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  1. Good guys at Airlink. I've been buying their step down transformers for Japanese arcade machines for years and so far only one has gone pop. Did you mention this to them while you were taking their photo?
  2. I was just trying to save him some money! (Yes I’m from Yorkshire.)
  3. “Accordingly?” That’s one inefficient heater! You’re comparing spending money on a TV package to not being arsed to turn your speakers off?!? Blimey. How the other half live!
  4. In case you haven't done the math, that's costing you around £100 a year.
  5. I had a brownout when I saw the prices.
  6. For someone so focused on eliminating RFI from their system, I am somewhat taken aback by this revelation!
  7. Oh it's definitely worth it Mac. You just need to let your ears burn in. Best just get rid of that DA-06 to avoid any doubt. Joe
  8. The Aries G2.1 looks pretty impressive. I'd try one if it was available in silver, and without that weird S&M finish.
  9. What are you posting on, an Amstrad?
  10. He's comparing apples and oranges there. Not sure why he needed to make a video about it, or why it was posted here, or why I watched it. Oh well. Cute dog.
  11. How does that work? Your profile says you're in the UK.
  12. Can't be doing with all that faff. I just want to plug a streamer in, download the app, drag and drop my music over and press play.
  13. Low - Hey What If you thought track 1 on Double Negative made your Hi-fi sound broken, wait until you get a load of this! Superb stuff. https://lowtheband.bandcamp.com/album/hey-what
  14. BRB. Just off to patent my design for mains block lifters and make my fortune. I must conclude that you need a lie down. Joking aside, I've no doubt you think you can hear a difference, but this is undoubtedly psychoacoustics playing tricks. Your time and money is better spent on music.
  15. This is very odd. Speaking as someone who believes digital transports can sound different, and someone who tries to remain open minded that software can sound different (the number of people complaining about Roon is hard to dismiss as imagination), it sounds like Innuos are doing something pretty drastic here for there to be such an obvious difference. Surely they're not messing with DSP? Has the sound changed since the beta version @Fourlegs? I've always fancied moving to the brand but there have been a few things putting me off of late. I don't want a streamer where I'm reluctant to update the firmware in case I don't like the change in sound. They can't possibly maintain different revisions to please everyone.
  16. Someone will be along in a minute to tell you that the software has removed some RFI and you were previously hearing something called "false detail". Maybe let the software burn in for 250 hours.
  17. No. I haven't heard one. Just thought these videos might be useful to the OP. That OK with you?
  18. I’m not suggesting the mods should take on fixing database errors or performing software updates, but there are frequently requests for trivial issues that can be solved with a couple of clicks in the admin control panel, and to date that’s been at the mercy of “Tech support”, who rarely seem available (due to more serious third world problems by the sounds of it).
  19. I don't think anyone needs to know the ins and outs of ownership but what is clear is that the moderators should be given sufficient admin privileges to carry out some of the simpler tasks of day to day forum maintenance, rather than waiting weeks for someone in India to pick up on it.
  20. Fanthorpes are great for this. They travel all over the country delivering and demonstrating gear as well so quite often there's no courier to worry about.
  21. This is a great deal. I bought a pair from him for considerably more not long ago. The package had a cheeky customs value without me asking as well. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?_ssn=chsu5567&_osacat=0&_armrs=1&_odkw=&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313&_nkw=oppo+pm-3&_sacat=0
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