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  1. They do look interesting. The originals got generally rave reviews, but occasionally came under criticism for an overly rolled off treble, not excelling at low listening levels, and the bass - while deep and fulsome - lacking the last degree of tightness. I'm guessing Buchardt are looking to address all these purported niggles in the new version, which should win them some new fans, and potentially put off fans of the original. They certainly seem like a modern, forward thinking company.
  2. Good write up, thanks. I am sure that will be of help to a lot of people. And well done for trying so many speakers, both at home and at the dealer. You’re right about a speaker having to match your circumstances. What you say about the ATC’s doesn’t surprise me, as there’s something ‘right’ about how they do rhythms and bass. Once you get used to a sealed box, it can then all sound a bit boomy and disjointed when going back to ported speakers (unless well placed, well away from all walls etc). Like you, I thought the bass was ideal in quantity on the ATC’s in my room (plus perfectly integrated and tuneful), whereas a lot of people will find them bass-light. I’ve not heard the P3ESRs, but obviously own the similar specced Spendor 4/5’s, and I thought the ATC’s offered a similar bass, but maybe that extra 10% in depth and weight, which was perfect. Conversely, the Kef LS50 (or Dynaudio Special 40) for example, had just that bit too much for my tastes and lacked the last word in seamlessness and tautness. Again, it’s all relative though, as many people even find those speakers bass-light and pair them with subs. So room and taste dependent. They’re massive, but you may even want to try the ATC SCM19’s then, as by some accounts they have a little more bass again, while retaining the sealed box tunefulness, and are also reportedly a bit more laid back than the SCM11’s. I had assumed the Proac DB1 would reach deeper and hit harder than the ATC’s though? That surprised me it was the other way round, looking at the specs. Sorry to hear that the D2 sounded a bit boomy, I’d had my eye on those! If it sounded that way at the dealer in free space, then yeah, doesn’t sound like it will work at home near to walls. Shame you didn’t get to try the Graham LS6, but from what I’ve read – whatever that’s worth – they are also quite bloated in the bass, unless given loads of space. Very large rear reflex port. Likewise, with the Harbeth 30.2’s – that’s a pity given how much you like the Harbeth sound. I'd still recommend giving the Spendor 3/1's a listen. But they do have a bass that's notably heavier than the ATC's for example.
  3. AV Forums just published a review of the Wireless 2 version (he previously reviewed the passive). https://www.avforums.com/reviews/kef-ls50-wireless-ii-streaming-system-review.18860
  4. Steve Guttenberg recently compared the LS6 to the Harbeth C7XD, if that's any help.
  5. Yeah it's so difficult. I'd take my view of the Classic 3/1's with a pinch of salt though, as it was only in my particular room that I found the bass a bit overwhelming at times. Bear in mind I found the same to be true of Kef R3, Spendor A4 and Dynaudio Special 40s at times. It may be a 4x4.5m room I'm in (i.e. not that small), but part of that is a bay window, chimney alcoves with built in wardrobes, and suspended wooden floors. None of that ideal for acoustics. It could be a different story in your room. I know @Art K has his Classic 3/1s in a much smaller room and has no issues with bass. Preference also plays a part too, as one person's overwhelming is another person's just right. Know what you mean about subs. Tried a REL t5i with my small Spendors and could never make it disappear, although I put that more down to me not persevering. Agreed on the clutter / faff / floorspace thing. Bigger speakers are the cleaner, more streamlined, albeit less flexible solution.
  6. Thanks Yeah, demo always required as preferences vary so much. Proac have always intrigued me, that's all. Idle curiosity only at present. Based in Bristol. It's weird the DB1 gets so little press.
  7. @radiant red what sort of room size do you feel the Proac DB1 and D2 excel in, from your experience? I've always fancied a demo, although no proac dealers nearby.
  8. Will be interesting to see where your discoveries lead. Good write up on the listening you've done so far. From what you've said, it sounds like the Proac D2R may be worth a listen, Spendor 3/1 if there are any nearby, and maybe a home demo of the Harbeth 30.2 if it showed enough promise at the store. Dynaudio special 40 too.
  9. It's a funny one. Detail levels are generally an attribute to strive for. But I do think how detail is presented can vary. And with that, preferences for what sounds pleasing. My experience of the ATC SCM11 was that they were highly detailed, throughout the frequency spectrum, which was great on the whole. I wouldn't say they resolved more detail than my Spendors, for example, but they definitely presented it differently. There was always a feeling of surgical precision in the presence region, combined with a degree of forwardness. Impressive most of the time, sure, but not always (as) enjoyable (to my ears) as my Spendors which are just as detailed, but hang back a little, smooth edges slightly and, unquantifiably, sound more "natural". It's so subjective though. To many ears, the ATCs will sound just right.
  10. @DomT what's the latest on your demo journey?
  11. Yep, further sausage finger typing.
  12. Not sure whats going on with my incompetence quoting, but; Owned it since November last year. Yep, there's a year warranty. I can't answer your questions 3 and 4, sorry. I'd like to think (probably naively), it'll probably all be fine in this day and age what with companies wanting to iron out any issues within a reasonable timescale. And with the product having been out for a couple of years, one would hope they wouldn't be any glaring issues. Compared to say the Kef LSX I owned a while back, it's far less clunky. I'm not particularly tech-savvy though, so take what I say with a pinch of salt. Let me know if you want me to test anything specific, if that helps.
  13. Sorry to hear of your AVR600 giving up the ghost! I really rate the SA30, certainly from a sound quality perspective. Lots of power, great detailing, wide soundstage and smooth without being too warm. As for software, I must admit that I only really use it for Tidal so far, streaming via Chromecast (from phone), rather than the arcam app. To date, I've had no real issues, bar the WiFi connection dropping off occasionally. But no issues with distortion or anything else. How much that lack of issues is down to luck, or down to firmware updates fixing previous issues, it's difficult for me to say. I had a bluesoundNode 2i briefly during a previous setup, and it was certainly slick from an app perspective; certainly more so than the Arcam. But taken as an overall product (predominantly used as a great sounding integrated), the Arcam has been great. Are you able to demo one - including the latest firmware updates - at home, to see if it's slick enough?
  14. No worries agreed, Spendor could be a bit more informative in their literature I think. As for placement / needing room to breath, Hifi Choice's view is that the 3/1's are easy to place, despite the port: https://www.spendoraudio.com/spendor-classic-3-1-hifi-choice/ So may be ok.
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