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  1. And Diane is well pleased too
  2. You don’t rule the world with less than 50% of the vote Brilliant of their time
  3. Some might argue that this item should be in Bits n Bobs , But I think anything that enhances your listening pleasure is part of the system Diane chose the seating for my main system , So I was given the go ahead to find the seats for the cinema/ vintage cave for us ..After many months I found these on EBay ..Just down the road . By Vitra and most definitely came out of a swanky office or waiting room ..The seats are on one frame made of a chrome steel basket. They will look just right with the chrome and black Gale 401
  4. Barclay James Harvest Gone To Earth Show purchase
  5. Morning Paul If you Can you meet me at Leicester Forest East Services I will have the stands kindest regards Julian
  6. bigrod

    Wood finishing

    I have recently started a new work project on a paint manufacturing facility to produce industrial coatings .. The company I’m contracted to make very high quality wood finishes in both water based and solvent systems . Such as Danish oils , oak and teak oils , pure tung oils .. If you’re looking to refurbish speakers etc .. drop me. PM kindest regards Julian
  7. Michael Newman Classical Guitarist Sheffield Lab 10
  8. This Time By Basie Count Basie On a Valiant pressing , some of the best weight vinyl at the time ..
  9. In MONO Christian was 24 when he died of tuberculosis
  10. A bit of Jack Jones to sing out the lovely weekend I’ve had .. In Paris Pink under lighting ffs .. Diane’s choice for the evening
  11. Barclay James Harvest Once again What’s not to like Great album graphics
  12. We have played this 3 times over dinner Diane loves this , I can’t argue with that because I can’t fault it .. It just oozes “laid back” style .Nothing rushed , timing just fabulous with the steel guitar .and the keyboards in the background ... I very rarely recommend anything as music is so personal and moment dependant .., But for me this has it ..The whole album excites on every track , My system is on the mildly warm side ..This would sound even better with a touch more brightness in a system than mine with a nice whiskey..
  13. Having the chance to sit and relax after the Grand kids have been taken away ,, I gotta say Diane is a rock taking them on single handedly yesterday and with an extra dog that doesn’t do cats well while I indulged at the show ..Listening to one of my purchases , it just proves to me that it “is” about the room .. There where some lovely bits of kit yesterday that were not done the justice they rightly deserve . The sad point being that at an event such as a Hifi show you have to “grip” the listener by the hairs on there necks .. In so many cases that just didn’t happen to me ..I won’t be changing anything in my main system anytime soon .. But as mentioned earlier and by others we are grateful to have a chance to test the waters again .Glad to see the Vincent hybrid powering some very affordable speakers in the Vinyl Passion gig . Onwards and upwards to the Wam show ..
  14. Purchased several albums at the show yesterday..this took my fancy Grammy award winning album ,, first time on vinyl featuring Robben Ford , Robert Cray and Vince Gill ,, what a line up
  15. Diane and I are 5 mins from junction 26 of the M1 .. A little town called Eastwood. . If ever your on the M1 drop me a PM kindest regards Julian
  16. Clicking on their location map it comes up Lincoln USA . Bit too far for me
  17. Talking to some of the guys at the show who make speakers and racks yesterday ,natural wood veneers will be unavailable in maybe 5 to 10 years and that the only environmentally renewable “wood” will be bamboo , so expect a lot of bamboo products in the future .. Grab a piece of nice HIFI history that you can enjoy for years to come ..for what is basically the cost of a weekend in London , without drinks lol
  18. I remember working on the development of the sealers and lacquers used by Mission .. where are you going to get genuine thick teak veneers on speakers today at £300 . You can’t if I hadn’t already got a pair along with the rest of the “7” series I would have no hesitation in snapping these up .. Also if you have a pair of Gale 401 or Ditton 33/44 the Celestion Hf 2000 and peerless midrange is the same for those speakers .
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