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  1. ouch !......all getting a little out of hand ....a bit like air-cooled Porsches .....
  2. My son used to crack me up .....every time PF release a new box set.....re master ....never before released tracks etc etc ......he'd say ..."I see the Enzo is due a major service then " ......
  3. Sorry ....I don't understand .... I have a sneaky using Bubble ds ....I use TuneIn to play all Radio Paradise streams using the sneaky..... I don't have any problems. I logged into TuneIn and set stream URLs up and it's fine ... I must have the wrong end of the stick Gerr
  4. Hi No I wouldn't say that to be honest. Don't confuse Resistance and Impedance. I think the best thing for you to do if you're interested is google and see if you can find a tutorial on the subject. It's way too complicated for a comment on a forum. Good Luck (I cheated on my transmission line theory final in the 70's ....... there said it ! ) ......so I don't think i'd be much good now anyway when the going gets "mathsy" ...... Gerr
  5. I wonder when this video first came out ....... April 1st possibly ......
  6. Hi I decided to make up up some phono to phono leads a few days ago .. using Van Damme XKE instrument cable and Rean Neutrik RCA Phono plugs. (NYS373-0 NYS373-2) ....got the bits off ebay ...low cost stuff. I like the plugs as they have long metal bodies with a plastic "chuck" which grabs the cable well as the plug shell is tightened up. The Van Damme cable is well made coax...flexible....quality professional cable. £1 ish per metre . I especially like the colours ....most import after the build quality. I have some cobra god knows what with directional arrows ...lol ....but I had to re-make the connections ....then one of the metal chucks broke a tang off ....got fed up with them and chucked them in the understairs cupboard ....when you've had a few on a Saturday night ....the last thing you need is trying to figure out why one channel us playing up. If you make your own ....make sure the plugs are happy with your cable diameter ...you want a good snug fit .... 6mm for the Van Damme and the Rean Neutrik plugs in this case .... Oh yeah ....forgot ....I used single conductor with coaxial shield .... they do multi conductor coax too .....although I can't see why you'd want multi conductor for phono leads ..... Cheers Gerr
  7. What I don't get ....not five minutes after his schoolboy error in the great escape .....they make him a senior intelligence officer in the proffesionals ... poor Gordon ....
  8. I mean .....look how quickly things went tits up when that German bloke said "good luck" to Gordon Jackson as he was getting on the bus in the great escape.....
  9. He could have easily got away .....if he shaved his tache off and got rid of the side parting and floppy fringe you'd walk straight past him on the street. However .... I can see the wheels coming off if he was challenged in some way ....eg: invalid bus ticket or something ....the ensuing madman furious rage would have given him away
  10. mnky

    IPL S5TL

    Hi Just fired up my laptop this morning and had a look at this thread to see whats happening. Because I'm on the laptop I can see the pics much better .....they look quite rough to me and not worth the money. I can see the edge of the MDF profile on the front baffle above the main driver as the light catches it. Not nice ..... Ger
  11. mnky

    IPL S5TL

    I'd say ran out of the plated screws .. so arranged what he had in a symmetrical pattern ...
  12. mnky

    IPL S5TL

    Hi ... No offence intended to the efforts of the original builder.....but ....hand painted wood effect ! ..... you would definitely need to see these in the flesh before shelling out that sort of money. They could be quite alarming ! You may also not be seeing the real colour on a phone or PC screen. I looked on eBay searching for IPL ...I noticed another pair of TLs made from IPL kits .. different model but nice looking. Please feel free to ignore my thoughts ....but you did infer you are a little fussy about detail. Cheers Gerr
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