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    These threads pop up regularly and everyone is always recommending couriers that delivered goods undamaged. I don't think anyone has ever posted a positive experience when they've had to make a claim. That would be useful information. Who actually covers the stuff without quibble?
  2. I think this is the same guy who was spouting the same nonsense on head-fi about the Bartok being bright based on his Youtube listening. There was no reasoning there either. Why not find a high end system you like the sound of on Youtube and then pay the owner to record your favourite tunes on his iPhone for you. You'll save thousands!
  3. FWIW I now have the online games ad pretty consistently in the top right on Safari desktop. The rest is mostly blank spaces with a care home ad occasionally making an appearance. Nothing on Safari mobile. I'm always logged in. No biggie. Other forums have more intrusive ads. Would be nice if some deals could be struck with Hifi companies instead though.
  4. Get your limited edition Nevermind 50th Anniversary baby penis NFT while stocks last! All major cryptocurrencies accepted!
  5. Having owned both I would say you can't go wrong with either and should choose based on the sensitivity of your speakers. Luxman have a pretty consistent house sound.
  6. I didn't spot that. I assume they're either 120-240V or he's using step-down transformers.
  7. You have nothing to worry about. Change all of your power cables to UK spec. If you're looking for a quality DIY option, get some of these: https://www.mcru.co.uk/product/mcru-diy-mains-lead-set-2/ Then buy a well made but not crazy priced distribution block like Olson or Tacima. Try your (power) amp direct to the wall if you're concerned the surge suppressor might affect the sound. A direct lightning strike is extremely rare. No mains block or power conditioner would protect your equipment from such a strike, and more extreme measures are just unnecessary (unless you've moved into Edinburgh castle).
  8. I still think they'll scrap it. Most users won't hear the difference, it costs Spotify more, its environmentally unfriendly...
  9. Not sure I could choose one, so instead, here's an under-appreciated track from his later career, featuring Pete Townshend.
  10. Try hotukdeals or if you have Twitter there are some stock alert accounts. I have no regrets in choosing the X but boy is it one big, ugly hot lump of a console.
  11. OLED can do inky blacks so no wonder its popular with audiophiles. I'm particularly impressed with mine for gaming. OLED combined with HDR makes colours "glow" in a way that has been absent since the CRT days.
  12. I still think 4K is a no brainer. Very few games support 120fps. In fact not all 4K games are a fixed 60fps yet. Check out the latency/input lag figures of the monitors you're looking at as well. You can occasionally get Game Pass Ultimate for a steal by upgrading a Gold membership. When mine expired a couple of months back I bought two 1 year Gold memberships for £36 each from CD Keys and upgraded that to GPU for £10.99 (it's £1 your first time).
  13. I haven't used the TT2 as a digital pre-amp, but I have noticed when connecting both the TT1 and 2 into my integrated amp that reducing the DACs volume (basically the DACs output voltage), seemed to disproportionally reduce the bass. The TT1 has quite a high output in DAC mode and I prefer it dialled down because of this. I think @whitehart experienced a similar effect with his Accuphase integrated when trying the DAVE. What I'm getting at, is that if this is a common phenomenon, then adding an analogue pre-amp and using the TT2 in DAC mode with XLRs or perhaps even turning the volume higher, might give you what you're after. (Bit of a long shot perhaps so I'd advise borrowing one first.) Regardless, I didn't find the TT2 lacking in the bass department.
  14. I've glazed over and haven't read every post but did somebody say the Bartok isn't a delta sigma DAC? Because GoldenSound clarifies that here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/dcs-bartok.901647/post-16739819 Man knows his onions.
  15. Jonny said a couple of months back that the album is finished.
  16. Does anyone use a Beresford switch?
  17. Can't say I'm surprised that ye olde measurements thread has already made its first appearance of 2022 *rings bell*, but I am surprised it has come off the back of this review. People have different opinions and preferences. This does not need to be quantifiable.
  18. Jeez. Why are people getting their knickers in a twist over this, and it's not even the Bartok owners! @Blzebub, have you never disliked a product that has had rave reviews?
  19. If you watch the review you'll find he has tried it in multiple setups, including loudspeakers. Personally, I think he's one of the best reviewers on Youtube. He has a unique approach, is clearly very knowledgeable and presents very well. Naturally this was going to ruffle some feathers as for once he's outright saying he doesn't like a product. You only get that with hobbyists who have borrowed a product from a fellow hobbyist. If I was a Bartok owner I wouldn't care one bit, particularly if I'd tried the other DACs he mentions. Like Fourlegs said, he's reviewed gear I've tried and is hearing different things than I heard. It's one person's subjective opinion and GoldenSound is always keen to point that out.
  20. It's almost as if opinions are subjective, isn't it!
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