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  1. Posted a topic on volume controls a while ago . I’ve Never in 50 yrs had a system where the volume control goes above 50% or the 12 o’clock position before the sound is deafening.. Even speakers that are inefficient loads to drive like the my Gale 401s . Kindest regards Julian
  2. Are you Warrington side of Liverpool kindest regards Julian
  3. I’m working at Synters Warrington 22nd /23 rd August and staying overnight ..if anyone has a nice system I could listen to Saturday evening I would be very grateful .. the curry and beer is on me .. If anything going that way from Notts I will gladly drop it off .. if you’re within 5 miles of WA2 8JH Calver Park Road drop let me know .. kindest regards Julian
  4. I had an ex BBC pair of the LS5/8’s with the quad 405 AM16’s power amps ..had both the amps rebuilt with new caps and all the BBC extra sockets removed .I remember the amps having gain controls on the rear among other things .. absolutely sublime studio monitors ..vocal reproduction was some of the best I’ve heard ..pity they looked like cupboards .. good luck with you’re search ..if you get a nice pair you won’t be disappointed Kindest regards Julian
  5. One of the last items from my old house .i found this wheel in my great Grandad’s garden 40 years ago ,under years of nature .. no idea how old it is but certainly 100 years before electricity .. Could have been at the start of the knife sharpening industry between Derby and Sheffield ..Many ancestral hands made this , and many more used it ,looking at the Wear . And here it is on my patio ..The workers who made this had no idea......IT WAS A TOOL .. I look upon it as a thing of endeavour , craftsmanship and bloody backbreaking work ...but very beautiful ... kindest regards Julian
  6. Many thanks to Ian for last night . A very pleasant evening listening to music and eating curry .. the Yamaha's were a joy to hear . Finished with a rereleased 1954 recording of Ted Heaths 100th performance at the London palladium .. Ian’s system does brass extremely well.. I will keep the Wam posted on my next alone weekend working away .. kindest regards Julian
  7. Not as big as mine read my monicker
  8. Having a great uncle who was a session drummer a father who played pianos in the local pubs and an uncle who could just build anything and had lots of friends who had Hifi ,I grew up surrounded by live and recorded music .And to this day that has not changed . I’ve had a decent Hifi for more than 40 yrs , didn’t know what I was buying like I do now “ much more refined and choosey “ I don’t think there is any genre I haven’t listened to and enjoyed .music depends on the mood and who you’re with ..There has been some great music over the generations but also a lot of Shyte...and I truly think most audiophiles know the sort of shyte I’m talking about . But my speakers must be able to play sax and trumpets well , that’s why I love concentric drivers and of course the Karas love big venue bands of the 70s And listen to them a lot I must admit I love a lot of jazz and that has come with age. but not “plonk plonk” jazz as I call it .. of all the things I fear as old age creeps up on me would be to lose the chance of listening to great Hifi Note to Diane and daughter . Put the tablets at the side of the bed I’m not going in a home lol kindest regards Julian
  9. Frankie auditioning for princess and the pea kindest regards Julian
  10. A true classic speaker GLWS
  11. bigrod

    The man cave

    The previous owner and the architect and builder who lives next door but one said the original plans allowed for a bedroom and en-suite bathroom .0r 2 bedrooms ..But the previous owner brought the house before it was finished and they installed the stairs but never got round to putting in the door before they sold the house because a relative left them a house..they have converted next door which is basically the same house with the 2 bedrooms Kindest regards Julian
  12. Pick up if near Eastwood or just pay postage kindest regards Julian
  13. bigrod

    The man cave

    A view across the door and to the office side
  14. bigrod

    The man cave

    Once my main system is fully installed it will be time for the mancave i have most of the components now for my vintage set up . With a cinema in the future . believe it or not when we brought the house it had a stairs to nowhere just a landing at the top .. I have now cut through so I can start on installing power points and lighting before boarding out and Putting in velux windows in the roof The door will be the last to go in .Diane is having half for an office . it’s a huge space . It will be a project for the winter months .