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  1. bigrod


    Pack them as if they are the Crown Jewels A couple of extra quid on filling and an outer box with good quality tape makes all the difference.. Spend the time and package your item properly,, it’s not rocket science.. Look at what your gear came in ,, if new . Purpose made foam surrounds and double boxed is the norm nowadays .. it’s not worth trying to send things on the cheap
  2. It is all retrospective.. I prefer to spend my hard earned on HiFi Diane on the other hand doesn’t get it ..and the fact I have several pairs of speakers some of which haven’t been used since we cohabited together 2 years ago is often a laughing matter .. But look inside her Handbag and you will generally find 6 Clarins lipsticks at £30 a pop ..RM price of ingredients is less than £1 .. most of the ingredients I put in paint ..You can always tell when a category of product is a high earner with the amount of advertising on telly .. Cosmetics is just one of them .. All retail be it HIFI or cosmetics panders to our vanity..
  3. The poorer you are the less choice you have .. I would say most Wammer’s are very lucky to be able to afford to indulge in what is not a mainstream activity . And some probably have kit costing more than most peoples cars on the drive …. Like Richard says my friends thought I was mad having a bespoke piece of furniture handcrafted just to house a few electronics when I could have brought a decent rack off the shelf so to speak .. That’s why I’ve never had a Porsche on my drive .. We spend our money on what gives us pleasure..The worse off in scociety do not have that choice .. We may find it obscene that people can spend huge amounts on Esoterica,… but go down the scale from ourselves and many would consider us as obscene..
  4. They are the people who get 20 parking tickets a week in London
  5. It wouldn’t be much of a forum if we all had the same views ..we would all be sporting the same kit …
  6. It is human nature to aspire whatever the cost .. Although a lot of it is about keeping up with the Jones’s It makes RA cables look cheap in comparison..
  7. Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr commonly known as Stormzy could wear it as a gold necklace ..
  8. For Azimuth I always place the stylus on a small mirror on the turntable surface . When looked at from the front the stylus and it’s mirror image should align vertically..
  9. If folk want to argue about cables then if it’s their want I’m fine about it ..you don’t have to get involved and so ignore it It’s like the existence of God .. Faith or Evolution,, I would agree that several years ago and I mean many years , cables did make a difference and that was basically down to copper smelting, annealing and drawing . Everything is now Standardised and manufacturing processes have come on a hundredfold even standard copper quality has reached a purity that was unheard of even 10 years ago for domestic use .. strip 2.5 twin and earth and weave your own esoteric braids .
  10. We have always had one of the most stable power supplies in the world since domestic electricity came into existence.. One thing we Brits got right Legislation over many decades has led to the standardisation of sockets , plugs , cables , fuses and voltage supply.. It’s a world class system if people don’t try to cut corners and overload systems or use materials unfit to carry the load required … Most properties built in the last 50 years now use RCD .. It’s extremely difficult to get electrocuted nowadays in properly installed electrical dwellings .and things are now designed to shut off when an unsafe temperature is reached . Ive never experienced a power surge in 50 years ..And the only time you are likely to have an outage is in severe storms… But like any insurance it’s up to an individual to assess the risk . House insurance is a must , with your prized HIFI being separately listed .. many years ago when you had to use fuse wire when a circuit blew .I’ve seen people use silver paper from a fag packet in fuses My dad was an electrician down the mines for 40+ years where the standards where even higher . I learnt a lot from him in regard to electrical safety … I work in an industry where highly flammable solvents are in constant use .. Every machine installation has to be vapour proof and intrinsically safe . you can’t employ std 15amp sockets and equipment anywhere within the zone ..
  11. And finally no 8 from my 8 for £1 Madina Lake From them, Through us , To you
  12. No 7 from my 8 for £1 . ATREYU Fractures in the Facade of your Porcelain Beauty .
  13. No 6 of my 8 for £1 Doves Some Cities
  14. The 50lb+ beast of my Sony SCD 777 ES is now over 20 years old . New Laser installed during lockdown just in case. . I know it’s slow to load etc . But I’m in no hurry . It’s worth the wait ..It does what it’s supposed to do in spades like it has for 20 years . I’ve never used the remote in all that time ..
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