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  1. Hi Wammers, I'm offering for a limited time 20% off Isofeet and Isoplat orders. The link is above. Email me if you want to use a debit/credit card & I'll send a payment link. All the Best Les
  2. Did you get sorted? I can supply 3 new ones if required. Best regards Les
  3. Below is a link to a Xmas 10% discount offer to Wammers for isofeet & isoplatmat. The link will be open till the end of December. IsoFeet are available in brushed stainless or black.
  4. Hi Richard, here's a couple of links, check the video links out on the page. If you need more info just ask... Regards Les
  5. SDS IsoFeet use a visco elastic polymer between two skins of steel. Direct contact with the floor and speaker absorbs vibrations in both directions.
  6. I posted this video on YouTube which is quite impressive. It shows the mat removing a huge amount of vibration, which gives the needle a chance to faithfully reproduce what is in the groove. The IsoFeet & IsoPlatMats are available to Wammers on this site If specific sizes are required for speaker stands etc. get in touch, I may be able to make them.
  7. HI, just a reminder that I am now, I had been taken over, but managed to extricate myself after 6 years. Les
  8. Please note the contact website is now
  9. [ATTACH]10897[/ATTACH] SDS had a fabulous day at the WigWam Hi-Fi show in Melton Mowbray, we used a practical demonstration to show the IsoPlatMat removing a ridiculous amount of vibration from a Technics deck. The IsoPlatMat gives your needle the opportunity to reproduce what is in the groove without external interference. Link = We are still offering 15% discount to Wammers, debit/credit cards can be processed live during normal UK business hours on 0191 259 0700, our website has a buy it now link with paypal or email and we can send an electronic invoice for debit/credit cards.
  10. It is difficult to[ATTACH]10715[/ATTACH] demonstrate a sonic improvement at a hifi event, so I have made this very DIY turntable shaker, it makes the entire deck buzz. I intend to show the platter mat preventing this vibration from reaching the vinyl, using seeds and a vibration meter to prove how effective it is. Hopefully see you all at the show. Best regards Les
  11. Hope you don't mind me mentioning my sound damped steel, I can supply 0.5mm SDS self adhesive aluminium dampers cut to size, They convert the vibrational energy into negligible heat and will solve the problem without the risk of bitumen dropping off & catching fire. Several top hifi manufacturers use this in their products. See "" & "".
  12. They are £36 for a set of 4 plus post. There is a discount to Wammers till 1st Jan 2014 which makes them £28.80 per set of 4 Here's a link to the pricing on the SDS web site "" If purchased on line via paypal let me know you are a Wammer & I will refund the discount on the feet, or phone 0191 259 0700 during business hours & I can process card payments.
  13. Hello fellow Wammers... I sent samples of my IsoFeet & IsoPlatMat to HiFi World, they contacted me after testing with very positive comments. The review headline in Dec 2013 is "Excellent Isolation" The summary for IsoFeet stated FOR...Neat and unobtrusive isolation feet that prove particularly effective under valve & anything with a motor in it. AGAINST... Nothing IsoPlatMat summary For...Very effective turntable mat that reveals definition, texture and space in the sound from your record player. Against... Vertical tracking may need adjusting as it is 2mm thick To read the full review goto the SDS website There is a 25% Wammers discount till January 1st 2014
  14. I have just had a pretty good review in Decembers HiFi World, here's a link to it on my web site (hope this isn't against the rules) My 25% discount still applies to Wammers till Jan 1st.