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  1. So I removed the phono from the line conditioner and plugged straight into the wall outlet. All problems solved its quiet as a mouse now. Many thanks to all!
  2. This is a great help thank you all. It's crackling very loudly and intermittently as well as popping. I'll run through the solutions.
  3. Hi all, I have a Moon Audio 110lp and I can't shake off the horrendous interference its receiving. I've stuck a copper pot on top to no avail. Moved it to the top level of the 4 tier rack away from the power amp at the bottom but its still noisy. I'm assuming its the massive toroidal transformer in the power amp. Does anyone have a suggestion for cleaning this up?
  4. Just after running test tones and heres the deal. 20hz no feeling or power but can be heard. 30hz little power. 40hz beginning to experience bass. 50hz big gain in power and feel of bass. 60hz and 70hz little power. 80hz similar power to 50hz. 90hz fairly weak. So 50 and 80hz seems to be big gain. Is this normal or does it call for room measurements and diffusion? I really need to get this solved as its driving me insane!
  5. So out of interest, would this adversely affect the sound of the kick drum? Upon listening im now hearing there's weakness in the upper kick Region unless I'm imagining it. Which happens alot in this hobby.
  6. Thanks Keith I think it's worthwhile investment
  7. There's a single upholstered seat 34 inches away from one speakers and sofa opposite. Not directly in front because that would be really silly. They're at the room boundaries opposite each other.
  8. Any pointers on how I can do this without spending a fortune on measurement equipment?
  9. That looks seriously impressive! But no way I'd get away with something that monolithic in the living room :p So it looks like measurements are the way to go, I'll take that onboard thanks all. Running a test tone shows things get a little weak below 35hz so it must be a room issue or speaker placement. Just with regard to the 100hz dip why would this be? Would it be the reviewers room or the actual speaker response?
  10. So my speakers are what some might class as full range. However there is no way they would produce the sound pressure of an additional subwoofer. I've uploaded the frequency graph showing where the rear port takes over in red. Should an additional sub give the extra depth or will it be difficult to integrate?
  11. Absolutely - Until some proper room treatment comes and I eventually get around to it, I'll stick with the Heath Robinson version!
  12. Thank you all for your help really appreciated. I'll pursue measurements and then look back at the some of the brands mentioned if needed.
  13. Thank you for the info Martin. I admire your painstaking experiments! Could you advise which brand of panels you installed?
  14. I neither have REW or a microphone! So would be great to see your results
  15. It's of course the logical thing to do - but it's akin to sticking egg crates on the wall. If the angled speaker grills against the wall made a difference then a properly designed diffuser will further increase the benefits I feel. It is obviously a room issue I have. Maybe the fact the room is open to the right of the listening position or because the speakers are 30cm from the front wall. Whatever it is diffusing/absorption is really going to help me out. The bass is pretty much centralised too where it was more prominent to the left. So first point of call is REW, then onto some panels, then finally aural heaven. Simple!