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  1. I have been to more shows over the last 40 yrs than probably most on here . taking room acoustics into consideration at various venues , some of the costliest Hifi wouldn’t have sounded great in any environment, yet the sales teams and the “experts” that set it up were giving glowing praises. . I walked in to so many rooms and then walked straight out again.... But occasionally you did get to listen to a gem of a system , everything singing from the same page and making your hair stand up..Admittedly music selection is a factor to many Hifi fans.. But I do pride myself in trying to listen to all genres. . Only in that context can you be a real judge of sound..if you only listen to classical or jazz or rock then how can you comment on a system if its not playing your “thing” ...our brains become accustomed to what is familiar... kindest regards Julian
  2. Equipment choice for music is no different to any other choice . A test drive should always be the preferred status be it a car ,turntable or partner.. you may have to live with it a long time and any irksome niggles should be identified before you commit.. my current speakers where purchased on a bit of a be honest I wasn’t impressed with the sound at the dealers but knew in the right environment they had the potential to be great. . I had the right space to try and a second hand price that wasn’t going to break the bank if moved on.. I’ve now had them 3 years and my gut feeling with 50yrs experience was proved right.. I think the advent of the internet has been a godsend for people like me who love quality second hand gear to try out In second systems .there are some great bargains to be had specially on sites like the Wam. you can put together a system that would have cost £20,000 ten to fifteen years ago for less than a quarter of the price and would depreciate little in terms of resale value and sound quality..Someone had already taken the hit. In fact over the last 20 years what’s new in innovations in sound quality have been few and far between..some quality of it has been quite Shyte for the money asked.. but always do the research and compatibility reasoning.before you buy..And always ask for a listen .. kindest regards Julian
  3. Apologies to everyone.. I have been working double shifts overnight and the Wam was on my least to do list.. Now back in the land of the normal folk..sent PMS to various members on stuff I had on here regarding who wants what on an ease of dispatch and who contacted first.. Hope I haven't offended anyone Kindest regards Julian
  4. Apologies to everyone for not getting back on the wam sooner ,but have been working 14hr shifts overnight and mornings and the WAM was the least of my to do jobs. The MF and sugden box has now gone Kindest regards Julian
  5. That's fine graham .kindest regards Julian
  6. It can wait I will put a sticker on the box with your name on it I dont forget Kindest regards Julian
  7. Yeah that's ok Kindest regards Julian
  8. I have 6 of these available..acquired many years ago while working on non metallic ceramic coatings.. It's not foo that lifting cables off the floor reduces microphonic affects in speaker cables..used in every system I've had...the channel is big enough for any cable or multiple cables..I have 10 but only need 4 for my new house system. These are extremely expensive to make..the rejection rate in production is huge ..when dealing with very large voltages which these are designed for ,any metallic contamination in their manufacture means they are rejected.. Very heavy and robust..once institu they dont move unlike a lot of expensive branded gear on the market.. £10 each plus postage or all 6 for £50 plus postage.. Because of their weight collection is preferable Junction 26 M1 Kindest regards Julian
  9. Finally got back into my old house..and into the loft.. I have several equipment boxs if anyone has use for below Only Musical fidelity Sugden Kindest regards Julian
  10. PM me when you want some Kindest regards Julian
  11. If these dont go I think I'm just down the road from you in Eastwood.. Kindest regards Julian
  12. New unused in original boxs. Approx 10" Part no. 26/W/4534G00 £100 plus postage for the pair Kindest regards Julian
  13. Found in a box Kindest regards Julian
  14. I have a totally unused in box with everything .Yamaha A300....batteries never ben taken out of packet to put in remote Mint mint..£100 + carriage
  15. Saw Kraftwerk several times in the 70s Kindest regards Julian
  16. I have studied insects for more than 50yrs...specifically a lad in the late 60s I would put out my light trap and would often catch in excess of 2,000 specimens ,humanely of course..I have daily data on catches over 50 yrs in the same locality..when I last put the heath trap out at my old house I caught less than 100 specimens.. I now have it set up at the new house ready to switch on after the cool snap over the weekend.. Pesticides have not caused the overall demise of lepidoptera but more so the loss of habitat..several thousand acres of prime habitat around my old house has been lost to development over the last 40 years..a field full of rape may look colourful but is of no use to 99.9% of insect life unless you're a bee..councils cut back verges and hedgerows at totally the wrong time when most insect larva are active..people plant non native flowers in their gardens and clear them before winter, neither is great for good insect populations.. Non native trees are planted in parks and estates that British insects cannot thrive on.. We should be planting fruit trees..great for bees in spring ,hundreds of species of insects feed on the foliage, with the added bonus of a crop of fruit in autumn.. Kindest regards Julian
  17. Just renewed mine through AXA Went up £2 from last year.. Might have got it 10 quid cheaper on a comparison site but it's a lot of hassle .. Fully comp with 2 named drivers Less than £300
  18. Many construction sites now have 6 month PAT schedules..was on one site where H&S management did a weekly electrical inspection of sub contractors tools..if they were left unattended and the PAT had run out they would cut the cable off ffs. Kindest regards Julian
  19. After doing further research into the various legislations affecting health and safety at work and corvid 19 the effect of the pandemic is mind boggling for H&S practitioners .. Under LOLER , if you cannot get equipment tested by it's due date because of lock down, such as fork trucks then they must be withdrawn from service..this will also include all electrical equipment that goes beyond its PAT testing date.. It was also include all firefighting equipment such as extinguishers that have gone past their inspection date. It's a liability nightmare.. Kindest regards Julian
  20. Although my main career has been industrial chemistry I have qualifications for Health and Safety auditing.. I'm now being asked about liability under Riddor.. I am insured for 2million liability when i go onto any site..the sites i work on also have liability insurance in case another employee causes me to have an accident..being over 60 i am at risk in the current situation and at the moment no insurance liability will cover the madness if i get infected during my work. Under RIDDOR such transmittable diseases are reportable..who is going to cover the cost of the liability of 30million + workers.. Kindest regards Julian
  21. I am currently restoring 3 pairs of speakers for the future man cave. Mission 710 Mission 720 Mission 730 mk 1 the 4 way version.. The heyday of good mission speakers till they moved to the east... All need cabinet restoration and drivers reforming , got the foams from Aussieland .but as it happens we have plenty of time... Kindest regards Julian