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  2. O god, I used to try to play my flute like her, we had a uni band called 'The Skelfs'
  3. Presumably because he thinks the KEFs are going to be a limiting factor Keith? Do you not? I can't see why you made that post. I've had LS50s on the end of my Modwright 36.5DM/Plinius SA-103 amps (love your Soviet goose stepping analogy Miles, I think with the Plinius we were possibly into Vatican Swiss Guards territory). While they were there I auditioned both Chord TT and Luxman DA-06 DACs. In fact I'm writing about them for another thread just now so they are fresh in my mind. I could hear differences between those DACs, enough to be able to make a choice. Yes the Luxman I went with sounds better with my Revels than the LS50s but then so would a Fisher-Price record player.
  4. Wally Badarou - Echoes (not on Tidal though)
  5. Absolutely! I heard the crazy Io Limited in JezR's system once and it was stunning. I think it was on an AN Arm 3 V2.
  6. M2Tech Young - yep, been there. I remember plugging in the Avondale PSU and stepping back in keen anticipation. At least nothing was lost when it and the DAC sold days later, nor did I fall for the £800 M2Tech Palmer PSU. +1 for Acoustic Solid TTs: My 2nd hand 111-Wood was great bang for the buck, if not in the same league as Ian's (Baggawire) superb deck. The Audio Note Arm 1 V2 on it was pretty good I thought, not an SME V but hardly the price of one either. That arm and deck lives on with another Wammer pal still and I think he likes them well enough. Talking of fads, what happened to all the AN Io carts that were hanging off those arms at the time?
  7. I am grateful to SteveS1 who contacted me today with this very sad news. Graham and Hilary were very generous hosts when I went to my first bake off (and many more) at their house near Edenbridge. Those events were always enormous fun. I was fortunate to count both of them as friends. Graham had battled cancer bravely since 2015. Playing Wilko Johnson for you now old buddy.
  8. Horses for courses. If there's one thing I detest it's spitting treble, yet I lived for quite a few years with a Moon amp (600i integrated) and went through many amp and speaker changes while I still had it. Just not what I would have thought of if anyone asked what the Moon 'house' sound was. The various speakers had aluminium, titanium and silk tweeters, mostly Revels but also KEF Ref 201s (that I'd owned for 12 years and knew well), LS50s and some stand-mount Amphions which I had heard sounding harsh with a Bryston integrated. Spitting treble was just not one of the mental notes I have from that time with the amp or any of the speakers. I had an I-5 integrated too and didn't find it harsh either. Both Moon amps needed to be properly warmed up and the 600i was universally 'dumb' when taken to bake offs - the only amp I've ever had that couldn't replicate the performance I got at home whenever it was moved. Plug it in back home, wait 24-48 hours and all was back to normal. This phenomenon was even documented in Moon manuals IIRC and I was extremely sceptical at the time - until it seemed borne out in practice. I still can't quite believe it but the effect was heard so many times I don't think I was imagining it. Even when 'off form', the worst that could be said was that it was utterly lifeless. Not spitting! I did try it with some original PMC FB1s and you could level that accusation there, but the Mk1 version of that speaker always had a hot treble to me. Just two cents in case the OP is having doubts about his amp. Alas I never tried Harbs, Grahams, Rogers* etc so cannot comment but I will say that a pair of ears I trust (Graham67's) thought the 600i terrible when he borrowed it for a summer, and he knows a lot more about BBC-style speakers than I do. We're still friends! *with the Moon amps - have heard them elsewhere
  9. I borrowed a Hugo TT and liked it, although less so the ergonomics. In the end I bought a full-width Luxman DAC which I liked better, but I'm not knocking the TT. I use a Moon 230HAD DAC/headphone/preamp in a second system and might have been able to offer it to you if interested, but as I'm having preamp problems at the moment it has been promoted and is in use again. You might get a used one for under £1000 if lucky and they sound good to me. It's an excellent headphone amp. If you don't need the preamp facility you just use the fixed outputs. It fits your size requirements and has a remote if that matters.
