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  1. Still available Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  2. Fair play to Arthur, and thanks for trying! For my own part, I would like to have a go with one, so will get saving, though it will probably not go on the P6, I'll break out the Export with Funk F7 again, lot more adjustability to compensate for all the extra height (5mm Achromat and Houdini is a fair bit extra)
  3. Thanks @Pinkie, I find the physics behind the device fascinating, and fwiw I reckon that a transparent explanation that answers these sorts of questions, without involving unnecessary maths, or giving away any 'secrets' of construction, will give greater assurance to people's understanding of why Houdini works, and possibly result in more people willing to give it a go.
  4. Just so I understand this better, Arthur has manufactured a device that turns an arm- cartridge system into a coupled oscillator, with a damper between the two oscillating parts that reduces oscillations most effectively at and around the 10Hz region, which is the usual peak frequency at which most properly matched arm/cartridge systems want to resonate? My Rega RB330/Hana ML combo has a peak resonant frequency of 10Hz, according to the HiFi News test record, so in theory the Houdini could be a good match in my system? Out of interest, if it damps maximally around 10Hz, at what frequency(ies) is it most resonant, and is there a straightforward explanation as to why damping at 10Hz can have such an effect, when this is not in the audible range, maybe harmonics?
  5. Hi Ian, If available could I have the beatles Red and blue, tusk, and pet sounds (not sure of price of this one) please? Richard
  6. Selling my lovely PT Export with Rega geometry Funk Firm F7 arm and new PRD lid. The deck has a black plinth with black perspex top plate, built in power supply for 33 and 45rpm, the correct PT hinges in excellent condition, which are next to impossible to source, and a brand new custom made clear perspex lid from PRD with loads of clearance, so that you can adjust VTA to compensate for tall cartridges/ thick mats/ cartridge decouplers and still not foul the lid when closed. It has an updated custom weighted arm board with Rega type fixing, which is for the fitted arm. It comes with the quite incredible FF F7 arm, which uses mono filament instead of normal bearings, employing lots of Arthur Ks innovative thinking. When properly set up, this arm gives absolutely zero needletalk, and is adjustable for VTA, bias and azimuth, and has its original box for transport. I'm selling because I have gone back to Rega, this was my first go at trying a suspended deck, and though the PT is truly excellent, they are not for me. I'm asking £800 plus postage at cost for the pair, but would separate arm and deck if I have two confirmed buyers. I'm in Worthing, which has just gone into Tier 4, however, in my job I drive daily around parts of West Sussex and East Hampshire (Portsmouth), so could possibly do socially distanced drop offs if in my area.
  7. Fair enough, but these do go for good money on Ebay. Yours is post Jan 91, after the fourth minor update, but before the final update in Sep 91. I think they sound great in the right context, but there does not seem to be so much love for them on here and PF, bit of snobbery going on possibly?
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