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  1. Ligne Roset Togo make for excellent room treatment. Not entirely sure the listening position is right though.
  2. Erm. So? I say “gets on my tits” all the time. Is an “alpha female” just a woman that answers back then?
  3. It's still there! https://www.besteveralbums.com/overall.php The bends has no place in the top 20 though, IMHO.
  4. It's not just Samsung. In my experience TV's aren't nearly as good at running apps as the likes of Fire TV, Apple TV etc and they become obsolete fairly quickly.
  5. Same way you got the files across the first time. You may even be able to edit the metadata directly. Try opening the Auralic drive under "Shared" in Finder and dragging the albums into Metadatics.
  6. My local postie delivered a TNT package to me once. He found it in a hedge down the road.
  7. Yep. Bought my streamer there a few years back. No complaints.
  8. And yet, Klipsch have plenty of fans. There has always been a market for the “V-shaped” sound, headphones included. Klipsch aren’t to my taste but there are those that like their exciting sonic fireworks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Variety is the spice of life. There is, however, something wrong with an almost cult-like group of armchair experts suggesting engineers with years of experience don’t know what they’re doing and insulting both the designers and their customers for their own self gratification.
  9. For those who can't tell much difference between 1080p and 4K, I bet you would with two screens side by side (not that you'd be in a position to try it). It's more immediately obvious in static images and menus which is why it's 4K gaming (particularly with HDR) that has impressed me most. I know that doesn't appeal to many here though. Pretty much every 40"+ TV on the market is 4K now but as with the early days of HD, few are taking full advantage of it. The extra to get Netflix in 4K may be worth it to you but I think Sky ask an extra £12 a month which is a bit rich. UHD Blu-ray will outperform both but who wants to buy movies on disc at £20 a pop these days? Other than the above, you're viewing upscaled HD content. If your previous TV is getting on a bit, other technological improvements might mean the newer panel does a better job even with upscaling, but I found Sky's regular 1080i content looked a tad better on my old Pioneer plasma than my new Sony OLED. Native resolution is king there. Anyway, not sure what my point is here. Enjoy the new telly!
  10. Conversely you should listen to the "distorted" (lol) ones as well. I think you'll find most people do.
  11. I wish you'd try harder to hide your disdain towards anyone that doesn't.
  12. I like the modern trend of adverts for speakers that aren't connected and are being enjoyed from ridiculous listening positions.
  13. I would never buy anything made in China. It's disgraceful how they treat their workers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.