  10. Hi Mike, Graham (above) has it spot on. The Audio Note Arm 1 V2 is hands down one of the best arms I've owned, and probably the best value. It cost about £700 new, more than 25 years after I bought a new Linn Ittok LVII for £500 (in black, minus staff discount)! The Linn was great but the AN no less so and probably did some things better; perhaps the AN was more consistent across the board - sounds trite, I can only say what I heard and I LOVED that Tiktok. A £200 increase in 25 years for similar or better SQ, whilst not insignificant, is almost unheard of in the world of hifi. The AN was also beautifully made and a pleasure to use. Graham and I had AN Arm 1 V2s on our respective decks at the same time. I loved mine on an Acoustic Solid 111 Wood deck but it was even better on Graham's heavier Garrard 401. For a tight-arsed discerning Aussie like him to have moved up the range says much I now have an SME Series IV arm on an SME Model 10 deck, it's slightly better than the Model 10 arm that came with it. I haven't compared the Series IV directly with the AN arm I had but I doubt it's any more 'musical', whatever that means. It might be a tad more focused in the bass. Arguably, it can give good support to almost any quality of cartridge out there (although some of those might not like such an arm 'up 'em'). I can't see why the AN Arms 1, 2 or 3 wouldn't too - many an AN arm owner would be running them with an esoteric AN 'IO' cart after all. A while ago this was de rigueur amongst a certain sect on the Wam. FWIW, my SME arm has been rewired with Kondo silver cable and the tonearm cable I've settled on using with it (from quite a few tried) is pretty much the same one Graham has with his Arm 3 V2 - an Audio Note AN-V silver cable. This in my view has lifted it a notch above a standard SME IV - at a cost. I haven't had a chance to compare it with Graham's Arm 3 V2 and despite the modifications I wouldn't want to bet on which was better. Both are very good. The SME naturally suits my deck, I suspect the AN suits the Garrard better than mine. So from an AN Arm 1 V2 to an Arm 3 V2 or SME IV is a big jump in money but you wouldn't be missing as much as you might think. I sold my Arm 1 along with a deck but alone it would have been worth about £400. I would think it would be a very worthwhile improvement over an OL-rewired RB-250, as good as that arm is. Good luck, and let us know if you have any success.
  11. I know - it (and all the rest) sounded amazing at Scalford
  12. Bit of an Easter thread resurrection this! Still, it got me thinking. Provided they fulfil the drive requirements of your speakers, power amps (especially SS) don't tend to have the greatest impact on your system's overall sound; as always, synergy is everything, YMMV etc. Some good ones I've heard and a few I've owned over the last 30+ years: I started out with MF, and they made quite a few that stood out: Musical Fidelity MA50 monos - to me, literally an amped-up A1 with a preamp of your choice. Used to love them with my Epos ES14s, even if a touch soft. The two-box NuVista 300 was good (stereo amp with large, identically-cased PSU, same arrangement as Tim's monster MF Titan above), also the A300, then later the AMS50 and KW750 - memorably for me Bandit Pilot's at Scalford 2017 into AE2s. I still have an X-AS100 power amp - powerful and even-handed, not quite as edgy - or brilliant - as some of their more quirky offerings. I remember the hot A370 fondly (I didn't have to lift it and it sounded great) and the bonkers A470 less so, it having slid down our dem-room stairs and almost knee-capped me. I don't think we had a speaker worthy of it/needing it to be honest. Krell KSA50 (great with Sonus Faber Electa Amators and Acoustic Energy AE1s - Jeff Rowland SS preamp c. 1988). KMA200s were simply astounding with Apogee Divas - with an ARC SP11 MKII valve pre (IIRC). A DPA amplifier - early 90's - exciting sound, full width component, beautiful radiused casing in an age of sharp angles but I just can't remember its name. 100W I think. Plinius SA-103 - My main amp and long-term keeper. For a balance of romance, brawn and brains (to my ears at least), a good valve pre with a solid Class A power amp is hard to beat. Not normally a Naim fan but I really enjoyed a NAC202/NAP200 combo into my Kef Ref 201s - early 2000's. Conrad Johnson Premier 350. I'd have had one of these if I could have found one when I bought the Plinius. Heard it on Sonus Faber Amatis and it made a lasting impression. Clones Audio PM55 - these small 55W chip-amp monoblocks are lively, have good tonality and have driven Dynaudio Audience 52SEs, Revel Gems and Wilson W/P 7s, the latter surprisingly well. Still in use in our household. Honourable mention for silly-money hifi - MSB M204 monoblocks, compelling into Tannoy Kingdom Royals. Dynamics I've not heard elsewhere (even Krell) yet with subtlety. Added bonus, they would make excellent kitchen stools. I've heard a couple of recent Pass Labs amps (X Series, not XA) which have been very impressive. It's their lower power offerings I have more interest in, XA25 or SIT3 perhaps for one half of my Gems. Then again, I'm the current custodian of a small, 15W Art Audio Quintet EL34 single-ended valve power amp, known and enjoyed by quite a few Wammers. It gives almost equal quantities of heat and joy.
