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  1. Have seen Pat Metheny on numerous occasions here in the States, superbly gifted musician, composer and performer. But to a lot of he will be best known for his glorious takedown of Kenny G -> http://www.jazzoasis.com/methenyonkennyg.htm Am at a loss for words to describe the utter ... of it all.
  2. Pillsbury be damned, not what they had in mind when they coined the term: bake-off As for my original post, the idea of a shootout was merely an EXAMPLE of a possible execution upon a theme, not a hard and fast rule. If indeed what you all mean by a bakeoff is indeed a "cakeoff" (tip of the hat to barney's dad) then have your cake ...
  3. I have yet to see bakeoffs annotated/labeled by their hosts as to what is and is not the focus. And I mentioned the DAC shootout as an example of what bakeoffs. Shootouts need not necessarily be the theme of all. As for your contention that the host choosing what to to run, I would posit that the attendees bringing their gear are active not passive participants and that just by introducing their gear into the mix are having a voice in what transpires. PS. I do not now or have ever made use of an Oscilloscope. Just to be clear.
  4. Precisely why I make the semantic if not substantive difference between bakeoffs and socials Cake, an excellent motivator :)
  5. A "sticky" thread exists in the form of "What is a BakeOff?" and I'm taking this a step further by asking "What is their purpose?" I have attended more than a few bakeoffs on both sides of the Atlantic and having attended one just yesterday, I started thinking about the relative benefits. Now, am all for folks getting together to listen to equipment and talk "shop" but if the intent of a bakeoff is to share and experience what would be new and different music and equipment then far more thought and preparation need go into them. 1, Gear and equipment should not be thrown together. We don't do it with our systems, so why should we expect it to work on the day? With all the threads and posts about room acoustics and placement, how about practicing what we preach to others? 2, Care should be given as to theme. Shootouts between different makes/brands of gear i.e. DACs. Easy to swap them out keeping the hifi system as control environment. 3, Attendees would benefit from it making known in advance what they are looking to get out of the bakeoff. i.e. having a particular set of speakers and wanting to hear how they would sound with different amplification. Granted this would mean transporting one's speakers, but then nothing in life that comes too easy is ... As I mentioned earlier, I have nothing against HiFi socials, meeting fellow enthusiasts in person is great, but would not necessarily classify them as bakeoffs. I have walked away from the majority of bakeoffs liking my home system even more than before. And while that sounds like a positive, it is NOT. I would like bakeoffs to be provocative, to get me thinking differently about HiFi, challenging both my perception and conceptions. On a positive note, and yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus, I do get to hear music/tracks that are new to me and I do my best to acquire before am turned on to newer stuff. Yesterday's takeaway: Terry Callier: https://www.discogs.com/artist/5355-Terry-Callier PS, while my flat is no position, size for the most part, to host bakeoffs I do maintain an open door policy, readily inviting WAMMERS, 2-3 at a time, to come on by and listen to my system and walk through the snakes and turns of computer audiophilia My source is a Mac Mini running Audirvana Plus 1.5 connected to 10 Terabytes of lossless music from rebook to DSD 128 and as I'm always learning, am sharing, so here's one for those Mac users who want to edit metadata for FLAC, WAV and DSD (dsf/dff) files. Metadatics: http://markvapps.com/metadatics, an advanced audio metatag editor. It covers all the bases and has become my go-to tool for such mind numbing work. I know that this post/thread is going to provoke a great deal of responses and given recent events on the WAM, and energy they've released, this just might provide a welcome outlet.
  6. With all the gear/kit that is being brought to the table, I shall be arriving with a portable hard drive full of lossless files running the gamut from Redbook to DSD. Should be music for most if not all tastes. Will be interesting to put DACs through their paces. I understand there will be a DDDac and Chord MOJO on hand.
  7. It would seem that Tannoy is closing its Scottish plant, laying folks off, making folks redundant and heading off to China. http://hifipig.com/tannoy-to-close-scottish-facility-and-move-to-china/
  8. Graham Jones author of Last Record Shop standing should revisit this topic with an updated versions of his book, http://lastshopstanding.com I found his book a great read, and wish someone would write a version for the States, somewhat more difficult given its size.
  9. I don't see why not. Greater London keeps growing
  10. I joined Massdrop some time ago and just wanted to share the site with fellow Wammers https://www.massdrop.com/ you would need to sign up to see the Audiophile drops dosen't cost you anything an example they have online is a TEAC UD-301 Balanced DAC/Amp priced at $319.00 and yes they do ship worldwide.
  11. Attention Manchester Wammers I am going to be heading up to Manchester tomorrow (Wednesday) thru (Sunday) of this week. Am wondering a couple of things: 1 HiFi shops - are there any in Manchester Central - in town - which I should stop by? 2 are there any Wammers in Manchester who would like together when I am up and about for an impromptu/spontaneous/spur of the moment get together. you can PM me thanks
  12. Francesco, whereabouts are you in London?
  13. Ian I have terabytes of music to bring as well as my exaSound e22DAC and i can bring my mac for playback. Am assuming there shall be ample interconnects .
  14. All of my music is stored on external drives. The drives are in turn nightly rsynced to backup external drives of the same size and manufacture using Carbon Copy Cloner on the Mac.