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  1. There were 5 in the trap . called the elephant hawk moth because the caterpillars look like elephant trunks .. They were the first moths I bred while at infant school .. The love of insects and all things creepy crawly missed a generation with my daughter but Eva-Mae will handle anything
  2. Well the EMT was made for industrial use in broadcast studios . A linn would have lasted about a week in that sort of environment. Although I did run a LP12 for 30 years with several upgrades and very nice cartridges it was time for a change with the new house .. The Basis Signature I have now is in a different league to the Linn and I doubt I could be persuaded to go back to the fruit box no matter how much it was upgraded . And £20,000 + for a linn now is just bonkers ..they even have to throw in a bottle of whiskey to sweeten the deal ..
  3. Had the granddaughter over last night so put the moth trap out Elephant hawk moth
  4. I’ve got quite a few receivers of that vintage but in much better condition A squirt with contact cleaner can do wonders The pioneer is a real retro looker UV meters the lot put it in a wooden sleeve and it could look great .. or if you have the skill re-finish the casing after removing the vinyl ..
  5. I brought a couple of Alan Parsons Project on MFSL and they weren’t much better than the originals I have .. Although to be said the originals are beautifully mastered and pressed and would take some bettering ..
  6. New vinyl is a minefield specially at the price it is nowadays.. The main reason that I have kept most of my early collection together .. I have vinyl recorded more than 50 years ago and it sounds more dynamic than some of the MFSL I purchased in the last couple of years MFSL May Find Sonics Lacking
  7. Try and find a better CD player for £475 in lovely condition.. You Won’t. Fact !!!! It’s smart to look at as well , not your run of the mill black box ..it will hold that price all day long if looked after . and probably more as your older players give up the ghost and enthusiasts look for a quality player as a replacement.. If I hadn’t already got 2 great players I would jump on it that’s for sure and I’m still tempted …
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