecker today in Richmond Park - they’re normally off in a flash -not sure why they’re now much less skittish, Kestrels were the same the other day. Still lots of people around but no cars or bicycles wonder if that affects it?
  5. Clear low pollution skies in London make for an Ok moonshot for once - Venus and Saturn also clearly visible
  6. Agree Tim, much easier than Nikon or Fuji files IME. Leica were a joy to work with too.
  7. Yes it’s not that difficult or technically challenging really - get the flash off the camera with a cheap trigger set up, add a simple umbrella and you can have a lot of fun with flash.
  8. Lovely Tim - fresh out of the cellophane. You can always use it when out on your single exercise session of the day 😉
  9. I haven’t used it either but I’d trust Evan R on this, good guy and proper Nikon shooter (although also Leica Q2 now which I can’t criticise him for)
  10. Wednesday last week mid afternoon in London; eerie, surreal
  11. Bolts

    Twitchers Thread

    Trying to get out and about not so easy but the Barnes Wetland centre was still open yesterday and all the birds were in song, especially the Robins 😊 Robin_singing.jpg by -DaveBailey1-