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  1. Warszawa

    Which format?

    ALAC/FLAC are lossless formats. The clue is in the name. If your PC/streamer is doing its job properly in decoding the files, they sound identical to WAV. You can add metadata to WAV. As long as your source isn't a dinosaur, it should see it no problem. To alter metadata, use mp3tag for PC or Metadatics for Mac. Both have the option to add it automatically from the same databases ripping software uses.
  2. Been there. Get some LEDs in.
  3. That's not necessarily the Wam that was hacked. You must be using the same password for multiple sites and said password has been compromised by one of them being hacked. You need to change the password on every site you use it on, preferably for a unique password for each.
  4. In this case, inferior measurements can't be identified unsighted. I believe kernow has inadvertently discovered the Keith paradox.
  5. Buy an integrated. One less thing to obsess over.
  6. Dare you to do an unsighted listening test between your computer and that Aurender.
  7. A couple of months back I managed to indent one of the mid domes on an expensive PMC speaker. After much swearing and a change of trousers, I fired an email off to PMC asking for advice. This was on a Sunday afternoon. Fortunately Youtube and a roll of duct tape came to the rescue and all was well. On Monday morning I got a phone call from my dealer offering to come out and take a look. The PMC rep had phoned them after looking up my email address in their records. I thought that was outstanding.
  8. Banksy cover art innit. I nabbed one of the 500 War Stories Instrumentals LPs signed by James Lavelle the other month and it's already fetching over £100 on Discogs.
  9. If you use the Discogs scale make sure you state as much. Most UK collectors use the Record Collector grading scale. The best way to do it is to simply play the record and describe any flaws.
  10. Aurender are very good. You can open a support ticket through the app and they can run remote diagnostics from Korea. Not that I've ever had to as I've found the software very reliable. Regular updates have added a few features over the years as well. My screen developed a fault after 3 1/2 years use. Out of warranty unfortunately but the UK distributer (Padood) replaced it and turned it round in a day.
  11. It does. I ripped it years ago. In answer to the OP's question, I'd like to hop in a time machine and pre-order the Classic Records Led Zeppelin box set. ].
  12. Warszawa

    dac bought

    I was only asking if you bought from a business with a returns policy. Obviously that is the case so no knobhead implied.
  13. If that were the case here I wouldn't touch vinyl with a barge pole either. Even if you get your speed and wow/flutter perfect (direct drive), the number of off-centre records out there is ludicrous. Not a format for pianists. Digital is in a different league for dynamics and transient response as well.
  14. Warszawa

    dac bought

    I know. I was just checking the OP wasn’t one of those knobhead buyers that treat eBay like it’s Amazon.
  15. Warszawa

    New speakers

    That's what she said.