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  1. I guess this is another example of speakers being the most important component.
  2. No. That is impossible. Even if you told me the up front cost I would not bother to work out the cost per year. I'm a nasty prick and I already apologise for my nasty reply. What model Miele btw?
  3. Bodgit, I hope you don't mind me making a very gentle criticism. My thinking, and I am subject to correction from yourself or Purite, is to take a minute to understand what is imperfectly said. He said 'clock' but surely that can be read as 'reclock'. Given that we know from the I2S protocol that there are three clocking signals (L, R, & Master) and that a dealer has more than a basic knowledge of audio that he knows the signal is clocked. No it was not expressed with exquisite perfection - and indeed this post from myself could be twice as long to remove every last ambiguity.
  4. You are not the first person to have noticed this. It also matches my experience - when I had a W4S DAC I gave it a go using it for volume control. And this was with both 16 bit and 24 bit audio. One less item in the signal chain has to be better right? No, it was better into the Pre-Amp. My pre-amp at that stage was nothing special - a middle of the road jobbie by ATC.
  5. Hydroxchloroquine has been the subject of a number of studies. They are inconclusive but the weight of them is that it is a favourable treatment. One of the unfavourable conclusions was based on a higher proportion of patients dying with it than without it, but that hospital only administered it to the more severely ill patients. In general it seems (1) that there are many variables involved and it is difficult to draw conclusions. One may equally note that a higher proportion of people in hospitals die than the general population. (2) It is individual dependant, ie it will work for some but the side effects in others are severe. The point is that you need specialist medical advice and monitoring before taking it. Yes Zinc is the magic. It is known to prevent the virus from replicating in the cells. The trouble is that of itself it cannot get into the cells. This is where the Hydroxchloroquine comes into play - it assists the transfer through the cell membrane. There is a fancy word for this that I cannot recall. Incidentally there is a natural product - quercetin - that is said to do the same thing. My takeaway (poor choice of word, I never eat takeaways) is that a diet including zinc and quercetin may be very beneficial. The foods that come to mind for zinc are oysters, and other seafoods, meat, pumpkin seeds, and for quercetin I think it is contained in colourful vegetables, like red onions, radish - google is your friend. @CnoEvil. I have seen the same from a different source Roger Seheult, MD. Eg MedCram This is why I am taking N-Acetyl Cysteine.
  6. How do you tell if it is your dog or your wife that loves you the most? Lock both of them in the boot of your car for an hour. When you open the boot you can tell who is the happiest to see you.
  7. My two cents worth: Yes good of course. My very loose interpretation is: Turntables: Japanese Direct Drive. Digital Sources: My thinking here is not so much national as what is the best / best value approach: (1) Chip based (think ESS or AKM for example) or (2) FPGA or (3) Ladder resister. A secondary concept is price because to depart from a chip based approach will be expensive. The current ESS 9038 is the go to. Amplification: Budget; Japanese of course, but otherwise all over the place; Speakers: American or British. (Not French and have not heard Danish or Italian)
  8. When I was at school, people fell in the Brahms or Wagner grouping. As an aside of course my group, the Brahms group, was entirely correct. Yes I know there are hoards of lederhosen-wearing Wagnerians out there but hey; I'm always right and they are always wrong. Going off topic and getting threatening to get serious, yes I prefer Brahms but Tristan is truly luft von anderem planeten. 'Good and bad in both camps.' IMHO this is on the money and is way we should approach music - and Hi-Fi for that matter. Forget about L van B's first and concentrate on the third to ninth.
  9. Unglamorous but 1: Really big but now unknown 2. Unknown Technics 3. Unknown Technics (part of a complete system) 5 Wharfedale Vardus. Interesting 6. Paradigm Studio 60s. 7. Triangle Magellan Cellos 8. Magico A3. A lot of futility. My last speakers? - we will see. The two turning points were the Wharfedales compared with their immediate predecessors. I became aware that separates did make a difference. The second was with the Magicos - vis a vis the Triangles. A Non ported design. Everything was tighter and better. As far as I can tell (in 2020) I will not go to a ported design again. Of a hi-fi system I would say that transducers (eg speakers) make the largest difference
  10. Because the measurable difference is too small. Because the measurable difference is large but beyond human hearing. Because the measurable difference is measuring something that is not relevant. Because the measurable difference is lost in your poor room / gear / etc.
  11. The Chairoscuro by Kancheli is very atmospheric
  12. Avoidance: I cannot speak for you. Serious: Cables Banter: Both, I love the look of my Nordost speaker cables. I hate the look of the Grand Old Parr in front of me at the moment - horrid looking box-like bottle, but hey the price was right. And no I am not drinking at 10 in the morning - it is 10 in the evening in my zone. Zen: When you approach my level you may grasp the fundamental concept. Einstein was on the right track, namely unity. His concept of matter and energy being one and the same, or rather matter was just a form of energy. Thus it is with whisky and cables. They perform the same function: they facilitate understanding, they facilitate communication, they bring joy.
  13. I find Glenmorangie improves the bass and midrange better than any wine. "... pretentious names and boutique packaging ... " something comes to mind about nails being hit on the head - maybe that Glenmorangie is confusing me.
  14. Oh for heaven's sake. What are you on about? What is this 'enjoy music' heresy? Dude! Wake up and have some coffee. I'm here for the measurements, the willy waving, the gear man, the gear. (PS If, and this is a really big if, we become friends and let me say my words are being influenced by a dark force (Glenmorangie), then I might confess to a little fetish known as Stravinsky.