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  1. I get it through the BluOS app that my NAD M33 uses. I doubt it's available online or via TuneIn, etc
  2. In the 1970s a preamp needed a full-size box to accommodate all the resistors, transisters, capacitors and maybe even valves. Similiarly the tuner needed a big box, as did the CDP (if invented), cassette machine, etc. Now, each basic componant (streamer, DAC, DSP, preamp, power amp, etc) is so compact, they can all share one enclosure and even share the same power supply. Now this has the additional benefit of ditching all those costly interconnects and the untidy snake-pit behind your multi-box stack of kit. And remember that the cable that IMPROVES sound quality has not been invented - and NEVER WILL. Go out and borrow a top line single box device and compare with your present system - you may surprise yourself. My single box does justice to my $32K speakers - in fact I can only afford such luxury as I don't need to invest in multiple fancy cases and loads of cables.
  3. Why change the speakers if you like them? Look at all-in-one electronics to reduce your box count. I used to have valve monos, preamp, CD player, streamer and ripper/HD store. Far too many boxes, so now have a NAD M33 that offers all I need and (after buying or home demo'ing a dozen other amps, found it offers exceptional sound quality, abundant features and the BluOS app that's as good as any. Peter
  4. Dealers must be convinced you are a genuine potential buyer and not a time waster. They are less likely to obtain a new item from their supplier (manufacturer or distributor) specially for you to borrow unless they have a demo unit, but if a demo unit (or a used one) is available at your dealer, they should offer to lend it - with finantial guarantee. Best also to visit the shop first to rule out the ones on your list that don't perform as well as you'd hoped, but borrow the good sounding ones only. Don't expect a dealer to loan stuff if you've borrowed in the past and bought nothing. It's all a matter of ecomonics and trust. Don't buy costly speakers without a home trial - amps, etc much less room critical.
  5. What Class D technology does your Lumin use? Perhaps it's the amp rather than the speakers that needs consideration. My streamer / amp uses a Purifi Eigentakt Class D module and it sounds very good with my Avantgarde Duo speakers - far better than most A or AB ones I've had in my system.
  6. As others have sufggested your amp is either so old, it nowhere near meets curreny UK specs when in standby (0.5 watts I bvelieve) or it's not going into standby but is stuck in idle. Solution - turn it off at mains sockets, or ditch it, or possibly get it repaired to Standby really is Standby using a fraction of a watt.
  7. Far better than Ebay to get an idea of equipment's worth is hifishark.com. It collects ads from all over the world (you can filter) and lists them all. There are lots of M3s listed. You can ask for prices to be shown in your own currency. Buyers beware - there are scammers that use this platform, so take care if buying from links from Shark. I have bought stuff without problem (eg my very good and very well priced Avantgarde Duos) but there are obvious and not so obvious fraudsters there too. Peter
  8. Mogami, Canare and Belden are the main suppliers of cables to the professional recording industry and are sensibly proiced and very good quality. XLR being balanced has an easier job of carrying the signal so there's less need to spend tons of cash on an XLR lead than a single ended RCA phono one.
  9. Yes, Autofill will achieve what the OP wants but it's a PIA when you want to make a playlist of lots of single tracks. I usually have Autofill off and use your walkround of choosing Play All, then clicking the first track you want from the right hand playlist of tracks. Even this is a PIA if you have other tracks you still want further up the list. Then it's a laborious right click and Delete each unwanted track. I've suggested that BluOS should allow a block of unwanted tracks to be highlight and deleted with a single click - standard Windows procedure!
  10. Total rubbish! Where are all the valves so often quoted in forums such as this and equipment makers' specs? No mention of output valves - 845, 211, PX-25 (granted rare), 300B, 6C33B, etc. Either these valves last for ever and never need replacing (obviously not the case) or the table is a waste of effort by someone who hasn't the wit or recources to make a half good job of it! Sorry if I'm being unfair, but what's the point.
  11. Here's an expensive adaptor - https://www.audioaffair.co.uk/atlas-banana-plug-to-spade-adaptors-4-pack Here's the one I mentioned earlier but in black and red (they do it in yellow too) - https://cpc.farnell.com/search?st=banana socket to spade lug connector adaptor -
  12. This is the nearest I've found so far although Ebay has some cheap ones that are sent from China. and some very expensive ones withough plastic protection. Mine are slightly angled and the spade prongs are designed for small or large diameter terminal pins. Also mine are in red and black - these seems to be black only but red shrink wrap would fix that https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293352232960?epid=26008030087&hash=item444d27d800:g:vr4AAOSwXAFd37L5
  13. I'm not too keen on spades as they are a faff to fit and remove compared with bananas. However consider this as an alternative - buy spade to banana adaptors. This gives the excelent connection between the amp's terninals and the spades and the bananas on your existing cable simply plug in to the adaptors. I have a set and if I find the l;ink I'll post it later. This will give you the extra inch you're looking for. Peter
  14. Yes, good to use Profile to show what kit you have, etc. You're speakers are lightweight - mine are 95 Kg and almost impossible to move even on slippery wood flooring specially when fitted with IsoAcoustic Gaia feet! A tip though - get a couple of air wedges from Amazon or Ebay. These make lifting heavy objects easy making it possible to slip something like a tea cloth under them so they slide easily to alternative positions. Peter
  15. Gosh - don't you have staff? Most of my 945 sq ft living room is close-boarded solid timber on concrete but 40% or so is carpetted - 1 patch in front of the speakers 4 m square and an oval of similar area under the dining table. Easy to clean both - damp mop on the boards once a week and vacuum over the carpets once a week. My "staff" does all that in 15 minutes max.
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