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  1. I had a Hi Q MC pre amplifier and Power supply .. both in same size black ripple finish boxes .I’m led to believe they where made somewhere near Worksop , Carlton in Lindrick. They we’re very good quality .. Total variable input ..
  2. You can’t get much longer lasting or simple than a Quad 405 , not a valve in sight.. many of the first ones are still working ..45 years on ,,that’s why the BBC used em… and brought to a new level with sympathetic rebuilds …..won awards galore … Always been a fan .. Got 4 waiting for full refurbishment .. Oh and they also made great valve amps Everyone should have a 405 on stand by .. I’ve never known one fail when used within its limits ..will drive anything
  3. George Michael One of the greatest artists of his generation IMO He had it all Looks His Voice across a wide range was phenomenal.. Artistic ability that reflected the time Such a sad loss , like some many before him, a hurt and troubled soul !!
  4. It’s what Wammer’s are into but not quite or maybe some are !!!!! Thats sure to give it away
  5. I mean the place where they come from sounds like a region in France not the Artists themselves
  6. First one of the day .. music while I’m painting. Cecile McLorin Salvant Woman Child
  7. This will probably give it away
  8. Room size is just over 3m wide 4.5 m long
  9. I have quite a bit to play with in the mancave AMPLIFICATION Sonus Faber Musica Pioneer SA 706 Pioneer A9 J Quad 33/405 Cambridge A60 FRONT END Michell Prisma /SME ll with various mm/Mc carts Arcam SACD player / streamer SPEAKERS Mission 700,710,720,730. Gale 401 Quad 57 Between yourselves you can mix and match as you feel fit… Kindest regards Julian
  10. Come from a city in America ,sounds like a region in France but not spelled quite the same
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