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  1. The sound of mine has never been the same since I stopped drinking 3 years ago , so much so I am on a 1 box option now ,
  2. could always sign up with the mrs email
  3. https://offer.tidal.com/campaigns/5de986d679c686003235ab72/products?geo=GB&campaignId=5de986d679c686003235ab72 I cancelled mine a few months ago , but might sign back up , is there a catch
  4. one of my opal speakers is making a crackling noise in standby , if i fiddle with the adjusters on the front of the speaker , the cones move aswell , seems like a static type problem , is this a quick fix like a contact cleaner on the knobs or will i have t find someone to repair , if so does anyone know any one in birmingham who could take a look
  5. I don’t want to do this but last drop £300 no offers
  6. I got one of these and sold all my other kit , I use the the pre amp straight to a set of event opals , I love mine , GLWTS
  7. Another bump will take another £50 of the price call it £350 ovno
  8. http://www.audioaffair.co.uk/pro-ject-pre-box-rs-pre-amplifier currently £699 in audio affair , i will lower the price to £400 ovno see how that goes
  9. j this might help , i got it as is
  10. weekend bump, any offers before it goes on ebay