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  1. 13K with the 50mm f2 summicron 🤔
  2. GRIII is back from the repairers after 5 weeks! Missed not having this. It took a while but to be fair they were in lockdown and had no staff when I first sent it off. And, despite the fact it was out of warranty they did the repair under warranty without even asking, which I am very pleased about and represents great service. If anyone needs the details of the repair company I'll happily pass them on.
  3. Bolts

    Twitchers Thread

    Yes I think it might work well with the Z50 as well as the D850 - small and light package.
  4. Bolts

    Twitchers Thread

    Great shots Keith; I was wondering where you’d got to - I was looking back at my birding shots last/previous year and realise they have taken a hit quality-wise recently because I’m not out there ‘doing it’ ...and COVID hasn’t helped. Determined to get out now and have my eye on the Nikon 500 pf (can’t quite bring myself to go Sony yet!), plus new kit always makes a difference right? 😉
  5. Bolts


    That’s given “AF” a whole new meaning for me 😳
  6. Bolts


    If Nikon can sort the mirrorless then they have a future I’d say. The Z series are good but need to be just that bit better. In the next iteration they need more more glass and to raise the technological bar, especially in the AF area to compete with Sony and Fuji. Technological advancements though will also be needed in the photo sharing arena - Nikon have moved this on quite well and their SnapBridge solution, which was a good idea shockingly badly executed, is now working well and a good addition to the system. In the pro arena it will be interesting to see what the flagship D6 brings.
  7. Great that you met him Les - I too love his work and bought his ebook.
  8. Shot from Richmond Park
  9. Bolts

    Twitchers Thread

    Thanks Keith and Barry; we have some Robins nesting in the neighbouring garden and the local pair of magpies goes in there and you can hear the poor chicks and Robins tweeting like crazy. I don’t think they’ve taken any because I can still hear them and regularly see at least one fledgling in the garden. Real gangsters the Magpies.
  10. Bolts

    Twitchers Thread

    Trying out the Z50 with the FTZ adapter and in this case the Sigma 150-600. Impressed so far...
  11. Heron spotted on my cycle to Canary Wharf yesterday CityHeron.jpg by -DaveBailey1-
  12. GR III Street Edition - looks nice but a bit flashy for Ricoh
  13. 👍 Had one for a while Richard as you know and liked it a lot. So you haven’t ‘pruned’ but ‘added’? 🤔😉
  14. Agree Peter, such a wonderful portrait, blow it up large and stick it on the wall.