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  1. Richard Burton No Voice like it . Never will be
  2. Just a bit of lighthearted competition. An album is picked but it must be in physical form . And then a Wammer has to match it from their collection to post the next one Each post only lasts a day and if it’s not snapped another is submitted . Hopefully this will show how Wammer’s are truly connected . This could lead anywhere music wise. I would ask participants to be realistic and not choose alums with less then 5,000 copies My profound and sincere apologies to those who do not use physical media .. I will start Dylan
  3. Obviously the mass market for these is not here .. it’s all for the East and Chinese market looking at the names .. I have an Usher CD seeing as one or two respondents own Usher if anyone wants it it’s free If you gonna produce a CD to demo your kit , you’re gonna make sure it is a good one
  4. Thought I’d get this one out for a few weeks seeing as I’m going to the gig in March Needs no explanation .. Most Hifi guys have a copy or have heard it .. SACD Version For me one of the best prog rock albums of the era
  5. No ! Otherwise it would allow anything and then turn into a cable thread
  6. The last of my latest 10 for £1 charity CDs George Ezra Staying at Tamara’s
  7. You can obviously tell those that are never satisfied with what they had , have , or will have .
  8. It’s crap if it’s not in alphabetical order
  9. No 9 of my 10 for a £1 Limp Bizkit Chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavoured water
  10. First bake-off of the year in DH Lawrence town Notts.. Can manage up to 14 attendees.. The usual do as you like in the mancave.. But be aware it’s up 2 flights of stairs if you wanna bring something..The YAMAHA’S were bloody heavy My Main system is the same
  11. It has some good reviews .. I’d give it a go at £700 .. Does it have a remote?
  12. No 8 of my 10 for a £1 The Script #3
  13. Just having a final moment of peace before the grand kids turn up for a sleep over ..
  14. Going through the owners clubs and forums just shows how different we all are .. There is every letter of the alphabet for equipment apart from U and Z as far as I can see There must be some Usher and Zen owners out there??
  15. No 7 of my 10 for a £1 Martika Martika’s Kitchen
  16. No 6 of my 10 for a £1 Star Sailor Silence is Easy
  17. Sonny and Cher’s ,, I got you babe James Last Version is one of my test tracks when I audition equipment.
  18. Sharp did a couple of versions as well .. I can understand how a lateral tracking arm can work but not how a pivot point arm would on the vertical as gravity takes over
  19. No 4 from my 10 for £1 Gomez Bring It On
  20. No 3 from 10 for £1 BBC Philarmonic Saint Saenz piano concerto No 2 Symphony No 3 Organ Lets be honest when it comes to a recording by the BBC. . It’s not their money .. The best of the best from musicians to engineers..
  21. No 2 of 10 for £1 Rumer seasons of my soul
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