  13. Fab Keith, but integrated. Still, as Art Dudley might have said, never let pedantry get in the way of fun! What an amp.
  14. 'greymirkin' doesn't have quite the same ring to it Col.
  15. I was just contemplating the emptiness of Notre Dame a year after the fire and under the lockdown when I saw this news, and I admit I was quite shaken. Sometimes there's a particular connection between writer and reader and when that ceases suddenly, it can feel like a personal loss. I am glad to see from the lovely posts above that I'm not alone here. I came on the Wam just now specifically to say he was IMO the best audio writer by a country mile, but I see Miles has already said just that. I absolutely loved his dry, Eurocentric wit and would often read articles about things I had little interest in if he'd written them, and often came away enlightened. A Bill Bryston (ha!) for audio nerds. I was reading to my wife from one of his articles only yesterday, something about him losing the will to live whilst clearing the snow off his long driveway and confessing to envying his neighbour's bigger snow blower. The very idea I could read an excerpt from an audio magazine to her tells you something about his writing. More than most (rather shallow IMHO) audio writers, he was brave enough to allow a glimpse of his inner thoughts, to the point I felt I could have walked into his living room and struck up a conversation as if we had known each other all along. His humanity came through in spades. My wife has been ribbing me this last month as I look out of the window and tell her the apple tree is going to pop into blossom 'any day now'. Well, this morning it finally did, so next year I'll remember 'Old Art', who never was. I'm sure he could have written about the saving of the ancient glass, the Cavaillé-Coll organ or merely the coming together of the French people with his characteristic humour and fierce intelligence. RIP - 'old' friend.
  16. We used to 'Do the Funky Gibbon' in the school playground in the mid 70s. Thankfully many more and better laughs with TBT since, especially ISIRTA. 2020 needs to be turned off and on again.
  17. Got both tracks cranked up now - full 12W from an Art Audio Quintet - bloomin' luvverly! (Apologies for sidetracking the thread!)
  18. I haven't heard Beyond Skin in a while but I used to adore it. 'Nadia' is beautiful, but also check out Jeff Beck's stunning cover of it on his 'Performing this week... Live at Ronnie Scott's' album. If anything, the sonics are more impressive but the playing....
  19. I sold my pair in the early 2000s for around £550, they were in mint condition and not that old though. Were £1000 a pair new, and I liked them a lot. MF often seemed to imply their products had some sort of resale price-proofing 'collectability'. In practice (having owned a lot of MF gear over the years) I found that was almost never borne out, although 2nd hand prices were often not too bad for the seller. Age might be a concern, and a buyer might want to factor in the cost of having them serviced by someone reputable like John Sampson. That said, my MF X-AS100 power amp of similar vintage was still performing perfectly when I last plugged it in a few years ago and has never had a service. These do have a certain 'funkiness' that appeals strongly to some - my wife still says the only components we've had in over 20 years that she approved of aesthetically were the MF round and oval-shaped ones. You might get lucky if someone particularly wanted them but from experience, I'd agree with ICHM's estimate above. Good luck!
  20. I do, I use Tojiro Senkus By the way @bigrod, this time-share wife business is working very well I must say, but every Sunday when you send her back she comes in staggering - and with two bags of empty bottles. You won't mind if I send her over with a couple of bags of laundry tomorrow old boy? Fair's fair
  21. Diane and I have been enjoying some of Jamie Oliver's recipes from his 'Keep Cooking and Carry On' Channel 4 series, designed to be easily adaptable in these straitened times. Last night's 'Sole Véronique' was a great success:
  22. Dom, the clocks went back at the weekend - are you sure your watch isn't showing the date a day early?