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  1. It showed it was worth the effort putting down the acoustic membrane on the floor , and doubling up on soundproofing the stairway wall .. Even at ear splitting levels I myself was surprised how well the room performed…There was hardly any vibration through the wooden floor ..loved the Yamaha’s floor Des ..Thank you for taking the time and effort getting them up there ..
  2. Started off with the Sonus Faber Musica and morphed into a pair of Avondale Naims and Jessica’s great preamp ..
  3. View from the chair in the mancave after a tidy up after the bake off
  4. A big thank you from Diane and myself to everyone for such a great day at the Lawrence bake-off.. Good music and banter enjoyed by all .. It’s so lovely that fellow Wammer’s are prepared to bring their own equipment along for others to enjoy .especially Des for lugging the Yammys up and down 2 flights of stairs .. bloody heavy , but what an enjoyment to have them in the mancave .. Jessica’s own build electronics are just so impressive that I have asked her to build me a preamp for the mancave.. Once again a big thank you to everyone..
  5. Big fan of a lot of the early Japanese amps .. A lot of great quality still going strong fifty years on , I have several 70s Japanese integrated amps from the like of Sony, Pioneer ,JVC etc .. Many of the companies also made very fine speakers and turntables
  6. Frankie chilling among the boxes in the mancave
  7. What’s all that about cables
  8. Losing track now ,, a pair of Avondale
  9. Ladies relaxing with their 3rd bottle ..
  10. Easy listening on the main system
  11. Currently running power direct off the grid
  12. Des connecting up the Yammy’s in the mancave
  13. Strangely : this is not my favourite position , although it is probably the best music wise , I like to sit at the bar behind , with one elbow on the worktop and one holding a whiskey.
  14. So simple yet extremely elegant,, Less is certainly more in this set up
  15. Brilliant, Kindest regards Julian
  16. As used by many German and other European manufactures such as Tandberg , Revox, Studer 2 Pin female Does anyone have one lying among your hundreds of std kettle cords kindest regards Julian
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