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  1. Apologies - I've just seen the cable is in the region of 5 grand for 2.5m. There was a time before kids this might have been possible lol
  2. Appreciate the suggestion - I will look into this!
  3. This is interesting. My speakers have a ribbon tweeter, so the low inductance type may work best? I'm going to have to try and demo some. Total mine field!
  4. I could understand that style of isolation would help stand mount speakers with little weight on tall wobby stands, but heavier floor standers the industrial shoes definitely work!
  5. Here they are. I've also found knurled thumb screws in black, silver or brass to cover the thread if the bare look is off putting. They're available from "Vitalparts.co.uk". Cant say how they perform on suspended floor, but wood over screed they rectified the unnatural sound of spikes and shoes
  6. I think you're right there. The shotgun config seems to lower capacitance. Although some ppl say capacitance doesn't matter, then some swear by it. What a bizarre situation for some bloody copper
  7. Thanks George. I fear guys in white coats with clipboards will take me away if I end up down a never ending rabbit hole of speaker cable! Thankfully the speakers don't have bi wiring capabilities (if you call it that), was never a fan of it. I'm very much into bang for buck. I'll look further into the Chord range, and I'm also very interested in some Neotech NES 5001. I still don't know why the Linn K20 sounds so much better than the Mogami.
  8. Yes I should have explained. I used to Mogami with my old standmount PMC speakers so when I bought the new floorstanders I just used the same without a though.
  9. Is there a particular reason for that?
  10. Its a stainless steel M8 thread into a very hard plastic surround, with rubber underside at the base. May be rubber within the housing too.
  11. I used spikes, on spike shoes over a floating oak floor over screed. Thin, unnatural sound and weird bass. Was going to spend hundreds on Gaia feet or the like but decided to try anti vibration feet for industrial appliances. 8 of them cost me around £20 and they transformed the sound. Rock solid now. They're rated for upto 600kg each foot. The M8 thread goes through my out riggers. Has a handy Allen key top for fine adjustment. Might buy a batch and repackage them as audiophile products and sell on for £150 a piece!
  12. With the wife and kids away for a few days, its given me the luxury of some listening sessions. There's always been something niggling away at me with regards to resolution of the sound. I've been using Mogami speaker cable for years now, but decided to dig out my old Linn K20 and swap. The difference isn't subtle. The detail has opened up in spades, the bass is more defined, less boomy and there's 'air'. The sound is faster too. However there is a certain 'thinness' to it. I was always in the cable is B.S camp but this very much isn't the case. I made an assumption the more strands the better so just stuck with Mogami. The capacitance is way way lower in the Linn cable. Is this the main factor? Running 2 x 5m. Does anyone know what is going on here? Do my amp or speakers prefer low capacitance cable? I noticed on a recent thread the Van Den Hul The CS-122 cable is decent and affordable. I've also noticed that solid core seems to get praise. Help is appreciated!
  13. Hi all, My 2 channel system also does the TV sound duties. My Chord 2qute DAC is currently connected to the TV via SPDIF optical and I'd like the opportunity to improve. TV has an HDMI ARC output so I was wondering if buying an HDMI converter and then optical out to DAC would help? Or maybe converter to Coaxial?
  14. So I removed the phono from the line conditioner and plugged straight into the wall outlet. All problems solved its quiet as a mouse now. Many thanks to all!
  15. This is a great help thank you all. It's crackling very loudly and intermittently as well as popping. I'll run through the solutions.
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