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  1. It’s a dilemma. A border less world would allow the transfer of electricity from places With high sunshine levels and electricity generated in areas of very high rainfall to where it is needed at the expense of transferring the unwanted stuff At the end of the day how easy was it for Corvid 19 to spread across the world.. such things have happened in the past but with global travel it was almost instantaneous kindest regards Julian
  2. If we divert land for growing food to the huge amount of land required to produce the billions of litres of ethanol that is required on a yearly basis your just robbing Peter to pay Paul.. Similar to ripping up prime forest to produce palm oil .vast areas of the world have been turned over to mono culture of just a few crops..10 million spieces of insects need millions of spieces of plants for food..not varieties of grass there needs to be a world strategy and soon put wind turbines down the whole length of the motorway networks were possible ,,,people tend not to live near motorways , make the Sahara and other such deserts global solar cells .. it ain’t much good for anything else in fact with global warming they’re just getting bigger.. capture more water for hydroelectric and irrigation... we had a winter of floods where farmers couldn’t plant crops , now they’re saying there will be big losses in yield because we’ve had the driest and hottest spring on record... coronavirus was an imported pandemic we have been importing pandemics as far as insects and native plants are concerned for generations dutch elm disease mountain ash die back canadian pond weed grey squirrels japanese knotweed the list is endless And it’s happened to every country across the world will we ever learn ? kindest regards Julian
  3. All box’s now spoken for kindest regards Julian
  4. A pair of high quality 5” drivers very robust chassis ,composite fibre cone, looks like they were fastened to the baffle from behind as they have a dense isolating felt surrounding the foam. The magnets are encased in thick rigid plastic, each fixing hole has an integrated grommet that goes through the chassis for damping purposes.. Connected to a low watt integrated and they sound very very good . Apart from a little age staining they are perfect.. Any ideas ???? one of the many box’s from my late uncles hoarding that haven’t seen the light of day for 25 years, they just came from my lock up to my garage during the move. With not just one but five quad 405s in various condition. kindest regards Julian
  5. Before you get into a 3 grand vinyl set up you need to make sure it gets the right platform to play on. .if it ain’t right it’s like putting a Porsche on bicycle tyres..the performance will be shyte whatever turntable you buy . the right support for a turntable makes a huge difference to the dynamics of the music kindest regards Julian
  6. I emailed Cabasse with the problem they have requested photos of the unit to see what they can do hopefully they have a few spares kindest regards Julian
  7. I’ve They are smaller than what’s on the Karas kinfest regards Julian
  8. I have some boxes at work that came with raw materials in . Always save some just in case.. I also have an onkyo CD box you can have if that will suffice I will look tomorrow and take measurements and send pics. FOC kindest regards Julian
  9. Now gone kindest regards Julian
  10. I have noticed I have a fractured binding post on my Cabasse Karas must have happened When the movers got their hands on them during the house move..Thought I’d wrapped em pretty well enough and wrote handle with extreme care all over the packaging but Heyho it’s the only thing to suffer in the move , you do hear a lot of worse things when people move. anyway it’s not the end of the world as I know it.. Does anyone have a spare post in a box somewhere before I contact Cabasse. it’s big though. 30mm long 20 mm wide at the base Takes a 4mm banana ..see photo kindest regards Julian
  11. Any use to anyone? Free kindest regards Julian
  12. Buy a second hand vita audio R4 cd /radio/iPod/usb/headphone/rca inputs/output had mine for years as a back up.. very neat remote that lifts out of the top.. plenty of volume with a well balanced sound.
  13. Are these of use to anyone for extending their WiFi network before they go in the bin. kindest regards Julian