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  1. HI

    So sorry but I've just seen your reply!
    Had kinda given up on the Ad as it is a bit "niche" :)

    3D Spacemouse still available if your still interested.


  2. Hi John, very sorry I missed your call following Robin’s message. Very kind of you to include me, I’d love to come. It’s been too long. Sorry to hear of Brinkmann woes though, not normally the bearing that’s been shagged with a Bardo I could potentially bring my SME if needed although it’s probably not in the same league (I’m sure Jack’s deck would be better and nearer to hand). Looking forward to seeing you all.
  3. It’s what I remember being told last year by someone in the industry I know well and who had known Mik a long time. Odd if reports of his demise were not true but I don’t want to derail the OP’s thread. If I’m wrong then I’m delighted for Mik and apologise for spreading false information!
  4. Yes please Gary, that’s a superb piece of kit. I use a regular wireless spacemouse every day and it’s transformed the way I work. I could use leaving one mouse in one spot and using another elsewhere so your sale is very good timing for me. I have a hunch though the wee mouse might still win PM details tomorrow if that’s ok.
  5. Very sadly, Mik fell victim to Covid19 last year. A great loss to our community, he was quite a character. I remember him setting up that epic four turntable and massive active horn system with Ritchie (Hayward) and Coco in Coleman at Scalford in 2016. He had lots of little wooden boxes, each containing some miracle of a Japanese cartridge. One, which should have contained a £5000+ gem, turned out to be unexpectedly empty. No panic ensued. He’d merely forgotten which tonearm he’d left it hanging on and in which house. He was certainly quite the authority on SME. Good luck looking Shaun, I still love my baby SME10 and I’ve heard and not forgotten the 20/3 with a Benz LPS on it.
  6. Lovely shot Peter, I recognise those skies at this time of year. Ardtoe is magical. That's our stamping ground, we know the area very well (for Hastings folk!) If you're ever that way again and could take one of your gorgeous shots for me of Castle Tioram I'd be absolutely made up! There was a plot of land for sale on a sheltered inlet on Eilean Shona a few years back we seriously thought about. I'd have loved to have built a house there - ultra modernist but of the local geology and landscape, kind of built into the land, all about the grain structure of the local rock. It would have had a stunning view of the ruins. If ever there's a place that reeks of 'genius loci', it is that. Maybe one day...
  7. I thought the Aldi thing was a joke - until this afternoon. Person in front at till had unloaded four packs of toilet roll (24 rolls each), six bottles of bleach, 36 eggs, eight big bags of flour, at least ten bags of pasta and 14 packets of paracetamol (I counted). And quite a few bottles of vino (maybe 24), but I can't hold that against her. And to be fair, she did have a box of Border's dark chocolate gingers, so maybe she wasn't all bad. Not only did she think that lot was entirely reasonable, she had only brought two bags with her and was asking for another six 'bags for life'. I thought the Tesco staff were superb in their handling of her. They gently (but just loudly enough) explained the law regarding purchase of painkillers. The Lady was Unimpressed but had to make do with two like everyone else. The duty manager was called and equally gently reminded her of other customers' needs. Without in any way denigrating her or impinging on her rights as a consumer, he allowed her to continue making an absolute twat of herself in front of the pre-4pm Sunday checkout rush. She left with a mountain of groceries piled beside the checkout and a couple of claps from other customers. I had very little in my basket but as my son and I have stinking colds and have nearly run out, I 'panicked' and bought two of her 12 'remaindered' paracetamol packets on the spot. The security guard on the way out said she'd cleared out the entire remaining stock. In the car park, she was wrestling with the three huge bog roll packets she'd been allowed to buy (after arguing she really needed them) when the automatic boot of her Porsche chewed on one, bursting it and sending a few precious loo rolls rolling across the car park. I considered helping her but decided against as I couldn't see an obvious way to increase her embarrassment. Despite all the refinements the modern luxury SUV affords, she still managed to hit the plastic bollard behind her on the way out. Her 'car' was in fact facing outwards and all she had to do was engage in that common activity known as driving. Alas, if she'd been blonde I would have gone straight back in to buy a Euromillions ticket.
  8. Graham, ring Brian Laker (SME's service manager) on 01903 814321. He's helped me out with O-ring advice before and is a super chap to deal with, I doubt there's anything SME he doesn't know. Give me a shout if you need somewhere to get the right size - I was able to source some top quality rings for my Model 10, exactly to OEM spec. ATB edit: Does this mean you've ditched the AN Arm 3?
  9. I've lost count of how many spins around the moon I've had with this one. Hope you enjoy it as much as I still do.
  10. It's a damn good valve preamp. It's hand-made in a lovely part of north-east Italy where the surprising number of artisan audio makers care about sound and looks in equal measure. So the MFA Baby Reference must be special. With your knee, it better have the fancy remote option Your system is getting pretty mega now John. When it's in danger of outdoing the chips I'll let you know. GLWTS (That said, every owner of a large-scale, quality system such as this needs to embrace the virtues of high-end, large-scale fishfingers And ketchup of the 57 nines variety).
  11. You need Hifi Plush for that, they don't test any below 14k Haven't done any tests myself yet but pretty sure my HF hearing ain't what it used to be. Is it just me though, I seem to be more sensitive to 'hot' treble as I get older. Surely it should be less of a problem.
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