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  1. Looking at digital cables: I tend to avoid connections designed originally for carrying video (Firewire, BNC) and those designed for computers (USB), so looking at connections designed for audio, you have the choice of AES, Coax and Optical. Go for the one designed for use in professional recording - AES - if equipment at both ends is compatible. Otherwise Coax (via RCA or BNC sockets) and lastly Optical - use glass rather than plastic. Some manufacturers have adopted video or PC connections for various reasons and these MAY suit that manufacturer's other units. I doubt that Firewire will be found in any current equipment for carrying audio. BNC can be 50 or 75 ohm depending on the cable used and is effectively identical to RCA coax apart from the plug at the ends if the cable is identical. USB has been added since DSD became a common protocol in audio but conversion from PCM to DSD just so it can be carried by a USB cable and then processed by a DSD DAC seems inappropriate. If music files are already DSD, then USB does make sense if you have a DAC that can directly convert DSD to analogue. Analogue cables: Balanced XLR is the better option. I'm sure there are others who will correct me if I've misinterpreted the pros and cons of these alternatives.
  2. As far as I know, most respectable streamer manufacturers will enable new services by a software update. Better to buy a good streamer than put up with mediocre music just because a new service may arrive that is incompatible. Meanwhile stick with the old streaming service until your streamer has new software.
  3. Have you considered slate as an alternative to granite? It polishes up almost as well and "rings" much less than granite or glass or marble. I prefer it for its dead acoustic. After all, slate started life as clay or mud! I bought 25 mm thick slabs 400 x 600 from a local buildders merchant for next to nothing for under my speakers. I like the slightly rustic look so left them unpolished but simply oiled. Look great. Accurately cut and polished slate (often matt) is readily available from tile merchants. Peter
  4. For a local supplier who you could visit, try the nearest monumental mason. They are often close to funeral directors or cemetaries.
  5. Which Class D amps did you go for? Your profile still lists the Meridian 557. I'm a Class D user too - they've come of age at last and will continue to improve.
  6. Could you let me know the model number of the Melco you mention? It's not in your Wigwam Info and I can't find a CD player / ripper / hard drive store / streamer on the Melco website. I was only aware of the NAD M50.2 and an expensive Metronome that did all this in one box, but I'm sure there are one or two other similar devices out there. Thanks
  7. Just an idea, but I wanted to retain a CD playing facility (now mainly for borrowed or friends' CDs I don't want to rip), but not just a CD player. I hate using a PC for anything other than for control so I need a ripper, streamer and NAS drive. You can get all these features in one box - CD player, CD ripper, 2 x 2TB hard drives and streamer that's Roon certified and MQA compatible. Perhaps that's what you're looking for too? Answer - there's only a couple on the market - I have the NAD M50.2. Ticks all these boxes.
  8. My own personal view is that the bigger ATC speakers that are designed for use in recording studios are best left in recording studios. I owned a pair of Active ATC50 speakers about 15 years ago and didn't like them for home listening. I imagine the smaller models such as SMC12s are probably better suited for home use and I also appreciate that lots of users enjoy the bigger ones such as the 50s. I found them to be far too much "in yer face" and I wanted to push them 20 feet further away. This was in an acoustically very good 5 sided room of about 350 sq ft. Before the ATCs I had KEF Reference 107s and afterwards (a real breath of fresh air by comparison) Avantgarde Unos. That was just my personal experience and I know that others will disagree - but that's always the case with audio! Peter
  9. hearhere

    ISO Puck Mini ?

    Thanks again. I think I've located a source of Sorbothane that's 3 mm or so thick and available in various diameters and hardnesses. They do 30, 50 and 70 from soft to hard depending on the load. Peter
  10. hearhere

    ISO Puck Mini ?

    Thanks Ian. I believe there are very "sticky" so whatever in supported by them won't slide sideways, though not "self-adheasive" that make make removal difficult. Presumably they could be sliced with a Stanley knife if one wanted them only 3-5 mm high? Thanks. Peter
  11. hearhere

    ISO Puck Mini ?

    Iso Puck Minis are designed to support a maximum of 2.75 kg per unit, so 11 Kg speaker weight on 4 Minis. More than that, the standard Iso Puck is good for speakers up to 36 Kg. You mention the Atacama Gel Pads. These may be good for my project but there's absolutely nothing on their website to say how much they can support or their dimensions - diameter and height. Can you shed any light on this? I'm looking for something that squashes down to a few mm and ideally about 40 mm diameter and happy to support 20 kg or so on 4 pads. I presume they are very "non-slip". Iso Pucks no good as I'd need the standard ones and these are much too tall. Many thanks. Peter
  12. Look pretty good. What module inside? Where's the on / off switch or are they trigger switched? Good job.
  13. Yes, that's my point - it MEASURES SUPERBLY but it SOUNDS DULL. I konw which feature I'd prefer!
  14. Most cost effective change was decision to get a single box to do the job of a number of separates and their associated mass of cables. Better sound too as it turned out.
  15. New plinth looks great. I live in Portsmouth and was looking for a joiner / carpenter to do a small job too, but I couldn't find anyone who was remotley interested when I looked online. Any chance you could message me with your guy's contact details? In fact I've commissioned something in steel from very good guys in Gosport, but I may still be lookning for a small job in wood. Thanks. Peter