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  1. Page 1: "Hey guys, look how expensive it is to leave my amplifier on!" Page 8: "Switch your active speakers off you idiot, it's wasteful! (PS. I've got a Porsche)" Page 16: "Nobody needs canned food you fools!" Top Wamming so far guys, keep it up.
  2. Good guys at Airlink. I've been buying their step down transformers for Japanese arcade machines for years and so far only one has gone pop. Did you mention this to them while you were taking their photo?
  3. I was just trying to save him some money! (Yes I’m from Yorkshire.)
  4. “Accordingly?” That’s one inefficient heater! You’re comparing spending money on a TV package to not being arsed to turn your speakers off?!? Blimey. How the other half live!
  5. In case you haven't done the math, that's costing you around £100 a year.
  6. I had a brownout when I saw the prices.
  7. For someone so focused on eliminating RFI from their system, I am somewhat taken aback by this revelation!
  8. Oh it's definitely worth it Mac. You just need to let your ears burn in. Best just get rid of that DA-06 to avoid any doubt. Joe
  9. The Aries G2.1 looks pretty impressive. I'd try one if it was available in silver, and without that weird S&M finish.
  10. What are you posting on, an Amstrad?
  11. He's comparing apples and oranges there. Not sure why he needed to make a video about it, or why it was posted here, or why I watched it. Oh well. Cute dog.
  12. How does that work? Your profile says you're in the UK.
  13. Can't be doing with all that faff. I just want to plug a streamer in, download the app, drag and drop my music over and press play.
  14. Low - Hey What If you thought track 1 on Double Negative made your Hi-fi sound broken, wait until you get a load of this! Superb stuff. https://lowtheband.bandcamp.com/album/hey-what
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