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  1. The blind leading the blind
  2. And I doubt a courier will insure it ..
  3. In my experience wanting a “warmer” sound is generally attributed to a system sounding a little harsh to the ears... and this is not always down to the system itself ...the environment will play the biggest part own system is in what most would class as quite an open space with very little to absorb the music ..and therefore wall reflections come more into play when finally putting everything together for my endgame system I tried lots of speaker cables ..some very exotic stuff and many brought second hand off the WAM so they were all well run in lot retailed at £200 + metre. What I settled on was some quite old Supra stuff to get what my ears desired ..the only way to get what your ears want is to try stuff out second hand and you can always pass them on with not much loss...
  4. Rogers made some great speakers and did a lot of development alongside the BBC and I don’t think they ever made a bad pair ... if you get them at the right price give them a go ,, they won’t look out of place with your wall unit if you get some nice teak ones as the colour will have aged nicely by now ..
  5. Making mistakes when doing anything is all part of the learning curve of life .HiFi is no exception ,If there was only one way it would be very boring...We on here may have many different ideas but we all have a love of wanting to hear music at its best for our ears. The knack is hoping it doesn’t effect the bank balance too much and your emotions remain intact.... kindest regards Julian
  6. Really lovely ...went through the same process when I moved after 35 years’s tough when you know and love the gear so much GLWS. Kindest regards Julian
  7. That was me and it is a really great example of Audio History .. GLWS
  8. It’s not just about isolation ,it’s about the ergonomics of playing and listening to music on vinyl ... and making it very Mrs friendly .. kindest regards Julian
  9. You need somewhere to put the album cover down while you play the record
  10. The wood is part of the isolation structure
  11. If Bezos wants to dominate the market he can do it with his small change and not blink an eye ..Net worth £200 billion ... what will be will be ..I will still have my vinyl keeping me happy kindest regards Julian
  12. Love my Vincent 332 hybrid amp ..drives the big karas with ease...lots of solid bottom end of the best value for money power amps I’ve heard period.. kindest regards Julian
  13. You need space above it more than anything else ...heat rises ..just make sure you switch it off before you go out or go to bed ..I run a Vincent hybrid power amp and it’s in a cupboard will be ok kindest regards Julian
  14. I see you’re from Worksop... If you need any advice on setting things up, Mark from Vinyl Passion is just down the road from you at Meden Vale ... very knowledgeable guy and great to deal with .TTs ..Cables Amps .....has a keen ear for all things musical... kindest regards Julian
  15. It’s not just about the size of the room . Just as important is what’s in the room ..cupboards against walls filled with stuff ..heavy furnishings ...type of floor ...all have an impact on the quality of music ..