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  1. Definitely need to demo these Metas soon. It was precisely than overly-hot (to my ears) presence region, along with indistinct bass of the original that left me cold. Now armed with a much more capable amp (to better control the bass), and the Metas purportedly being calmed down in the upper mids, they could be a winner. Is there much midrange weight though? My experience of the Kef R3 was that mids were exceedingly clean, but somewhat "thin" and unengaging, not to mention slightly metallic. Whereas even the tiny Kef LSX had more bloom and body to mids. So it'll be interested to se
  2. Thanks both. I know what you mean @manicatel, with the T5i now on sale for marginally more than the Tzero (still full price), it seems better value to go for two T5i instead...Will just have to convince the Mrs. Nice looking tzeros there @Luceo Non Uro, they really don't take up much room at all. Was thinking one Kef Kc62, but two T5i are just over half the price of that! Hard to justify the price of the Kef currently.
  3. Has anyone had any experiences with a pair of Rel Tzero? I briefly owned a Rel T5i, and while it added bloom and depth, no matter how I set it up in my compromised listening environment (4 x 4.5m bedroom with bay window, alcoves with fitted wardrobes, king size bed taking up a fair bit of space, neighbours, suspended wooden floors), I could always subtly detect it’s location. Not significantly so, but enough to be distracting. Overall I preferred the sound without, even though (occasionally), I still crave just a few more Hz depth at times, depending on the music. A single Rel T5i was eas
  4. Pushing the budget a little, the Rega Aethos would be worth a listen. I enjoyed a home demo of the Elicit, but the Aethos was a noticible step up across the board. And as you say, a Hegel (H190 I'm assuming, second hand) would be in the same ballpark.
  5. dave6v

    Kef KC62 Sub

    Decent review here (this guy has reviewed a fair few subs). https://youtu.be/bOizw0fpFgU Thanks for the heads up on purported early teething problems @CnoEvil May hold off for that reason, but I reckon the KC62 will be ideal for my 4x4m bedroom with Spendor 4/5s, without being too much of an eyesore for the Mrs! Will post thoughts if/when I pull the trigger.
  6. You’ve got a decent budget, so that does open up a lot of options. The Dynaudio S40’s are great speakers and well worth an audition. They do some things really well – rhythms, midrange punch, smooth detail and scale for their size. You’ll need to hear them in your room though, as they need a lot of space around them, not to sound a bit muddy. They do sound great at low – moderate volumes, as the tweeter is so revealing (but silky smooth). I home demoed the ATC SCM11 and found them superb at lower volumes, driven by a 120W per channel Arcam SA30. Never did I feel that they were lackin
  7. Just stumbled upon this, when idly reading about subwoofers. Perhaps not unexpected, REL are releasing a successor (today according to this video?!) to the Ti series currently out. Weirdly, can't see anything else online at all about these.
  8. dave6v

    Kef KC62 Sub

    *almost* ordered one the other day, but bottled it at checkout. Just so much money, but the form factor for average domestic situations is fantastic, and indications - from early reviews - is really positive. May press 'Buy' when feeling more brave. Likewise, would be intrigued to read some real world opinions on it.
  9. Yeah, the all black LS50s are lovely looking. The new Metas look great too though in their current colours (Black with gold drivers particularly so). Bit sleeker and more understated.
  10. Without wanting to go off on a tangent, just sharing this latest review, as it's a speaker has been discussed above, as part of comparison to the ls50 and other small speakers like the tablette. https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/spendor-classic-45
  11. I also wonder whether they may sound best with port bungs partly inserted, and a well integrated sub, to therefore relieve the speakers of some of their bass duties and reduce boom. I guess if you can find a speaker, be that the Ls50 meta, or an alternative small sealed or ported speaker, where the mids and highs are in line with your tastes, then the sub could bolster the bottom end and complete the picture. Sometimes easier said than done though.
  12. Good write up @Jezzer There’s definitely a certain appeal to the small, seal box type. As you say, it’s the rhythm, coherence and pace that can be so addictive. The tablettes do have quite a following. But it does sound like the Kefs might be better all-rounders. @CnoEvil is clearly very happy with his across a wide spectrum of music, in a decent sized room too. Is it just the P3ESR’s and Tablette’s that you’ve listened to in the LS3/5a realm? I gather they are at pretty opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of forwardness. It sounds like the P3ESR’s may be a bit too polite for your
  13. Not had experience of the A65, although I'd echo your sentiments that Arcam are generally very good value. The A19 was my first proper amp after a Marantz 6004 and felt like a decent step up. Brilliant build quality and lush sound staging and control for the price. Currently using a SA30 and think it's great value, particularly with the built in streaming etc. To my ear it's a nicer listen than equivalently priced Naim or Rega amps, but has a wallop of extra power and functionality too.
  14. Everyone’s preferences can vary so much. Playing Devil’s advocate here... Taking ATC’s SCM11’s as an example again, which is a monitor speaker broadly within the same price bracket/frequency range/size; there are a few old videos comparing these to the (original) LS50’s, and generally speaking the ATC’s seem to garner more favour from reviewers / comments thereunder, almost across the board, save for bass depth. i.e. tone, speed, soundstaging, insight, vocals, toe-tapping ability etc. If the Metas are relatively similar to the outgoing version, then one would think that would still apply,
  15. Anyone heard the Wireless 2 version? I know Darko has compared, but not a whole lot out there on Meta with decent-ish amp v Wireless 2. I'd imagine timing/punch may be slightly better with the latter, due to DSP? Still keen for a demo of the Meta with my Arcam SA30. The appeal of a tidy, one box system (Wireless 2) remains though, particularly when considering WAF and being situated in a bedroom setup. However, if it is likely be a marked stepdown in sound quality over Meta with Arcam, then seems little point in exploring that option.
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