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  1. Bin men not been for 3 weeks so told Diane to put the bottles out..
  2. I guarantee if Boris survives this we will have a National Health Service that will be the envy of the world ..if it isn't already..He wouldn't dare do anything else.. C'mon Boris ,,this is your Waterloo... Kindest regards Julian
  3. It's all down to his Gene's now..his body will either be overcome.or it won't... I and my family wish him well and hope he survives to lead the country out of this horrible time..he would certainly have a unique perspective as a world leader.. Kindest regards Julian
  4. Going in to work over the next couple of days ..I work alone in the paint factory so nobody to bother me.. I supply a large industrial container manufacturer up to 40cubic m in size..he has received an order for 60 sealable roll on offs..needs an anti corrosive one coat paint urgently..they are for holding millions of disposable hospital PPE items before incineration.. Kindest regards Julian
  5. Those who profess to know the truth become liars Kindest regards Julian
  6. Diane is not a can be seen by her kitchen knives..this one is at least 50yrs old and belonged to her dad.. I'm reluctant to let her use mine as she is likely to lose a finger.. Shun classic knives
  7. Good old potato, cheese and onion pie. Kindest regards Julian
  8. Reflection of the lights and coffee table. Looks like Orions belt in an orbit. Kindest regards Julian
  9. Just sat down with a wine just had the police here..but thats another story of the epidemic.......i have been listening critically to music for the best part of 50 yrs...Music nirvana is whatever we think it is..I have listened to hundreds of bits of kit in many rooms..but on one hand I can count the ones that made my hair stand up. 2 of them where stupid money.... But the one I remember the most was my late uncles..Rega/SME /Pickering..quad 34 /405. Tannoy Mayfair.. Brand new...The bits where handbuilt into handcrafted shelves which also housed his very critical record collection.....not a big room...theTannoys stood in a rectangle bay half wall/glass ..dead opposite was an aquarium built into the wall that wouldn't look out of place at the Deep in was built into the was unreal..and 2 parker knoll leather recliners...the amp also drove a pair of mordaunt short.pagaent II in the dining room.. It was always a pleasure to be there...our history and upbringing does determine what we like..for me the swing era., big dance bands, great vocals, brass section ,great storytelling..Frank Sinatra at his best...This space covers all the bases with aplomb ..but more than that ,I would like my uncle to be proud I did listen to him.. He had a nice but mediocre kit..but the space and people made it... Diane has now changed the wicker table to the McMaster glass coffee table I brought her a couple of years ago...And still lovely music..The Kara's just have the lower mids to perfection..Just need the power amp and streamer installed to drop the bottom out of the speakers.. There would never be a point of Diane having a tattoo..she'd change her mind a month later lol. On a funnier note...I was always intrigued that the fish in the aquarium swam at less than vertical at midday..the only light into the tank was the bay them that was the surface.. Kindest regards Julian
  10. Were in.... Fuck me ...the linn looks great says Diane.. the expletive was mine.. this is my life too come.. But she can create a space.. I've done a deal on a new TT..when the madness passes.. Just trying the Kara's.... Kindest regards Julian
  11. A fair can always sell them on for that price depending on condition. Kindest regards Julian
  12. Only in different rooms. Get a pair of 70s vintage 4 way speakers.. Like their flagship 730s.. Give a lot , a run for their money today.. Kindest regards Julian
  13. bigrod

    Bill Withers R.I.P.

    His voice will live on I think. Kindest regards 3
  14. Everything in a room affects the sound..absorption , reflection , expansion..I have always been an advocate of getting the room right first..sound travels through a space , and what we put in that space will affect it.. No dense objects other than myself of course. Kindest regards Julian